Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver – SSC017P

The watches that are featured on this blog are usually automatic watches and occasionally, I do post some battery operated quartz watches. This time round, I handled a very nice Solar powered chronograph diver made by Seiko and would like to share with you. The model number is SSC017P.

There are several colour variants and this one I handled comes with black dial with blue/black bezel combination.

I believe this will become a popular model because it has the classic chronograph diver design with a case diameter that would fit most people.

In the dial shot below, you can see that it uses a “3-6-9” layout with the second hand sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position. The 24 hour sub-dial and chronograph register are at the 3 and 6 o’clock positions respectively. The hour markers have pretty thick lume material applied and each marker has a chrome outline around it.

It comes with the familiar hour and minute hands that are used in the classic SKX007/009/011 models.

The watch comes with screw in crown and screw lock pushers. You need to unscrew the locks on both pushers in order to use them.

The pushers are easy to push but they definitely feel different from the automatic chronographs. I hardly feel the ‘click’ with the start/stop pusher on this watch.

Below are a couple of pictures showing the side profile and lugs of the watch.

The caseback has polished finishing and bears the Seiko tsunami logo.

The watch comes with a solid link bracelet with push button lock and catch as shown in the pictures below. It also come with wet suit extension. The bracelet has polished center link and brushed outer links. It is attached to the watch with fat spring bars and a pair of folded end links.

Wet suit extension released:

Below is the front and back of hang tag. You can see that the watch uses Hardlex crystal.

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Thong Sia Group. The list price is SGD585.30 inclusive of GST. (For info only. I’m not a watch seller)

Diameter of bezel: 43mm
Diameter including crown guard: 48mm
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 14mm

Seiko SSC017P featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Seiko dealer

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270


124 thoughts on “Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver – SSC017P

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have been in the market for affordable chronograph divers for some time, but have made no purchases because most of them are automatic and of course very expensive – also, I have come to appreciate the solar technology in, for instance, the GF-1000BP Frogman G-Shock (which I bought). I still think that quartz is the better choice for a diver’s chronograph (if you use it for what it’s intended for), and with the solar charging added, the SSC017P has become very interesting. Will be on the lookout for this one.


    • I bought the model featured in the pictures yesterday. Awesome watch! I have several watches and do a lot of diving….extremely happy with all the features. The price shown in the picture for $595.00, is a bit high. I negotiated with the store, Marina Bay Watch Co, and paid $295.00. Great purchase, great watch!


      • I own two Seiko’s one SNN231P2 on a black leather strap and a Seiko SSC017P2 with blue accents. This is a great time piece. I do have a few G-Shocks, but I do wear this one as my everyday time piece.


    • I bought this Seiko SSC017P1. If you go on Amazon page they have this Seiko for $175 dollars. I got mine for $189.99. This time piece is a great well built Seiko. Check out Happy hunting.


  2. Wow Thomas,

    Beautiful Chrono from Seiko! Thanks for the review and the awesome pictures.

    Looks the part too. I have the quartz version and this solar model is all the more a greater temptation . . proposition than the quartz model!

    Thanks for sharing and really enjoy the wonderful pictures. How’s the lume on that thing!

    Best regards,



  3. With micoseconds displayed I would guess the blue second hand has a smooth ie not jumping movement? Very nice time piece – now to justify acquiring another Seiko diver after my Monsters and Sumo!!


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  5. Wow that is a winner!

    Better looking than the black yellow version shown previously, just noticed the drilled lugs too, very nice.

    A god mod would be to replace the bracelet with one from seikos other solar diver (the one with the marine master style ratchett clasp and solid end links.


  6. [url=][img][/img][/url]
    [url=]Image00005[/url] by [url=]circuitedge[/url], on Flickr

    Hi Yeoman,
    here’s a pic of the Pepsi Blue SSC019 that I bought. Quite happy with it.


  7. bought dis particular model at $380 (aft disc.) @Bencoolen yesterday… i like e weight of it on my wrist, it feels ‘heavy’… my second Seiko watch aft e ‘Atlas’, going to put it to test of its “power reserve”… a pity its not “Sapphire Crystal” at dis type of price range…


  8. Hi Yeoman, I always enjoyed reading your articles.

    I realised not much has been said about the solar technology powering the watch esp. on local websites/forums.

    Actually I have been consider the SBDQ solar watch for a while, I like the cleaner look compared to this one (which is nice too). But the SBDQ has been around for some time, not sure if the solar technology has improved in leaps since then (in terms of power reserve, accurancy etc.).

