Seiko Presage Chronograph – SRQ025J

It has been a while. This time round, I am reviewing a Seiko Presage chronograph that I bought in February 2018. This is an international edition with model number SRQ025J. I believe it is the same watch as the SARK011 in the Japanese market.

This model is very similar to an earlier model, SRQ019J except it does not have an enamel dial. It is good that Seiko offered such an option as I’m not obsessed with the enamel dial and would happily pay a lower price for a watch with a similar look and feel as the SRQ019J.

The things that attracted me on this watch are the classic looking Arabic numerals and the set of blue hands. They look nice on the plain dial models like SRP385 and SARX041, but also work well on a chronograph dial with the sub-dials located at the 3,6 and 9 o’clock positions. This configuration results in a more symmetrical dial and I also like the fact that the sub-dials do not eat up any of the hour numerals.

The white dial is textured but does not affect the legibility of the watch. The “Presage” wording on the dial does not bother me but I feel it is unnecessary and should be moved to the caseback if they really need to show it.

This watch came with an ideal case diameter of 42mm and has a well finished case. It is equipped with a very lightly domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner side.

Like most Presage models, it has a display back that shows the 8R48 movement. I noted that it does not have the gold coloured rotor like the SRQ019.

This watch is only available in strap version. I believe the strap is made from crocodile skin as indicated on the specs of the SARK011 on the Japanese website. It is fitted with a nicely finished deployant buckle.

I must say that I am satisfied with most aspects of the watch except for its thickness. At 15.2mm, it is thicker than all my other chronograph watches which are less than 15mm thick.

Diameter: 42mm excluding crown
Thickness: 15.2mm
Lug width: 20mm
Lug to lug: 49mm
Water resistance: 10 bar
Movement: 8R48

Final thoughts:
Chronograph watches can usually be classified by their purpose for example, racing chrono, diving chrono, pilot’s chrono, etc. I think this model is a dress chrono and a very nice one in fact.

I bought this watch because of its classic style and its cost. These days, I’m not so keen on the 6R based Presage models as their prices have gradually gone up. The 8R chrono model however is still relatively attractive compared to other chronographs in the market. It is probably one of the most affordable vertical clutch and column wheel chronograph movement out there.

Below are comparison shots of the Seiko SRQ025J with my other chronograph watches:

SRQ025J and Longines Bigeye:

SRQ025J and Hamilton Intramatic 1968:

SRQ025J and Tudor Black Bay Chronograph:

Photos and text by Yeoman.
Purchased at K2.

Thanks for viewing.

2 thoughts on “Seiko Presage Chronograph – SRQ025J

  1. hi there… this is a great watch… for sometimes i’ve always preferred analogue chrono and not quartz…

    to the people out there, can share what are the available analogue chronos. Please be so kind to set out whether the price of the seiko analogue chronos…



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