Some Pictures of the Limited Edition Brightz Azabu Tailor Models


Saw these at Big Time last Saturday. Each of them is limited to 500 pieces. Besides the strap that is attached on the watch, each watch comes with two additional straps (without buckle). The straps are sized for folding buckle rather than tang buckle.

Here are the pictures of the watches and their respective straps.
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Seiko Brightz – SDGM001


Here’s a Seiko Brightz SDGM001 that I picked up recently. This is probably the first Brightz model that comes with a 6R15 movement. In the past, automatic Brightz (non-chronograph) models came with the 8L and 4S movements. Of course, this one is offered at a lower price point.

The SDGM001 features the Seiko Comfotex technology which include special treatment to the case and crystal of the watch.
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Seiko X Cotton Club – SDGC030


Had the opportunity to handle this Seiko Brightz model, SDGC030 recently. This is a Seiko X Cotton Club collaboration model and is powered by the 6R21 mechanical movement. It is a JDM model and is limited to 500 pieces.

Here is a pictorial review.
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