    Please let me know if you have some useful info regarding this, thank you and keep up the good work! 🙂


  9. Thanks for your reply Yeoman.

    I just taken a look at the PDF of the instructions, seems like V147/158 is the same. The differences noted in the instructions between V145 and V147/158 is the time taken to charge and accuracy. Seems like V145 is quicker to charge but not as accuracy when compared to V147/158.


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  11. I just purchased the black/blue option with bracelet. The fact that the case never has to be opened to change a battery is reason enough for me to get one. Previous Seiko quartz chronos have be problematic once the case is opened regarding getting the pushers back in place.

    This is a very nice watch and should be a popular model for the company, especially if offered with other dial/bezel colors.


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  13. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the post. Your site is my go-to source for Seiko news. I love the black/blue bezel combo but I’m very disappointed that Seiko did not use SEL for this model. I would think that using SEL makes more sense for this ISO certified “200m Diver.” But then again, I just realized that my 007 OEM bracelet uses folded end links as well.

    Do you know if the end links for the Monster would fit? I realize that the gap may look weird, but I’m trying to decide whether to buy the bracelet or rubber version of this watch.

    Thanks in advance!

    Seiko Fan


    • I agree that the monster bracelet would look weird on this watch because of the gap. My view is, you shouldn’t worry about the folded end links. They will last for many years provided you do not try to re-adjust them to fit other watches.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Thomas,

        Thanks for your reply. You’re right; I will go with the bracelet version and maybe try a NATO for fun. Take care!

        Seiko Fan


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  15. Do the hands ‘snap back’ when the chronograph is reset? Or do they do that thing like many quartz chrono’s where they sorta glide back to their home position.


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  17. Thank you Thomas. I have been collecting watches for a while now. Recently picked up a Tiger Tudor Prince Date Chrono and love it. But I am still drawn to Seiko as well. I recently read an article in the latest Watch Time magazine about Grand Seiko and I am convinced the Grand Seiko watches are the best in the world. Really looking forward to recieving this solar chrono in the mail. Will post pics when I get it.


  18. Just purchased the balck/blue version at Costco in California for $199.99. They were selling fast and I had to go to two different stores before I could find one in stock.


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  20. Hi Thomas

    I recently got this watch from skywatches. On its website, it’s stated that it’s made in Japan. But how can I tell for sure? Other than Japan Mov’t printed on the dial, nowhere does it say made in Japan.


  21. Hi. For the chrono pushers, will it still be water resistant if i leave them unscrewed? I always use the chrono function and find it unpractical to screw unscrew always. Tnx!


      • Hi there, I’m a little late but I was wondering if you could help me with this enquiry? The screw down pushers on my ssc017 do not seem to “lock in” or tighten. I simply wind them as far as they will go then stop. The buttons are locked but the collars are loose (unless I force the a little) and can unwind accidentally. Both pushers are the same and the crown seems to work perfectly. Is this just how they are or could there be a fault? I’m not sure as I’ve never had a watch with lock down pushers. Hope this makes sense? Thanks in advance.


        • When the collars are tightened, the shouldn’t unwind by themselves. I suggest you go to a shop to check a few specimens and see if they behave like your watch.


  22. I have one! It is a beautiful piece, and I’m glad to see Seiko get in there with Citizen and make something technologically superior.


  23. I have had this watch for four months now and there are only two negatives I find with the watch. The first is the day of the month; the setting is very difficult to read, the day dial is recessed from the main dial, making reading the date at any angle other than 90 degrees to the dial face very difficult. Secondly the color blue on the timing second hand is difficult to read against the black dial. Correcting these two points would have made the watch an exceptional buy.


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  25. I received a Seiko SSC017 solar divers watch, good looking watch :-). As I live in Queensland Australia I thought it would be the right watch being solar. Well it’s been in the sunlight for two days now and there’s still no movement. Can you tell me how long does it take to charge up ? Also do I need to do anything to the watch to start it, the instructions are not that clear.



  26. How did you remove the spring bars in the lug? I’m taking delivery of two of these watches as gifts and plan to replace the metal strap with NATO straps. I do not have a spring bar tool and was hoping to remove the spring bars with a tiny flat-head screwdriver. Thanks!


  27. Greetings! I am taking delivery of two of these watches to be used as gifts and plan on removing the metal bracelet and using NATO straps instead. How did you remove the spring bars in the lugs? I do not have a spring bar tool and plan to use a tiny flat-head screwdriver -or- perhaps a folded paper clip. Thanks!


