Seiko 5 Military SRPG35K2 and Flieger SRPH21K1

Posting some pictures and random thoughts about these two Seiko 5 models that I purchased recently. They are known as Seiko 5 Flieger and Seiko 5 Military among Seiko fans. The model numbers are SRPH21K1 (left) and SRPG35K1 (right) respectively.

Note that they are not mounted on their original straps in these pictures.

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Seiko Prospex Diver SPB288J1 “Mystic Lagoon” – Seiko Boutique Special Edition

Here’s a new variant of the Seiko Captain Willard that is released exclusively as a Seiko Boutique Edition. There are three Seiko Boutiques in Singapore and this was purchased at the one located at Vivo City (excellent customer service. Thank you).

The model number of this watch is SPB288J1 and it is powered by the 6R35 movement with 70 hours of power reserve.

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Limited Edition Seiko King Turtle – SRPH38K1 Philippine Sunrise

This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Seiko SRPH38K1, a limited edition King Turtle that is created for the Philippine market. The watch is characterized by its bright yellow dial and gold accent on the bezel and bezel insert. The design or rather choice of colours is said to be inspired by the Philippine sunrise and hence it was given the nickname Philippine Sunrise.

This watch is limited to 1000 pieces and comes with an additional silicone strap. Below are some pictures.

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Seiko PADI Sumo – SPB181J1

This time round I handled the Seiko PADI Sumo, SPB181J1 which was released in around Dec 2020/Jan 2021. If I’m not wrong, this is the second PADI Sumo released by Seiko. The first one was the SBDC049 that has a blue bezel with “fat” numerals. The current model has a Pepsi bezel with slimmed down numerals. It is also updated with the 6R35 movement.

Below are some pictures of the SPB181J1.
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Seiko 6R35 Alpinist – SPB119J1

This time round I checked out the 6R35 Seiko Prospex Alpinist, SPB119J1. I used to own two pieces of the 6R15 version in the past when they were still JDM models. They were very popular due to the similarity with the 4S15 version that was released in the 90’s.

There are three versions of Alpinist that has this particular case design – the 4S15 version from the 90’s with a smaller case size, the 6R15 version from a few years back and the current 6R35 version. I find that the Alpinist identity actually gets weaker with each subsequent 6R version.

4S15 version – “Alpinist” word printed on dial and solid caseback bears the Alpinist logo.
6R15 version – Solid caseback with the Alpinist logo. (No “Alpinist” word on dial)
6R35 version – “Alpinist” word nowhere to be found on the watch. Solid caseback replaced with see-through caseback.

Below are some pictures.
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Thong Sia Limited Edition Seiko Prospex 300m Diver – SLA045J1

This time round I handled the new limited edition Seiko Prospex diver that is designated for Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Brunei markets. It is limited to 300 pieces and comes on a metal bracelet and an additional silicone strap. It has a dolphin grey dial and a blue bezel which is a perfect colour combo in my opinion. The dial is mildly textured and the crown is signed with the Prospex “X” logo.

The watch comes with a free gift which is a USB powered desktop speaker. It is shaped like an oxygen tank and bears the Prospex name (see last two pictures below).

Below are some of my thoughts on this piece.
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Seiko Presage – SRPF43J1 Star Bar Original Cocktail

This time round I handled the Seiko Presage SPBF43J1. This is the latest Cocktail time model that is powered by the 4R35 movement. There is also a green dialed version (SRPF41J1) which I did not get hold of. They are limited 7000 pieces each.

Below are some of my thoughts on this watch.
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Some Pictures of the Seiko Prospex – SPB143J1

Had the opportunity to handle the Seiko Prospex, SPB143J1 recently. This is a modern interpretation of the 62MAS from 1965. I have posted some random thoughts on the blue dial version, SPB149J1 in an earlier post (link at the end of this post) so here I’ll just post some pictures of this beautiful grey dial variant.
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Seiko Diver 55th Anniversary – SLA041J1

Here’s another commemorative Seiko Prospex model for the 55th Anniversary of Seiko dive watches. This watch is powered by the 8L35 movement and is limited to 1100 pieces. It is modelled after the 1975 Seiko 600m shrouded diver which is the world’s first dive watch with a titanium case. This re-issue model has an increased anti-magnetism rating of 40,000a/m.

Below are my views on this watch.
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