4R37 Seiko Superior – SSA003K

The new Seiko 4RXX movement has made its way into the market. They can be found in the Presage line, the Seiko 5 line as well as the Superior line. This time round, I will take a look at a Seiko Superior that is powered by the 4R37 movement.

This variant of the 4R movement is characterized by a 24 hour indicator hand located in a sub-dial at the 11 or 12 o’clock position depending on the location of the crown. This hand cannot be set independently. It can however tell you whether you are in AM or PM time when your are setting the time.

Like the other 4R variants, the movement comes with stop second mechanism as well as hand wind capability. The crown is between the 4 and 5 o’clock position and I find that the lug kind of obstruct my thumb when setting the time or even hand winding the watch.

The watch comes with a slide rule bezel which is the same one found on certain Seiko chronograph models. It can be used to do conversion of weight, distance, etc from one unit of measurement to another. The watch comes with a instruction manual for the slide rule bezel.

The crystal is slightly curved as you can see in the side profile shots.

The watch is water resistant to 100m and comes with a display back showing the 4R movement.

Here are two closeup shots of the 4R37 movement.

There are bracelet variants but this particular variant comes with a soft rubber strap.

Instruction manuals and warranty booklet:

Diameter: 44mm
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 13mm

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Thong Sia Group. List price is SGD462.30 inclusive of GST. (Note: price mentioned is for reference only. I am not a watch seller)

Seiko Superior SSA003K featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Seiko dealer

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

57 thoughts on “4R37 Seiko Superior – SSA003K

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I also spotted the new Seiko Superior SSA-series models at my regular watch retailer a couple of days ago. I took some photos with a spare memory card (with the intention of uploading to my Flickr account) and just today absent-mindedly formatted the SDHC card with images of the SSA003K..d-oh! 😦

    The all-new 4R37 caught me totally by surprise. I noticed the fixed GMT subdial (a’la some Citizen Eco Drive models) subdial, which to me is a bit superfluous. Seiko could have fitted a fixed 24-hour sweep hand like the old 6117 Navigator/World Timer automatics from the 70s but they elected the subdial approach instead.

    What I didn’t know until I played around with the watch was that it could both hack and handwind. Not since the 6R15 we’ve seen both features in a mid-priced caliber. Surprisingly these new Seiko Superior SSA-series (note that the Seiko 5 Superiors had been long discontinued) are more affordable than I had expected.

    While the 4R37 fits in nicely somewhere between the upscale 6R15 and the lower specc’ed 4R15/16 calibers, I’m not sure if the 24-hour subdial has a place in a diver’s model. As we know, ISO certified diver’s watches require legibility in darkness and there would be not enough dial real estate for the 12 o’clock marker.

    It’s gonna be an interesting year for Seiko fans! 🙂



    • Hi Stratman,

      The new 4R movement comes with several variants and at least two of them can be used to make a diver’s watch.

      – 4R35 (three hands with date display)
      – 4R36 (three hands with day/date display)

      Besides the above, there are:

      4R37 (three hands with 24 hour hand in sub-dial)
      4R38 (three hands with open escapement)
      4R39 (three hands with open escapement and 24 hour hand in sub-dial)

      Like what you say, it’s gonna be interesting.

      Best regards,


  2. Very nice looking watch! The lay out reminds me of Seiko 6139 vintage chronos. If I could tweak this, I’d change the sub dial to white to make it a panda!


  3. Hi Thomas, does this new movement is a better one that the one found in the new R-15 Diver’s watch? or they both are alike in accuracy and quality?

    Regards from México City.


    • The 4R15 does not come with hack and handwind where as the 4R37 does. From what I understand, the 4R15 has a better accuracy spec and has a longer power reserve of 50 hours.


  4. I bought the version with the SS bracelet yesterday and this watch seriously oozes with class 🙂

    Kudos to Seiko for impeccable attention to detail. Very well made watch for the price bracket…as usual.

    An interesting feature about the bracelet is it having a well finished bottom compared to ordinary bracelets and thus feels comfortable on the skin.


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  6. I remember the tiny pic of these you posted some months before, was my favorite of the 4r range back then and looks great in the flesh – thanks for the review and the great pictures.

    In a similar style – seiko have newly released a nice solar (finally) aviator alarm chrono: SSc009P1 – should suit a lot of peoples needs and well worth a look.


      • Hi Yeoman
        Based on yr intro on SSA003k. I just picked up SSA 005K1. It comes with metal strap. Any recommendation on affordable rubber or leather? Thanks in advance


        • Hi Chen,

          You can go to the Seiko Service Centre or ask the dealer to order the original rubber strap shown in this post. Silicone straps would work as well.

          Best regards,


    • I bought a Seiko ssa383k1 this week, which uses 4r37a caliber too. So far it is +4 seconds fast per day. This is very good for its price. I wear the watch all the day and I wind the watch whenever I feel the crown gets looser a bit. Since there is no risk of overwinding a 4r37.


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  10. Hi Yeoman

    Do you know if this is available online? I live in Canada and we probably have the worst Seiko selection you can find anywhere.

    Any help?


  11. Just saw the model with the gold accents! This is a great looking watch. Something about the bezel design that makes it elegant and sporty at the same time. Personally, a lot of strap options would fit this model. I agree with pinoywatchidiot that dial design is reminiscent of the 6139 single chronographs of the 70s. I would try an isofrane or a shark mesh bracelet on this baby, if I get my hands on one.



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  14. “ssa003k1” is the best Seiko timepiece i ever saw! Seems a demand is high for the bracelet variant? Luckily i managed to bought the last one piece in one of the watch shop in my country. I feel so happy to own this watch 🙂


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