  28. Hi Thomas,

    I first noticed the SSC017P at the Thong Sia Showroom in SG, off the famous Orchard Road (if memory serves me well) back in Oct 2011.
    While I’m not largely a fan of modern-day, non-automatic Seiko divers I was nevertheless intrigued with the thought of owning a solar powered ISO certified diver’s watch with a chronograph. Currently my only chronograph-diver is the rare and discontinued, titanium Prospex SBDQ003 (7T92) which I believe was also Seiko’s first true diver with a stopwatch – but it’s quartz..

    The Pepsi-bezeled SSC019P is also attention grabbing (especially the red part of the bezel insert), but I think its color combination makes the watch look a bit gaudy and I find it hard to read off red hands against a blue or black dial. I had only about 30 minutes to browse the showroom while chatting with the female salesperson (I wanted to meet the manager but he wasn’t in) and as you know, in a showroom as grand as that, half an hour is barely enough time for WIS folks like us. 🙂

    It was Badern who told me to wait at the Thong Sia showroom while he was on his way to pick me and my friend up for a trip to Mustafa’s. My friend isn’t really much into watches although he owns a few high end Oris automatics and a Breitling Aerospace analog-digital (they were all gifts and he didn’t buy any of them). I will make it a point to revisit the Thong Sia head office on my next trip to Singapore.

    In any case, if I’m not mistaken the SSC017P and its siblings were the first models to receive the new Seiko V175 movement. I think Seiko is trying to make a comeback in the solar powered watch market which is largely dominated by Citizen and Casio. They had their “SOLAR” divers, e.g. the discontinued “Jewelfish” models in the late 90s/early 2000s but at the time, Seiko wasn’t much interested in taking their light powered watches to the next level.

    Although I’ve since stopped collecting watches and moved on to photography and collecting cameras/lenses (if you want to talk Canon stuff, I’m your guy!) resistance is futile even for a jaded WIS like me. Sooner or later I will get my hands on the SSC017P, mind you! 😉


    • Hi Zami,

      Thanks for your view on the solar chronograph diver. I agree with you that Seiko is trying to make a comeback in the solar market. They have released more solar powered watches compared to the past. Compared to Citizen, Seiko has a lot to catch up in this area.

      Hope you get back into collecting watches soon.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Thomas,

        I’m in Penang as I write this and have just purchased the SSC017P from the same watch dealer which I bought my Alba blue Manta Ray 200m automatic diver from, back in 2007! 🙂

        Paid RM747 for it (SGD286) and was pleasantly surprised at the generous discount, which very few dealers in Kuala Lumpur are willing to give. I’ve been eyeing the SSC017P ever since I saw it at the Thong Sia HQ in Singapore two years earlier.

        I didn’t notice that the lugs were 20mm until I revisited this review. Seiko has introduced quite a few V175 caliber based models since it’s debut but I was determined to go for the SSC017P. The shop owner also showed me the yellow Orient M-Force 200m titanium automatic diver but it was too big for my taste. I was wearing my Citizen Promaster E210 chronograph and that, including my beloved SBDC001 Sumo diver are the largest timepieces I’d wear without feeling ridiculous. 😉

        The locking pushers for the stopwatch are something new to me and unlike the well known, diver’s style SNA225P alarm chronograph, the pusher crowns are functional rather than being decorative trimmings.

        The stopwatch push button action is as expected, having a firm feel to them unlike the non diver, quartz Seiko chronographs with their mushy feel.

        If there’s something in the SSC017P that I found wanting, it’s the cheap feeling of the factory stainless steel bracelet. Unlike the very solid feeling bracelet of my SNM011K S/S Samurai, this one tends to squeak and feels a bit flimsy. It’s like Seiko has gone cheap and went for lower quality stainless steel – the kind you’d expect from an affordable Seiko 5 Sports automatic. Still, for its low asking price I’m not complaining anyway. 🙂

        The V175 caliber itself isn’t as useful as the 7T92 with its 12 hr stopwatch. I see it more like the 7T62 with a one hour chrono sans the alarm but gains a 24-hr subdial indicator which is geared to the main hands.

        For what it’s worth, the SSC017P is still a handsome looking wrist hugger. I just may look into the 4R36 Monsters in the future. 🙂


        • Hi Zami,

          Congrats on your new chrono diver. You got it at a good discount. SGD286 is a good price for Thong Sia stock with full warranty. Also, thanks for sharing you thoughts on this watch here. Very detailed as always.



  29. just want to share mine. SSC021 taken from mobile phone camera, pardon me for the quality


  30. Thanks for the review!

    I have owned this exact watch for almost three months now, it is a really nice solid model with accurate timekeeping and nice chronograph, I got it on eBay for a decent price of 208$, the bracelet on it is very solid. The only things that bother me about this watch is the materiel that the bezel insert is made of and that the crown wobbles just a little when it’s unscrewed, otherwise I am very happy with this watch so far.


