Photo Review: Seiko Superior SKZ273K

This time round, I would like to feature the above Seiko Superior which I felt deserved some attention from Seiko fans. I first saw this model in the market in February 2010. I believe it was released around that time.

Here’s a quick photo review and some notes by me.

It is water resistant to 200m but not a ISO diver as evidenced by the inscription “200m” instead of “Diver’s 200m” on the dial.

The lines on the dial remind me of this kind of aluminium office curtain when the flaps are closed.

From the side profile shots, you can see that the bezel and crown guard are made of plastic.

Since it is not an ISO diver, there is no tsunami logo on its caseback. It is equipped with a screw in crown though.

It has solid endlinks and a set of standard spring bars instead of the thick ones found on the ISO divers.

Bracelet comes with push button flip lock and catch. No dive suit extension.

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Seiko distributor, Thong Sia Group. Price shown below is for reference only. I am not a watch seller.

Diameter : 48mm including crown
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 14.5mm
Lug to lug: 50mm

Seiko Superior SKZ273K featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

13 thoughts on “Photo Review: Seiko Superior SKZ273K

  1. Now I think I’m in love! I used to think that this watch was ugly. But seeing this all black version, I’ve now changed my mind. Especially with the ‘flaps’ and the blue markers/seconds hand.


      • By the way, after rereading the post I noticed that this is not a diver’s watch at all. So, do you think an exposed caseback could have worked on this model? I may have pulled the trigger on this one if not for the “plain” caseback, just like I did with my SKZ281 – bought it after I saw its photos here :-p


        • Hi George,

          I’m not sure if the watch can achieve 200m water resistant rating if it had a display back. For Seiko, anything with 200m rating usually comes with solid caseback. Display backs are usually found on models with 50m and 100m rating.

          Best regards,


          • I mentioned the display back as a design aspect. I figured that since the SKZ273 is not a diver (it doesn’t have a diver’s extension among others), this model could have gone out with just 50m or 100m WR plus the display back. If it did, I would have ordered it :-p Because a display back (despite the watch having a not so special movement) will reinforce the design choices made on this particular watch IMO. But I guess we can’t have everything all the time.



  2. Hi-your blog posts are excellent info sources for me and I have already purchased one Seiko 5 after seeing it on your blog to add to my collection. I am curious as to what differentiates a Superior from a “5”-are there standard features not available on a “5” or is it some particular characteristic? Thanks again for your research and excellent photos! MB


  3. Purchased the S.S. Version last year. Overall the watch keeps good time, loosing about 8-10 seconds a day. It’s a heavy watch and a slight bump of the bezal and it moves, has nice lume but the dial face can make you take a second look when your checking time.
    The black version does look nicer. Thanks.


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