Seiko Starfish Diver – SKZ283K

During the nineties, Seiko made a couple of Kinetic divers that were nicknamed “starfish” due to their unique star shape bezels.

Today, after more than ten years, Seiko came out with a new diver that has a similar bezel design as the original Starfish Kinetic divers. Even though the new diver is powered by the 7S automatic movement and is by no means a reissue, it does look like Seiko has pulled out and reused the bezel design of the Kinetic divers from their design archives.

Before looking at the new diver, here’s a stock picture of an early 5M22 version of the Starfish Kinetic diver that was sold here in the Far East market during the nineties. It is taken from a Seiko catalog that I happen to have.

The new Starfish diver is powered by the 7S36 movement and comes under the Seiko Superior line as indicated by the hangtag that came with it. The watch measures 44mm across (excluding crown) and is 15mm thick. Lug width is 20mm.

Three different colour variants were produced:

  • SKZ281K (orange dial with ss case, bezel and bracelet)
  • SKZ283K (black dial with ss case, black bezel and rubber strap)
  • SKZ286 (black textured dial with gold tone case, black bezel and rubber strap)

Photo by Squidy69

Photo by Squidy69

I had the opportunity to handle the black dialed SKZ283K and here are some points I noted about the watch.

The bezel makes 120 clicks per round and its obviously provides a good grip. Despite having a 44mm case diameter, the shape of the bezel creates an illusion that makes the watch look smaller.

The black coating on the bezel actually makes it look like plastic although I am sure it is made of steel.

Dial and hands
The watch has a layered dial. The part that contains the hour markers is on a separate layer above the dial as you can see in the picture elow. Although this is not a Kinetic watch, the silver coloured ring on the dial actually reminds me of the power reserve indicator found on early Kinetic models.

One more thing about the dial is that it is smaller than the SKX007 which many consider as the standard size. The size of the dial is probably the same as the frankenmonster and other 100m Seiko 5 Sports models. The watch has a slightly curved crystal which is approximately 29mm in diameter. This will give you a rough idea of its dial size.

The hands are same as the Seiko Monster except the second hand is orange in colour.

Case and caseback
Below are the side profile and caseback shots. The lugs are quite short and they give the watch a compact look.

The finishing on the caseback is very nicely done with a combination different brush finishing directions.


The SKZ283K is fitted with a stainless steel bracelet that is exactly the same that comes with the monsters (SKX779/781). The bracelet does not come with end links and for this reason, the lugs are made shorter to eliminate unwanted gap.

The distributor has set the list price of the SKZ283K at SGD619.60 in Singapore. The SKZ281K with rubber strap has a list price of SGD491.20 and the gold tone SKZ286K has a list price of SGD593.90. Prices are inclusive of 7% GST.

Note that the prices are for your reference only. I do not sell these watches.

Final thoughts
Overall, the watch was built to the same quality as the other 7Sxx Seiko 200m divers. Due to its non-traditional bezel design, I do not expect it to be a major hit. Some may pick up one or two pieces out of curiosity while others will probably forget about it after some time just like its Kinetic counterparts from the nineties.


Seiko SKZ283K and SKZ281K featured in this post are provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

39 thoughts on “Seiko Starfish Diver – SKZ283K

  1. Thank you for the review, very informative.
    I think its a nice one, looks less “put together with spare parts” like many other newly released. The different direction brushed finish on the case back is a nice touch. Me like.
    An orange with SS bracelet or a black one with the SS bezel would do it for me.
    The black starfish bezel is not for me.


  2. Does it come with screw down crown? Probably not.

    After Orient’s 200M diver, Seiko realized that they should do more on bezel designs.

    I like the bezel…but those hands and bracelet…for sure not my types.


    • Hi Seikomatic,

      The watch comes with a screw down crown.
      And I’m sure you can change the the hands and bracelet if you don’t like them.

      Best regards,


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  6. a white starfish was found here in the Philippines:

    picture borrowed from vwbeetle:


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  8. Btw, there was an ALL BLACK version(no gold accents) with black PVD bracelet available at the time I picked up my white-faced Starfish. I’m sorry I coudn’t take a quick pic with my phone since my 1yo baby was asleep at my arms at that time. I was lucky I was able to pull of the sale since we were piled 3-deep at the counter due to the Christmas rush!


  9. Thomas,

    Do you think US$220 is a good price for a BNIB SKZ281? And I can’t seem to find sellers who would source the SKZ279… What a shame…

    George from Indonesia


    • I’m not sure what price the SKZ281K sells online. But based on the Singapore retail price of SGD491.20, USD220 is a reasonable price if it comes with international warranty.

      Best regards,


      • Yes it does come with international warranty and it’s a local shop, not an online one. Thanks for clearing that one, Thomas.

        Also, I saw that you usually shop at the Big Time. Do they ship overseas such as to Indonesia?

        George from Indonesia


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  11. I just bought myself the skz283k1..and I think this watch suitable for my big arm..altough is a little heavy for sure (my old watch is seiko diver 7002-7000…hehehe) I think this watch look tough and also modern..I like the double layer dial..I like the big crown..I love the size of this only concern for this watch only the lug size..20mm..I think 22 will make this type more lovely..In My Humble Opinion…

    My question for this there any fake seiko for this watch?



  12. Hi SEIKO FANS . . .


  13. Just bought this in the orange dial and after owning the black monster a few years ago this watch is just as good in my opinion


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