3rd Orient Bambino Variant – ER2400LD


Orient has released a 3rd Bambino variant. This model features long and slim hour markers with slim hour and minute hands. It still has that classic look and somewhat reminds me of the Max Bill by Junghans.

On this watch, the hour markers at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock are applied while the rest are printed directly onto the dial. Other things to note are:

1. It has the same crown as the original Bambino (no longer onion shaped).
2. leather strap without grain.

Here are some pictures of the watch.










Original version (released in 2012):

2nd version (released in 2013):

Orient Bambino ER2400LD featured in this post is provided by

1 Commonwealth Lane
One Commonwealth #03-24
Singapore 149544
Tel: 6273 3355
Fax: 6278 8929


21 thoughts on “3rd Orient Bambino Variant – ER2400LD

  1. Pretty good looking. I love the Bambinos, I just wish they came out with a 36mm version, which I think will go better with the whole “mid-century dress watch” look they are inspired by.

  2. What we can not see from the pics, the length of the minute hand matches exactly (or maybe not?) the long hr index of 3/6/9/12. Then I would rather have the hands shaped like the markets for the perfect match.

  3. I want one. I hope they offer an automatic in steel with a light colored dial, like white or silver. Anxiously waiting for them to hit the market.

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