Seiko Prospex SRQ029J1 and Presage SRQ031J1

Posting pictures of two Seiko chronographs that were released recently. The SRQ031J1 shown above commemorates the 55th anniversary of Seiko chronograph while the SRQ029J1 commemorates the 50th anniversary of Seiko automatic chronograph. Both are powered by the 8R48 automatic chronograph movement.
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Seiko Divers 50th Anniversary – SRP653K


Managed to pick up this special edition Seiko SRP653K, a commemorative watch for the 50th Anniversary of Seiko divers. The first Seiko diver, the 6217-8000 was released in 1965 and since then, Seiko has released many iconic divers based on the latest watchmaking technologies that were available through the years. Many of these divers are “world first” so to speak.

This special edition diver pays tribute to the shrouded divers, a design that is unique to Seiko. Here is a quick photo review.
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Seiko 5 50th Anniversary – SSA167J

Here’s another Seiko 5 50th Anniversary model that I handled recently. This model is characterized by its crown at the 12 o’clock position. It reminds me of the Spacewalk Sring Drive model and the Izul models even though it is not a chronograph watch. Some people call it “bullhead” while others call it “unicorn”.

Here’s a quick look.
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Seiko 5 50th Anniversary – SRP409J

Seiko celebrated two important anniversaries this year. They are:
– 100th Years of Watchmaking
– Seiko 5 50th Anniversary

I have featured quite a number of “100 years” commemorative models on this blog. This time round I had the opportunity to look at a Seiko 5 50th Anniversary commemorative model – SRP409J.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Grand Seiko – SBGR081

I finally bought another Grand Seiko after 7 years. My previous GS purchase was the SBGR029 and it was way back in 2006.

This time round, I went for the 100th Year of Watchmaking commemorative model, SBGR081.The watch comes with a metal bracelet but I put it on a leather strap as soon as I brought it home.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster on Bracelet – SRP461K

Another version of the Limited Edition Blue Monster has been released. This one is the same as the one I posted previously except it comes with metal bracelet instead of the blue rubber strap. This time round they used the “XXX/500” serial number format instead of the standard one found on regular Seiko’s. This model is limited to 500 pieces.

I was told by H2 Hub at Parkway Parade that it was delivered to them on 26th July 2013 and has a list price of SGD657. It was sold to a customer on the same day before I could take pictures. Fortunately, Mr. Azad in Malaysia has kindly allowed me to use his pictures.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Spring Drive Diver – SBDB008

Had the opportunity to handle the new Spring Drive tuna yesterday. This watch is one of many models that were released to commemorate Seiko’s 100th year of watchmaking anniversary. It is limited to 300 pieces and I hope to see Seiko release a regular edition within one to two years from now.

This specimen belongs to somebody and I only managed to take a couple of quick and dirty cellphone shots. Let’s take a look.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster – SRP455K

Here are some photos of the “100 years of watchmaking” limited edition monster. It is a limited edition model but other than the standard six digit serial number on its caseback, there is no unique serial number in the usual “XXXX/YYYY” format that Seiko used to have for their limited edition watches.

At this point, it is not known how many pieces were made.
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