New Seiko Prospex 200m Diver – SRP637K


Here are some proper pictures of the new Seiko Prospex 200m diver, SRP637K. This is definitely a nicer looking and wearable 7S or 4R based 200m diver that Seiko made in recent years. I mean the Baby Tuna is nice but the plastic shroud won’t last long. The Stargate is nice too but the lume pip tend to fall off. The Monster with fangs is nice but it’s too small for today’s standard. Let’s hope there’s no problem with this one.

Here are the pictures.


Side profile:






Bracelet and clasp:


Additional pictures:





1. The list price shown is in Singapore dollar and is for reference only.
2. I am not a watch dealer.

Other variants:

Diameter: 47.5mm (excluding crown)
Lug width: 22mm
Lug to lug: 50mm
Thickness: 14mm
Water resistance: 200m

Seiko SRP637K featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

37 thoughts on “New Seiko Prospex 200m Diver – SRP637K

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  3. I love it. I will buy it and sell my beloved SUN019 Kinetic because I find it’s hard to keep a full charge on a kinetic watch when I’m rotating with my other watches. Also, I will take off the stock bracelet from the SRP637 and put on a Super Engineer II.


      • Yeoman, I deal with a watch seller who has a device that fully charges Kinetics in about two days. That charge is good for six months if the watch isn’t worn.


      • I agree with your views regarding Kinetics, Thomas. While the movement an engineering feat in itself, when it comes to watch collecting you’re forced to wear your Kinetics to get their charge topped up, whether you like it or not. 😣

        There’s a finite lifespan for the Maxell TC-920S rechargeable lithium ion cell that Seiko fits into its Kinetics. I do own the special Seiko YT-02A Kinetic charger, but using that to recharge my Kinetics only delays the inevitable.

        That said, the chief cause of failing Seiko Kinetic models is more due to the rechargeable battery going bad rather than the Kinetic’s charging mechanism. 😊


  4. 50mm lug to lug will fit in my wrist,, but I have reservations that it will not look so good on me,, your thoughts sir yeoman? Been wanting to have one since it was launched!! Thanks!! More power,, I learned a lot from your reviews,,very interesting and very educating for a newbie like me..


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  6. 3 months had passed, after the initial release of the 3 shroud divers.

    SRP639 sells much better and hot… perhaps due to some decorations of yellow on the look of the watch, that pairs well with some Nato/Zulu strap designs… especially those with yellow stripes.
    The next one that sells well, goes to the ION plated SRP641 which i think most likely appeals to the fans of SEIKO PVD models.(Undeniably… i’m one such Black loving fan.) Pairing game is also pretty much simple… just black Nato/Zulu or black PVD mesh bracelet will do the job well.

    The SRP637 seems to be the lesser loved one from the other 2. Don’t know about the others, but personally, the black dial + white lume + boring “Monster” style bracelet combo… seems dull. Lacks some kind of appeal to some…(me included)
    Perhaps some modding idea can be suggested?
    My thoughts here…

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    • Actually my personal preference is 641, 637 followed by 639.

      The beauty of the 637 is that it has no plating. It is simple, plain and looks like a serious watch. For the 641, I like the combination of the black case/shroud/dial and the gold accents (hour markers, hands, crown and screws).

      The 637 looks a bit fanciful. I hope Seiko divers don’t follow the path of Seiko’s military/pilot inspired watches in the Seiko 5 series. They are getting more fanciful and no longer have the original characteristics.


      • I’m between 639 and 637. 637 has clean look as sbbn017 which is my favorite Seiko diver. It would be great to see them side by side.
        I bet 637 would also look cool with that leather zulu bracelet you have on sbbn017


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  8. Hi,
    May I ask, are the Seiko Prospex Series all made in Japan?

    Have visited some local watch shops and was told that there are some series Made in China.

    If so, how do I differentiate the model which I intend to get is a Made in Japan Model?

    Thank you for your reply.


    • Seiko Prospex has a wider range than before. Since you commented in this post about SRP637, I suggest you look for the “J” instead of the “K” model. For example, SRP737J would be a made in Japan model.


  9. great review and great pics. i ordered the 637 a couple of weeks ago and its been hard to get it off my wrist. was waiting on my blue 653 to arrive today but missed the delivery which sucks but either way… BOTH were bought with confidence largely gained from reading your blog. thanks much and keep up the excellent work.


  10. Yeoman, you referred to the shroud on the Baby Tuna as plastic. If it is the SRP643(50th anniv. ed.), the shroud is blue ceramic.


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