Grand Seiko available in Singapore during the 60’s and 70’s

Most of us believe that Grand Seiko’s were only sold in Japan during the 60’s and 70’s. Today, I would like to share some old newspaper advertisements which suggest that one or two models were available in Singapore during that period. These ads were placed on our local newspaper, The Straits Times between 1969 to early 1970.

Since the ads had the distributor’s name, Thong Sia Co. and their address at Bideford Road, I believe they had GS at their showroom during that time.

The ad above was found on the Straits Times dated 5th March 1969. Here’s the digitized copy from our National Library.

Here’s a similar but smaller one found on the front page of same newspaper dated 23rd May 1969.

The ad also appeared on the following dates.

20th June 1969

18th July 1969

Below is another one that appeared on 27th March 1970. This is a full page ad and it says “Ask to see the Grand Seiko. You’ll love every minute of it”.

The watches featured in the above ads look like the Hi-beat (36,000bps) 6146 model with day/date function. The different bracelets suggest that they are probably two different variants.

The above ads suggest that Grand Seiko’s were available in Singapore from 1969 to 1970. I believe they were only available at the Thong Sia showroom and only one or two models were available.


Since I’m talking about things the happened in 1969, I’ll add this Omega Speedmaster ad that appeared on the papers on 22nd July 1969, one day after the moon landing by Apollo 11.

Omega Speedmaster ad

9 thoughts on “Grand Seiko available in Singapore during the 60’s and 70’s

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Aaah! The good old days . . . when I was still in my diapers! LOL!

    Those beauties are hard to come by nowadays and when they do it’ll cost more than an arm and a leg! LOL!

    But the hi-beat movement are pretty darn ‘bullet-proof’ and only goes to show that the Seiko people knew what they were doing . . . even way back then!

    Cheers! Thanks for sharing the GS from way back then!

    KOOL! Man KOOL!

    Best regards!



  2. Seiko has always been at the forefront of technology. 36,000 bph in 1969 is a remarkable achievement and speaks highly of Seiko’s innovativeness. No wonder that these Grand Seikos from the 60s and 70s still command a high price in the market. They are not only comparable but even better than their Swiss counterparts.


  3. Wish i owned one new from way back those days , but i was born in 1970 “lol” . I am yet to get me a new Grand Seiko , one day i’lll get me one .


  4. ^^
    Well i already blown my Seiko budget purchasing my new Ananta & JDM Seiko’s , but someday in the distant future a Grand Seiko will grace my wrist .

    MIKER ..


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