Seiko Cocktail Time – SARB065

The Seiko Cocktail Time is a collaboration project between Seiko and Japan’s top bartender, Mr. Ishigaki Shinobu. The three models in this series were designed based on the original cocktails of Ishigaki Shinobu, and they are the “Cool” SARB065, the “Dry” SARB066 as well as the “Sweet” SARB068 which is limited to 300 pieces.

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the cool SARB065.

All three models in the Cocktail Time series come with textured dial. However, the pattern of the texture is different for each model. The SARB065 is characterized by a crisp and well defined sunburst texture on its blueish dial.

If you examine the dial closely, you will see that the sunburst effect is different from the traditional or ‘standard’ sunburst dial.

The picture below shows what I consider a traditional or “standard” sunburst dial. The sunburst effect is relatively weak and the lines are not separately identifiable.

In the SARB065 dial below, you will notice a stronger sunburst effect and each line is separately identifiable. In additional, the lines are set in such a way that they alternate between a group of lines with stronger texture followed by another group with weaker texture. This setting creates a “sunburst within sunburst” effect if I may call it.

The watch uses the same case as the SARC models that are powered by the 6R20 movement. It has a diameter of 40mm excluding crown and is 13.1mm thick.

The low profile yet well finished case fits very well into the overall design as it does not compete with the dial for attention.

From the side profile, you can see that the watch has a curved crystal.

The crown has a raised surface which is signed with the ‘S’ symbol. In the picture below, you can also see that there is a cutting on the side of the case just under the crown to make it easier for the user to pull out the crown.

Overall, the crown is nicely made and appears to have rounder and smoother edge compared to the early and come of the current 6R15 models.

Like most 6R15 dress models, the watch has a see-through caseback that shows the movement within. Here, you can see that it has a water resistance of 5 bar.

The watch comes with a black oil tan strap with blue stitches to match its blue dial. It is a very classy strap and is fitted with a Seiko deployant buckle with push button release. Lug width of the watch is 20mm.

Here are the stock pictures and other info:


Seiko SARB065 featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355  Fax: 6278 8929

32 thoughts on “Seiko Cocktail Time – SARB065

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  2. I was wondering what the sweet version would look like, since you only reviewed the cool and dry. After I scrolled down, then I realised its actually the one I just put an order in for! Hope its not sold out. Instinctively put the order in for this beauty.


    • I have seen the ‘sweet’ version on several occasions. It is a beautiful watch and is limited to 300 pieces. Hope you can get it.
      Here’s a quick and dirty shot taken so time back.


  3. Hey, know anywhere else in Singapore i can get the sweet version? Can’t seem to find any retailers online for this particular watch 😦


    • Hi Roland,

      The sweet version is limited to 300 pieces and the online retailers are probably out of stock. You have to ask someone to hunt for them in Japan.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Guys,

        Tried to hunt it down in Japan over Yearend. However, since it is limited to only 300 pieces and everyone gets tears in his eyes for that model you might not find it at all. I asked some shops (Yodobashi Kamera etc.) and there is NO chance to get it unless some collector wants to sell… If you can get one you are one heck of a lucky guy….

        I suggest to seiko to create the SARB065 as a rose gold version with a red-brown dial… Nice to dream about anyway.



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  5. Hi Bro,

    I m currently interested with both seiko alpinist SARB047 and SARB059. I can’t find your review about these watches in your forum. After i checked, both are using the same 6R15 movement. I need your advice here because i m quite confusing of which one shouid i choose. which of the two watches above the best in reliability and design?
    Thanks for your attention.



  6. Hi Bro,

    Thanks again for ur prompt response and thanks for writing such a good review. I myself really interested with seiko 6r15 movement, however the price is really quite expensive. According to u, which seiko model with 6r15 movement has cheaper price plus nice design beside sumo? Thanks in advance for ur advice.



    • The SARB065 featured in this post is one of the nicer 6R15’s imo. The price is a bit high though.

      If you like something with a vintage feel, the SARB031/027 would be nice. However, this model was discontinued recently and will become harder to find in the following weeks/months.


  7. HI Yeoman,

    Enjoyed your post, am seriously considering purchasing the SARB065. Do you mind dropping me a mail as I would like to have your feedback regarding prices and retailers? If you can spare the time.



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  18. Well here in Australia, for some reason, Seiko don’t sell the SARB065 (or indeed many others in their range). But having just discovered it, and loving it, I have ordered one from Japan, Just waiting now…..


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