Heavy Duty Zulu Straps by nomadwatchworks.com

This time round I had the opportunity to try out a few pieces of Heavy Duty Zulu straps by nomadwatchworks.com. This is the first time I tried out a product from this company. Let’s take a look.

Nomadwatchworks.com is a Singapore-based company. Their products can be purchased on their website and also at their outlet located at level 2, Tampines Mall.

I have three specimens of the Heavy Duty Zulu strap here. These are 5-ring models with heavy rings and buckle. The variants I have are grey with PVD hardware, digital camo with ss hardware and green camo with ss hardware. All of them are 22mm models selected specially for my Seiko divers. There are of course other colours and sizes available at normadwatchworks.

The strap is 280mm long excluding buckle. It is made from tightly weaved nylon material that has a thickness of 1.25mm. It has 13 laser cut holes that make it wearable on most wrist sizes.

Each strap has four rings and a buckle. They have brushed finishing and are stitched securely onto strap.

Digital Camo with stainless steel hardware:

The digital camo model has a very nice colour tone that is not too dark. It is like a hybrid of green camo and desert camo. The patterns are totally random and non repetitive.

Green Camo with stainless steel hardware:

This model has the traditional green camo pattern that reminds me of the army uniform that I wore many years ago. It almost has the same colour and pattern. Although the military has switched to digital camo, traditional camo still has its place and never go outdated.

Grey with black PVD hardware:

This strap matches very well with any black PVD coated watch. Here, I have it on my Emperor Tuna, SBDX011. The PVD coated rings match the colour of the shroud and the grey nylon provides a good colour contrast to the overall look of this particular watch and strap combo.

Final thoughts:
Overall, the Heavy Duty Zulu strap by Nomadwatchworks is a very well made strap. The stainless steel rings are sturdy and of high quality. The stitching on the strap is neatly done with no visible loose thread. I also find that the thickness of the nylon material is just nice for me. It is not too thick and hence does not look bulky on the wrist.

Heavy Duty Zulu straps featured in this post are provided by:


Use discount code “yeomanseiko” to enjoy 10% discount on your purchases.

If you are located in Singapore, visit Normadwatchwork at level 2, Tampines Mall to view their collection of straps.

Pictures and text by Yeoman.
Thanks for viewing.

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