Vintage Veg Tan Italian Leather Straps by

This time round I had the opportunity to try out the new Vintage Veg Tan Italian Leather Strap from This is the third Italian leather strap from them that I have tried after the Vintage Epsom and Vintage Distressed models.

The specimens I have are 20mm Onyx Black, Forest Green and Pecan Brown.

This strap is made from 100% vegetable tanned leather straps from Italy. It is oiled and waxed to achieve a semi-glossy finishing. The leather feels soft and wraps around my wrist comfortably the very first time I worn it. There is no break in period required.

The long end of the strap is 115mm long while is short end is 75mm excluding the buckle. It has a 4mm taper (20mm tapers to 16mm at the buckle) and a thickness of approximately 3mm. It is equipped with quick release spring bars for easy installation and removal.

The back of the strap is stamp with the Vario brand name as well as a logo that says Vegetable Tanned Italia Leather.

Below are some pictures of the straps on my watches.

I put the Onyx black specimen on the Hamilton Intra-matic Automatic. It matches well with the black sub- dials and tachymeter ring of the watch.

The Pecan Brown specimen is installed on the Hamilton Intra-matic Mechanical. It actually look better than the original black leather strap in my opinion.

The Forest Green specimen is mounted on the Tissot Petite Seconde. The green colour works surprisingly well with this vintage reissued watch.

Shown below are the three different versions of the Vintage Italian Leather Strap from

  • Vintage Distressed Italian Leather Strap – Mocha Brown
  • Vintage Veg Tan Italian Leather Strap – Onyx Black
  • Vintage Epsom Italian Leather Strap – Pewter Grey

These straps are ideal choices if you are looking to enhance the look of your vintage or vintage inspired watches.

Final thoughts:
Overall, I find that the latest addition, the Vintage Veg Tan strap is very well made and good looking. The stitching and overall built quality is consistent with the earlier Vintage Epsom and Vintage Distressed models. It has a similar structure and also come with the same high quality stainless steel buckle that bears the Vario brand name.

The semi-glossy finishing makes it suitable for dress watches. However, it can also be paired with sporty watches as you can see in the pictures above.

Vintage Style Veg Tan Italian Leather Straps featured in this post are provided by:

Italian Leather Straps

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Text and pictures by Yeoman.

Thanks for viewing.

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