Seiko 5 Military SRPG35K2 and Flieger SRPH21K1

Posting some pictures and random thoughts about these two Seiko 5 models that I purchased recently. They are known as Seiko 5 Flieger and Seiko 5 Military among Seiko fans. The model numbers are SRPH21K1 (left) and SRPG35K1 (right) respectively.

Note that they are not mounted on their original straps in these pictures.

Seiko has released several iterations of the military and flieger models over the years but I think these two are the best looking versions that they have released so far. I particularly like the 39.4mm diameter, hack and handwind movement and curved Hardlex crystal. Of course, I do not expect an entry level Seiko to be fitted with Sapphire crystal.

At one glance, both watches look like they are have identical cases but if you compare their side profile, you will find a slight difference in the shape of their lug tip. (Refer to side profile comparison pictures near the end of this post).

The military model has applied hour markers. They are silvery and do not match the colour of the hour and minute hands on most variants of this watch. I chose the SRPG35K1 because it is one of the few variants that has matching paint on its applied markers.

Lastly, I notice that they come with spring bars without flange and shoulder or “teeth” (refer to image near to end of this post). The only way to change the strap on these watch is to push the spring bars out via the drilled lugs. The advantage of these spring bars is that they do not cause fraying on nylon bands but they can’t be installing on watches that do not come with drilled lugs.

Below are some pictures of the SRPH21K1 and SRPG35K1.

Above: Side profile comparison. Left: Flieger, right: Military
Above: Side profile comparison. Left: Military, right: Flieger
Above: Spring bars without teeth

SRPG35K1 and SRPH21K1 purchased at H2 Hub@Bedok Mall (Jackson Ham)
Strap on SRPG35K1: Seal Strap provided by
Strap on SRPH21K1: Crazy Horse Bund Strap provided by

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