100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster – SRP455K

Here are some photos of the “100 years of watchmaking” limited edition monster. It is a limited edition model but other than the standard six digit serial number on its caseback, there is no unique serial number in the usual “XXXX/YYYY” format that Seiko used to have for their limited edition watches.

At this point, it is not known how many pieces were made.

If you see sales ads on the Internet that include a link to this blog, please be aware that I’m not the seller behind these ads and I’m not in any way related to them. Some people misread them and thought I’m the seller. No, I am not.

I welcome private sellers to link to my blog but please state clearly that the link is for information only. Thank you.

48 thoughts on “100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster – SRP455K

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  4. The rubber strap on this and the SRP453 is softer and feels more pliable than the black rubber strap or the rubber strap from previous baby tuna (SRP236)


  5. can’t seem to find enough information regarding this srp455k1 model. would you be kind enough to share some specs of this watch. example, the lug size, case diameter, movement we know it sports a 4R36, etc.



  6. Big fan of you reviews and blog mate thanks for all the effort, I will be in Singapore over the next week would you mind emailing me the store in parkway where you got it. With my meetings and appointment I will be in a rush.


      • Thanks mate, I will have my minion run around and see if he can find one. .AzFT is looking like they will have a few so pre book has been locked in. Knowing my luck I may end up with 2 or 0. Thanks for taking to time to reply to my post very kind of you Have a great week.


  7. Hi yeoman, I recently just acquired the Seiko Blue Monster LE. but what puzzles me is that it came with the monster SS bracelet and now there is a limited serial number on the caseback marked XXX/500. Im puzzled why seiko decided to with limited serial no. (limited to 500?) but went with the standard serial for the rubber strap monster LE (as per ur pics). Anyways Im glad i grabbed this one. definitely a keeper πŸ™‚


    • Thong Sia released another batch of Blue Monsters in the market last week. They came with the metal bracelet instead of blue rubber strap. They are number xxx/500. List price in Singapore was SGD6XX. The rubber strap version was SGD492. I guess they have done a production run of 500 pieces of bracelet version with individual serial number.

      Congrats on your purchase.


  8. Thanks for confirming Yeoman. Just wish to add that the model number is SRP461K1. This one really flew under the radar… googled “SRP461” with no results πŸ™‚


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  10. I saw one listed as SRP453 for $550.00 its like a baby tuna but it has a plastic outer ring not metal. Have you seen any like this ?
    Are they a rare find ?


  11. Hi Thomas,

    I saw this at the very watch store in Penang where I purchased my SSC017P solar chronograph diver recently! πŸ™‚

    The dealer pulled it out from the drawer where he kept it but my friend kept checking on me to leave the store as we had a tight schedule to follow on that day. Unfortunately I only caught a brief glimpse of the limited edition 4R36 Monster but I was pretty sure it had a light blue dial. I knew the seller would’ve given me a great discount on his one-and-only piece but I couldn’t stay long after having paid for the SSC017P and had to leave the store in a hurry. 😦

    I remembered that you’ve written a short article about this watch in your blog and found this post again. This is a lovely piece, but I wonder how long the “gold plated” crown will last before its color fades throughout the years of frequent wear. The blue enameled bezel is something that I’ve not seen in a Seiko diver’s watch.

    IMO, this should be the limited edition, “Blue Monster” with the upscale 4R36 caliber rather than the 7s36 fitted, SKZ213K from many years ago. πŸ™‚


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