KVARNSJÖ Straps by CheapestNATOStraps.com

This time round, I had the opportunity to review a few vintage style leather straps from cheapestnatostraps.com, an online strap shop. These vintage style straps are handmade in Sweden and are characterized by their stitched lug end and buckle end, as well as a ‘V’ stitch at the tip of the strap.

Let’s take a look at the various models.

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Photo Gallery | Seiko Emperor Tuna

Here are some Emperor Tuna pictures that I took and posted on my Instagram over the past few months. Click to view.

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Eclipse Watch by Vario.sg

After reviewing the printed NATO and Harris Tweed straps by vario.sg in my previous posts, this time I had the opportunity to look at a watch that is designed by the company. This watch is called the Eclipse watch and is shipped with a quartz movement or a mechanical handwind movement.
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Harris Tweed Straps by vario.sg

Doing another strap review for vario.sg and this time round I am looking at their latest Harris Tweed strap.

Tweed is a fabric that originated from Scotland more than one hundred and fifty years ago. It is made from wool and is handwoven by skilled weavers. Some Tweeds are named after the sheep that produced the wool or the region where they are produced while others are named by their design or by their specific brand names.

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Buying A Preowned Rolex

I purchased a preowned Rolex Explorer II(217570) recently and thought it would be nice to share my purchase experience. First, I am fine with both brand new and preowned watches and for Rolex, I believe preowned is the way to go as they can usually be sold at close to their purchase price.

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Seiko Presage SSA337J / SSA339J

This time round I had the opportunity to handle another 4R57 based Seiko Presage model. This model was released earlier than the cocktail model and comes in two variants – SSA337J (grey dial) and SSA339J (black dial).

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Silicon Straps by STRAPosphere.com

This time round I am featuring a few pieces of silicon straps from straposphere.com, a online strap company that is based in Singapore. This company is formed by a group of guys who are into watch collecting. Their straps are designed with functionality, affordability, quality and reliability in mind. Every strap sold by them comes with one year warranty.

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