Orient X STI 2010 Limited Edition II – SFD0H001B

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle yet another Orient X STI limited edition watch. This model is the second limited edition for the 2010 Nürburgring 24-hour Race. On their website, this watch is referred to as “Orient X SRI 2010 Limited Edition II” but within the Orient network, it is called “Orient X STI Stage II”.

This watch has a couple of unique features and the first one you probably notice is the position of the crown. It is located at the 9 o’clock position. The crown screws in but is a tad small in my opinion. Fortunately, the knurling helps to provide good grip.

The dial is made of carbon fibre material and has the 3D hologram effect when you look at it. The power reserve indicator is located at the 6 o’clock position and is designed to look like a gas gauge. They even put a gas gauge symbol on the dial.

Below are the side profile shots. The design of the lugs remind me of the Seiko Samurai except the lug width of this watch is 24mm.

Here’s another view showing the side profile and the flat Sapphire crystal.

The watch has a see through case back. The results of the race is engraved on the rotor as you can see.

The watch is powered by the Japan made 46N47 movement. This movement does not come with hack and handwind features.

The bracelet is pretty thick and sturdy. It is 24mm wide at the lugs and tapers to 22mm at the clasp.

Bracelet is fitted with the standard clasp with push button release and catch.

Here’s the presentation box of the watch.

Diameter: 42mm
Thickness: 11.5mm
Lug Width: 24mm


Orient SFD0H001B featured in this post is provided by
Official Orient Distributor in Singapore
483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

27 thoughts on “Orient X STI 2010 Limited Edition II – SFD0H001B

  1. This is really a great Orient, Thomas. The details of the carbon fiber dial, the very sporty bezel design, power reserve indicator, movement engraving/printing and even the destro position (to avoid impeding wrist movement in fast paced racing maneuvers) all point to a well conceived “racing watch” design. Speaks highly of Orient’s design team as you can see how they were able to make this watch exude the character of Subaru’s winning moment. It’s also very good to note that one of our PWC (Philippine Watch Club) members, Arnold, was able to purchase one in Singapore. I hope you don’t mind if I post his “unveiling” of his watch. Some great pictures accompany the post as well.


    Best regards.


  2. Do you know if the dial is REALLY carbon fibre material? The press release claims it’s “same material used in making the car….” My STI Series I has a carbon fibre pattern molded into the dial, I don’t think it is really the material. It *is* a nice effect, my Orient EV09 (day/date) has the entire dial done in this material, and it gives it a shimmering effect in various lighting circumstances. I expect nothing less that this.

    And Yes, I love my Orient ER1S STI Series I watch, with a Hirsch Medici band to mitigate the high case, and low extended lug holes, it’s a real looker.


    • Hi Chromejob,

      I can’t confirm if it is the same material used in making the car but it definitely look pretty much like the carbon fibre effect that I see on bicycle frames.

      The dial has a stronger carbon fibre effect compared to the STI series I.



  3. The more I look at it, the more I think they botched the dial design with an over-the-top “fuel gauge” motif. They could’ve just replaced “0” with “E,” “4” with “F,” and the 2 with “1/2,” then left all the numbers off. The “gas pump” icon is unnecessary, the owner will know what the “power/fuel reserve” indicator is.

    Makes me appreciate my STI Series I more.


  4. hi yeo… im wondering how much is the market price for this watch,and are the prices increasing annually like some other luxury watch too.. please reply…tq..


    • Hi Khairul,

      I’m not sure about the retail price. Please email Big Time to find out or check with the Orient distributor in your country.

      Best regards,


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  8. Hi,

    I got this watch for over a year. But lately the bracelet broken twice. Sent to watch repair shop, they said the linking rod got broken. Is it normal? Or due to wear and tear, cos the watch itself is quite heavy and I tend to wear it slightly loose.


  9. yep, the pins broken. First it was broken, the watchshop glued them back. The 2nd time on another link, no hope cos the pin broke and stays inside the hole. Anyway I am getting the bracelet replacement soon.

    From your experience, any care needed and cautions needed to have these automatic bracelet watches last?


    • Not much experience in this since I’m not a bracelet user. Generally, you should rinse the bracelet under tap water if your wrist tend to perspire a lot.


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