Pictures of my Orient 300m Saturation Diver – EL02003W

Here are some pictures of my white dial Orient 300m Saturation diver. This is my 4th piece after the yellow, black and orange variants in that order. However, this piece comes with hack and handwind features.

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Additional pictures:

45 thoughts on “Pictures of my Orient 300m Saturation Diver – EL02003W

  1. Congratulations on this fine piece, Thomas! White is not exactly my choice of color in a diver’s watch due to its lower contrast although I happen to own the quartz White Knight (SHC055P) and I got it only because it was selling at half price, lol. I’ve been admiring the yellow variant of the OS 300m but its high asking price means that I have to reluctantly sell off some of my Seiko/Citizen collection to fund for one, including some vintage gems like my 6105, 6106, 6138, 6139, 7017 and 6309 divers, sports divers and chronographs.

    A couple of years ago, Badern and I had looked at the orange export version of the Orient 300m diver in KL but neither of us especially liked the Orient logo, preferring the cleaner layout of its JDM Orient Star counterpart. I believe he owns one and has seen it at his home in SG. 🙂

    Do you happen to know what’s the lowest price one can get for the yellow dialed OS 300m (with the hack/handwind caliber) and where?



    • Yes, Badern has a yellow dial OS300. I saw it two years ago when he brought it to Big Time to fix an issue with the date wheel. Check out his post here.,10638.0.html

      The yellow OS300 (WZ0181EL) is quite hard to find these days. It was produced for a short period of time before being replaced by the ones with the double lion logo. My local distributor did carry it when it was in production. I would have bought one if I didn’t have the non-hack version.


  2. Hi Thomas! Congratulations to your new 300m Orient. I know you are not a fan of steel bracelets, if you want to sell your bracelet of the El02003l, please let me know, I am interested!!!! regards Chris


  3. Hi Thomas! Congrats to your new Diver. I know that you do no like steel bracelets, I you can imagine that you sell the bracelet of your new 300m Diver, please let me know, I am interested. kind regards Chris


  4. Congrats on this fine watch. You must really like the lineup to have collected four of the variants.To some other commenters above, AFAIK there are no iterations of the yellow dial version with hack and manual wind. The last of the 1st gen Saturation Divers (before the facelift) that come with those only had black and orange dials. I have the black one (WV0041EL) myself, purchased from Yodobashi Camera in Japan.


  5. Congratulations Thomas! Very nice watch!
    Any chance you can upload a picture of the bracelet also? Can’t seem to find a good picture of the new bracelet.
    Is the black face with the new hands also available in singapore?


  6. Another great watch, Thomas. Would you mind to take a photoshot of all four OS300 together, and have us all enjoy the view?..:-) BTY a red variant is available, so U buying that too? 🙂


  7. Thanks Thomas!
    Are the new hands the same as the m-force limited diver? I think they look the same.
    In the 4 models that you have, which one is your favorite and which one gets the most wrist time?
    Have you scratched any of bezels of your existing orient 300m?


  8. hello and thank for pics. What is the lug-to-lug length on this 300m (EL02003W)? I’m trying to see if it would look like a dinner plate on my somewhat small wrists.



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  12. Very nice looking white dialed Orient Star 300m diver. I can only suppore you like these model, since you own 4 of them. Can you tell me why you recommend them?


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  14. hello,yeoman.l like orient 300m.i need advise on lume brightness.white dial vs black dial which is brighter in dark room.
    how about resale value.tq.


    • I don’t have the black dial (current model) but I believe both are equally bright. Not sure what is the current resale value of this watch. Please do some searching.


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  16. I have the 300. Saturation Diver and have a query regarding handwinding. It is so much stiffer to handwind than any of my other autos. Is this normal?


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