  31. Nice reading ALL of the comments here in relation to this watch. I actually bought this watch here in Japan recently after going online and also visiting a few places here that sold watches. I was looking for a solar powered watch with descent water resistance and also a decent look and feel. Seiko being a Japanese brand was also on the cards. I was tossing up between this and a more expensive citizen solar 100m alarm chrono satelite radio wave (or whatever it is called), and ended up opting for this one after I read the reviews on it, and also the fact that I’ve heard that hardlex is a compromise between scratch resistance and shatter resistance (not as likely to break when and if dropped or hit against something) compared to saphire…will probably go for a saphire watch one day though. I’ve also heard that if scratches accumulate on the glass, that its not too expensive to replace. Is this true?
    Anyhow, I’m simply a kindergarten teacher and am already getting a few young eyes noticing the shiny metal on my wrist, I’m considering getting a rubber strap to alleviate some of the weight and attention…also better for those early morning star jumps perhaps hehe.

    I really like this watch though as it is, definement worth the roughly AU$200 I payed for it.

    Sorry about the long write up here. Its great to be able to read up on other peoples experiences with this watch that I recently settled on believing it to be the best choice and best value for the price. Hoping this watch will last me a while, and continue to grow on me. I’ve been using my mobile phone clock for some time now, but really need a watch now that I am working as a teacher with all these wonderful kids.

    Cheers for all of the information and for the good read!

    Hello or should I say konnichiwa (I’m actually from Australia btw) from Japan!!



    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this watch.

      Hardlex crystal is not expensive to replace and this can be done at any Seiko service centre. To reduce the weight, you can either use a rubber strap or a zulu/nato strap. Personally, I prefer to use rubber straps on dive watches. I can take shower with my watch on and it only take a while for it and strap to dry. Nylon straps take longer to dry.


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  34. I see “Mov’t JAPAN” but no Made in JAPAN like my SNZG has written all over it. Is there a Japanese made brother to this watch, or have they stopped putting “Made in Japan” on them now? Thanks, and great reviews! -Jude


  35. Hi,
    I bought this watch at a place you recommended Kwang Guan /Prestige Time. It retailed at $609 and they sold it to me at $480. But I saw that this website,,is selling at $215! It has a retail front, Watch Fashion, at Chinatown Complex. This makes me feel I have been ripped off by Kwang Guan, since it is a difference of $265! Do you know of this Is it trustworthy?


    • The piece you bought from Kwang Guan came from the authorized distributor, Thong Sia. It comes with warranty by them.

      From what I understand, Skywatches deals with parallel import products. Price is lower but you most likely can’t bring it to Thong Sia if there’s any problem with it.


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  41. hi, i ordered online recently from…Instead of the “SOLAR chronograph” below the SEIKO logo, it is a “X”…Is it a fake?? Thank.


    • No, it’s not a fake. I’ve never seen any replica versions of the Seiko Solar series either as counterfeiters prefer to stick to where the real money is – making fake Swiss watches. 🙂

      The “X” logo that you see marks Seiko’s “wise” marketing move to add them to their prestigious Prospex line and to justify for their price increase, that’s all. Today, practically any Seiko watch that is lumped into the Prospex range (with the “X” to show it) commands a much higher price tag.


  42. Hi, may i ask if the Chrono pushers r unscrewed, will it affect the ‘water proofness’, as in will water get in n spoil the watch? Thanks.


    • Most divers with chronograph function are not intended to be used underwater. I think the screw in feature on the pushers is there to prevent them from being pushed by the wearer or an external object in a diving situation.

      I don’t think I have answered your question very well but if they are screw-in pushers, it is better to lock them while diving.


      • I agree with your reply to Steven.

        Seiko does have purpose built diver’s watches whose chronograph buttons are designed to be operated underwater (the discontinued Prospex “NX” SBDK001 is one of them) and this digital diver doesn’t have any locking pushers.

        The pusher design of the SSC017P and its siblings *may* allow them to be operated in a shallow swimming pool but I don’t think Seiko dares to guarantee this watch’s chrono buttons against water ingress while submerged. The screw collars are there not for just show (unlike the popular SNA225P alarm-chrono’s pushers), I think it’s to disallow them from being operated underwater.

        That said, I remember swimming with my first Seiko quartz chronograph – the SDWD19P (7T32) just a month after I had bought in in late 1998 and activated the chrono while it was wet, and probably while it was briefly submerged. It’s gone through several battery changes and it’s perfectly ticking to this day.

        Sorry for the late comments; I just happened to read this today! 🙂


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