Orient EJ02003W – International model with hack and handwind

Here’s a new Orient Power Reserve model that was released in 2011. Orient is known for their power reserve feature and offers it in a wide range of their product lines including Royal Orient, Orient Star, divers and other sports watches.

This model I am looking at in this post is an international model. Below are two previous power reserve models that I have looked at.


Orient made an improvement in the new model by offering hack and handwind features that most people would love to have in their watches. Let’s take a look.

This watch features a fully textured dial with the power reserve indicator nicely positioned under the 12 o’clock hour marker.

The shape of the hour markers matches very well with the hour and minute hands and they are three dimensional to provide better legibility of the dial.

On top of the dial is a slightly curved Sapphire crystal.

The layout of the dial reminds me of the Orient 60th Anniversary LE model.

You can handwind the watch with the crown at the pushed in position. The winding may not be smoothest I have seen but it gets the job done. You can see the power reserve indicator move as you wind the watch.

The crown only pull out to one position where you set the hour and minute hands. The pusher at the side of the case is used to set the date.

Below are the side profile shots.

The watch comes with see-through caseback showing the movement. As you can see on the rotor, the watch is powered by the 40G51 movement.

Here’s a closer look at the movement. I like the Orient logo in red and black colours on the rotor.

The watch is fitted with a stainless steel bracelet with push button lock.

Besides the white dial model, there is also a black dial as well as a two-tone variant.

Diameter: 39mm excluding crown
Thickness: 12.5mm
Lug width: 20mm

Orient EJ02003W featured in this post is provided by:
Orient Distributor:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

12 thoughts on “Orient EJ02003W – International model with hack and handwind

  1. Great to have a movement like the 40G51.
    This particular watch is not for me but I hope that soon the movement makes it into some divers 🙂


    • I understand you have the Orient 300m diver (international model). This model will soon be upgraded with hack and handwind features like its Orient Star counterparts.

      Definitely hope to see more international models with hack and handwind movement including divers.


      • Very good deduction 🙂 Actually I have the 3 version of the OS300 and they are really accurate. 2 int’l and one JDM The quality is great for all of them. I will not flip those and won’t upgrade or add more of them to a newer version unless Orient comes up with new designs and / or colors.

        But like you said, I sure hope we see more hack and handwind movement in divers.


  2. well, it is a pretty watch no doubt but Orient needs to include a stylus otherwise it can be quite painful trying to set the date. I must say I would love to wear this watch inside out.


  3. Very nice. Think Orient has a winner here with the right features that most watch enthusiasts are looking / yearning for – hacking and manual wind options.

    How much is this retailing for?


  4. The two tone dial is beautiful, Thomas. I only have 1 Orient with a self winding mechanical movement. Looks like this should be my 2nd. The date would be a pain to adjust. I wonder why Orient makes changing dates difficult. Mine is also similar. You can change the date with the crown, but the day, you would have to go through 24 hours and more just to set it right. Quite an unusual strategy.



    • This model has a pusher on the side of the case for setting the day (refer to the side profile shot).

      For your watch, try to go back and forth between 00.00 and 10.00pm to set the day. You don’t have to go through 24 hours.


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