Review of the Seiko SRP655K


I bought this SRP655K on 1st June 2015 and have worn it for three weekends. I also own the blue variant, SRP653K and overall, I am very please with both watches. They are the biggest 4R based divers in Seiko offerings so far. They made all other 4R and 7S divers “obsolete” to me.

Here is a quick pictorial review.

Side profile


Top of the shroud. The silicon strap is a magnet for dust as you can see below.


Here is a shot of the side profile with strap. Crown can be bigger IMO.



The watch sits low on the wrist and the curved back allows it to sit firmly on the wrist. Of course it has to be strapped on with enough tightness.

Below is a comparison with the Emperor Tuna, SBDX011, a watch that sits high on the wrist.


Here’s the caved in caseback.


The silicon strap comes with a nice buckle and metal keeper.


It is also a magnet for wrist cheese.


Because the watch is big, you may get a “tail” as shown below.



Size comparison with Emperor Tuna and Fieldmaster chrono.




Diameter: 50mm
Thickness: 12.5mm (measure at 3 o’clock position), 16.5mm (measured at 11 o’clock position)
Lug width: 22mm

16 thoughts on “Review of the Seiko SRP655K

  1. Hi yeoman, I want to ask that is it still available in Singapore? Where can we buy it? I’m trying to get the blue one


  2. I just bought a 655 and it state Special Edition. Is there a NON Special Edition 655 ?
    if Theres a NON Special Edition, whats the Diff Special and NON-Special ?

    The Back of 655 states Ceramic + ST Steel.
    Do u know which part of the Watch is Ceramic ?



    • There is no Non special edition 655. It is stated Special Edition because it is a commemorative watch for the 50th Anniversary of Seiko divers.

      The shroud is ceramic coated.


      • I think it’s ceramic as I took my shroud of and filed it and no coating came off. I did you tube video of it. Even our seiko rep said it’s ceramic


  3. Hi Yeoman, I just bought my first Tuna species, SRP655K black-red, a kind of watch which I never think to buy before reading your blog.. It’s a very huge watch for me (a 41mm enthusiast). Anyway, This scallop/baby tuna is a must have item.. Very cheap for such superb quality, unique design, very comfy to wear, a very nice rubber strap and of course the dial.. One of the best diver watch dial I’ve ever seen with the 3D lumibrite which is even brighter than the other Seiko/brand diver watch (even the much-more expensive Swiss watches cannot match this). Wondering how could Seiko sell such package in a very low price (beside the basic calibre 4R). Now I’m a Tuna lover, Thanks a lot Yeoman for introducing me to one of the great species of Seiko & pls keep posting all about these Seiko world, you’re doing great! My words for you who haven’t seen/owned a Tuna: Try to see it in real, hold it, feel it and wear it on ur wrist.. Caution for the Tuna addiction effect! Cheers..


  4. In the last photo. What Seiko model is the Solar Chronograph that is on the right? Interesting model and one I can’t find.


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