Photo review: Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ21K

I had the opportunity to handle a new Seiko 5 model that was released recently in Singapore (and other countries). This is another Seiko 5 Sports model that Seiko releases every few months. The model number is SNZJ21K.

I believe most people already know what to expect in a Seiko 5 so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Let’s take a look.

This watch is distributed in Singapore by distributor, Thong Sia Group. Here’s the list price.

Diameter of bezel: 43.5mm
Thickness: 13mm
Lug Width: 22mm
Movement: 7S36

Seiko SNZJ21K1 featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Seiko dealer
K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

36 thoughts on “Photo review: Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ21K

  1. Now that I have been studying watches for about
    five years, I realize that this watch is outstanding
    in just about every way. We are all fortunate to
    have Seiko make these types of watches for us.


  2. Thanks for keep updating us with all the seiko collection news, indeed very nice, saw it at mustafa too but never check the price.

    Other than orange and yellow, is there any other color?

    How I wish I can remove the “5” logo there. Is it possible?

    Great news 🙂


  3. Hi Thomas,

    Wow! Very bold looking! The bezel looks like DURIAN shell too! COOL!

    Will look out for it when it hits our Malaysian shores! 😛

    Thanks for sharing this new watch info with us! Keep up the good work! Have you got your eye on any new watches lately? Christmas just round the corner! ;-P

    Best regards!



      • Hi Thomas,

        Ya do post those pics once you have the watch in your hands, so to speak! So you got the auto or kinetic? White, black or blue dial? Chrono, diver or dress?

        Ha ha, sorry for all these questions and being so nosy (kay poh)! ;-P

        Best regards,



  4. Seiko needs to start handing out bonus’s at the seiko 5 design department! bought the SNZH057 because of the photos u posted, love its vintage style, think i might have to start a “5” collection now.

    Very good blog.


  5. Very nice design. I like the yellow variant more as I feel the bezel with black printed numerals on silver background gives more character compared to the orange version. This model may also look good in green, similar to the green shade used in the Green Monster (Thailand specific version). Nice pictures, Thomas.



    • I find the orange one nicer but everyone has a different colour preference and that’s why watches come in different colour variants. Not sure if there is a green variant though.

      Best regards,


  6. I saw this one in-the-steel yesterday and it was as stunning as the pictures show.

    The only downside was that I found the price a bit high for a “5” model. The only “5” I bought at this price range was my PVD Franken and it’s higher price tag was understandable since it was an ISO rated diver.

    If the other non-PVD variants come in at a lower price tag, I may be tempted to pull the trigger on one of them. But for the price of the black one, I’d rather get an ISO diver instead(Spork and Stargate come to mind).

    Great pics and review as always Thomas! Keep it up.


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  9. Thomas, basing my observation from your photos, the SNZJ21 looks like it’s not really black PVD but rather gunmetal like the Swiss Army Dive Masters. Am I correct?


    • Hi George

      I own the watch and would say that you are more correct. When the light hits it it does indeed look more like gun metal. In normal ambient indoor light it appears black. It’s a nice treatment. I have also purchased a new Seiko quartz chronograph with the same TiCn coating, this one looks very military.


      • I have received my new SNZJ21 and I am very pleased with the watch. The particle vapor deposition adds a protective coating of TiCN, titanium carbonitride. It also adds a professional look to the watch. Though not an ISO diver, it is rated to ten bar. The bezel rotates smoothly, exuding quality. The dial contains the Seiko 5 and Sports logos, very nice. The grayish TiCn finish contrasts nicely with the orange rimmed luminous hour markers and the hands having the same treatment.
        The 7s36b 23 jewel movement has a display back of mineral glass and is regulated to good tolerances from the factory, although I have not measured it’s accuracy. I have noted the power reserve is good, not having worn the watch for long, it was still running over 24 hours later. The second hand moves around the dial smoothly, again exhibiting a feeling of quality.

        Seiko 5’s are coming up in the world, and I’m glad I purchased this watch.


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