Seiko 5 Motor Sports – SNZH69K

This time round, l had the opportunity to handle the other Seiko 5 Sports model that I mentioned in my post titled “Update on Seiko 5 models in Singapore“. As mentioned the post, this model does not have a rotating bezel like most Seiko 5 Sports models do. It is also has an unusual case design that is different from its Seiko 5 counterparts.

Let’s take a look.

Shown below is the close up view of the dial. Since this is a motor sports model, it has some common racing features such as coloured strips on the minute chapter ring stretching from 12.00 to 4.00 o’clock as well as use of colour scheme (black and red in this case).

On top of that, the hour markers are shown in their respective minute reading instead of the usual hour reading. This is probably done to make it look like a tachometer or speedometer. However, when you switch off the light, you will find that the hour markers in minute format are not lumed.

Here’s a quick lume shot.

The case structure reminds me of the Seiko Ananta although it is not exactly the same and is not finished to the same level.

By examining the watch, it looks like the case is made of two parts. The first part is cylindrical shaped and contains the dial and movement. Somehow, the lines on the side remind me of car engine piston.

The second part is of course the outer portion that consists of the lugs. Since there are no screws on its caseback, the two parts must be attached to each other by some other means. And unlike the Ananta, they cannot be detached.

Below are pictures of the case from various angles to give you a better idea.

Like most 7S Seiko 5 Sports model, the watch has a see-through caseback showing the 7S36 movement. You can see the magic lever in there too.

The watch is fitted with a rubber strap. This strap is a fairly new model that Seiko has started fitting on some of their Seiko 5 sports watches. It is made of the same rubber as the Z22 straps but feels softer because it is not as thick as the Z22.

Here are some pictures of the strap:

Long end – front

Long end – back

Short end – front

Short end – back

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Seiko distributor, Thong Sia Group. The list price of the watch is SGD301.80. As usual, price is mentioned for reference only. I am not a watch seller.

Diameter: 43.5mm excluding crown
Thickness 12.5mm approximately
Lug width 22mm
Water resistence: 100m

Seiko SNZH69K featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Seiko/Thong Sia dealer

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

56 thoughts on “Seiko 5 Motor Sports – SNZH69K

  1. This is a really gorgeous, interesting watch. I Googled it, hoping to find a place that’s selling them, but only your site turned up. Do you know of any sellers?


  2. Hi Thomas. Thank you very much for this excellent article and collection
    of photographs of this Seiko 5 Sports. As there are so many watches out
    there, I would have very easily missed your observation about the piston
    ring theme. This piston ring look plus the racing car dial look go together
    and make this watch an excellently designed watch.

    Thus, when you add the design, the good worksmanship, and the
    great price, you have a winner, beating many of the much higher priced
    watches. This watch may be a Seiko winner. May I suggest, we call it
    “The Piston”.

    Once again, thank you for the excellent photos, the very astute observations.


    • Hi Paul,

      That’s a good suggestion. “The Piston” sounds like a suitable name for the watch.
      We shall call it “The Piston” aka Seiko 5 Piston.

      Best regards,


  3. Hey, in future posts, can you show the watches on your wrist, and let us know how big your wrist is. Thanks mucho. I still really like this watch. It’s the first Seiko I’ve seen in a while that’s gotten my attention. I currently have four Orients and an Alba.


    • Hi Pinoy WIS,

      I noticed that this post in your forum said that the SNZH57K series is available only to Singapore.

      That is not true.

      The SNZH57K series and this motor sports model are standard Seiko 5 models and I’m sure the Seiko factory produced enough pieces to fulfill the pre-orders submitted by the regional distributors. Availability in the Philippines depends entirely on the Seiko distributor in your country. If they had pre-ordered these models during the sales meeting, you should have them in your market by now.

      Btw, nice blog you have there.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks Thomas for that bit of information. I will surely share these with the forum and Im pretty sure a lot of the folks back here would be glad to know that this Seiko “Piston” would be in country (Philippines) by now.

        Thanks for checking the blog too. Ive only just discovered the joy of horology and with it the pleasure of writing about it too! I have to be honest that your blog is one of my many must-visit sites for information.



  4. Misread your comment, I thought it was for the SNZH69K, and not realized it was for SNZH57K. Yeah its been reported just today in the Philippine thread in WUS that there have already been sightings of the SNZH57K (in different color bezels) in Seiko stores within Manila.

    Thanks for the info still and taking the time to read the PWC forum.



    • Hi pwi,

      Glad to hear that the new Seiko 5 models are available in the Philippines. These are fairly new models and it takes time for them to become available in all their targeted markets.

      Best regards,


  5. jeff,

    what is the seller’s name of “the piston” you have bought… i’m also looking at it but i can’t find one…

    but if yeoman was right about the dealer at SG… maybe i can drop by to purchase this unique watch…


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  7. Thank u so very much for the beautiful pictures of the “piston”… In fact they were so good, that I ordered a SNZH69J1 (the “made in Japan” model?!) today. Looking forward to receive this beauty!!!

    Kind regards from Schwäbisch Gmünd / Germany (small town near Stuttgart),



  8. Great review! Believe it or not, but you impressed me so much with this Seiko “Piston” that I have immediately ordered one myself!
    I can hardly wait for this beauty to arrive!!

    Kind Regards from The Netherlands,


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  11. I just bought one of these from amazon… Superb watch at an excellent price! Keeping excellent time too… about 3 seconds a day!

    Loving my piston!


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  13. hi sir,i am looking for a replacement strap..its a zulu maratac silicon rubber strap..i was wondering what size should i buy? is it 20mm or 22mm?really need help here..


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