Seiko Brightz – SDGM001


Here’s a Seiko Brightz SDGM001 that I picked up recently. This is probably the first Brightz model that comes with a 6R15 movement. In the past, automatic Brightz (non-chronograph) models came with the 8L and 4S movements. Of course, this one is offered at a lower price point.

The SDGM001 features the Seiko Comfotex technology which include special treatment to the case and crystal of the watch.

The crystal is coated with “Super Clear Coating” on both sides to suppress reflection of light up to 99% or more. In addition, anti fouling (water-repellent film) is applied to the coating to provide resistance to stains and scratches. The crystal treatment looks similar to Orient’s SAR coating.


For the case, Seiko applied it’s proprietary surface processing technology, Diashield to provide resistance to scratch.

Below are a couple of dial shots. The dial is cream coloured and the textures look similar to the that of the SARB065 (cocktail time). I am glad that Seiko put the sword hands and long hour markers on this watch give it the classic dress watch look.




The case is well finished and very well detailed with a combination of polished and brushed surfaces. It has drilled lugs as well as an onyx attached to its crown.




The watch comes with see-through caseback that shows the nice rotor of the 6R15 movement.


Here are a few more shots of the SDGM001.






Overall, I am happy to add the SDGM001 to my dress watch collection. This is exactly the kind of 6R15 dress watch that I would like to have. The things I like about this watch are: size (40mm), the long hour markers, sword hands, big crown and most importantly, the timeless design.

Please take note that this watch comes with a metal bracelet. I have put it on a leather strap to suit my preference.

Diameter: 40.5mm excluding crown
Thickness: 11.5mm
Lug width: 20mm
Lug to lug: 48.6mm
Water resistance: 10 Bar
Crystal: Sapphire

Here’s my review of the SARB065:

30 thoughts on “Seiko Brightz – SDGM001

  1. A pity. Was hoping it has screw in crown after seeing it has a nice big crown. The screw in crown would make it my ideal daily beater for work and swimming activities.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Have a great day!


      • Unfortunately Sumo’s 45mm case is a bit too big for my small 6.1″ wrist. 😦

        90,000 yen list price is also a bit out of my budget. 😥

        Love the look of the watch in your picture though. 🙂


      • “not for swimming”!!!? with a new 100m WR watch you can even do snorkeling.. let a long swimming.. I love mine, the Sapphire crystal is noticeable superior to regular Sapphire used in other Seikos (Sarb/Sarg/Sarx)


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  6. Hi, great review and great watch! I bought this watch because of you and because of the strap in this review! Can you please tell me what strap that is? I want to BUY it! Thanks…


  7. Just FYI, these are dauphine hands, not sword hand as you say in your review. Sword hands can be seen on the SARG011.


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