Seiko Catalog from Year 2002

Here’s another installment of catalog post for those who enjoy the year 2000 Seiko Catalog that I posted previously. This time round, I will do a quick run down of the year 2002 Seiko catalog.

Like the previous catalog, this is also a Far East catalog and has a unique serial number printed on its last page.

I noted that 2002 was not a “happening” year for the Sportura, Arctura, Kinetic Auto Relay, Kinetic and Perpetual Calendar lines. They continued to be offered but no major models were introduced in that year.

2002 however was the year for the the Premier line as they were shown on the catalog with a new design.

Here are the Premier models on the catalog. The 2002 design is very different from 2009/2010 Premier models but one thing is always the same – the entire line tend to use the same design elements.

In the 2002 models, you will notice that they have the same Arabic numerals, same style of hour and minute hand and same style of integrated bracelet.

Below are three models that are powered by three different movements.

If you are already a Seiko fan during that time, you probably remember the Premier models once had this design.


The Great Blue models were also found on the catalog. It was a small collection that occupied only two pages on the catalog. I know some people are interested to know which year was The Great Blue series was introduced. Unfortunately, without seeing the 2001 catalog, I can’t conclude that this series was introduced in 2002.

The Great Blue was a short lived collection although it did generate some interest among collectors. Here are a few models powered by different movements.


For those who remember these “D-Cube” automatic models, the full range was found on the 2002 catalog. Although they belong to the same line, the model with round dial is powered by the 7S25 movement while the model with square dial is powered by the 4225 movement.


Let’s take a look at the divers page. The 1000m tuna can with SQ dial is still on the catalog as are the two quartz divers and the dive computer.

Turning over to the next page, you will see that the full range of Monsters there. The SKX171 was still there as well, quashing rumours that it was discontinued at that time.

The Perpetual Monster (SLR001P) found on the 2000 catalog was no longer here. Probably discontinued.

You will notice these two quartz divers on the second age. They were new at that time but no one remembers them today I suppose.


Quartz chronographs continued to be offered in all shapes and sizes and among them, one model will emerge to become the most popular model of the year.

In 2002, the most popular model was probably this 7T32 model.


As mentioned earlier, 2002 was not the year for the Sportura, Kinetic Auto Relay, Kinetic and Perpetual Calendar lines. The following are the first page of the respective lines. It can be seen that there wasn’t too many new models introduced. Most of the models on the 2000 catalog can be found here except they are not showing all the colour variants like before. This means that these models were slowly being phased out in 2002 and beyond.

The handwind Spring Drive was still available in 2002 except only one model was shown instead of three in the 2000 catalog. This watch was eventually discontinued as well.

9 thoughts on “Seiko Catalog from Year 2002

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  2. Hello Yeoman,

    Would happen to know of an online version of the Seiko 1998 product catalog? Thanks for sharing these catalogues and also the great information.

    I have recently found five of new old-stock of the Arcturas circa 1998. I was very lucky to find the one with SST case with the blue dial and blue rubber strap. What gems these models were are will be.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this information online!




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