Seiko 5 50th Anniversary – SSA167J

Here’s another Seiko 5 50th Anniversary model that I handled recently. This model is characterized by its crown at the 12 o’clock position. It reminds me of the Spacewalk Sring Drive model and the Izul models even though it is not a chronograph watch. Some people call it “bullhead” while others call it “unicorn”.

Here’s a quick look.

This model is powered by the 4R37 movement. It has a 24 hour subdial and date window is located between the 3 and 4 o’clock markers. Like the other 50th Anniversary commemorative models, it has a ‘5’ numeral on the short end of its second hand.

The watch measures 43mm in diameter and 50mm from lug to lug.

Here’s a side profile shot. The lugs at the 12 o’clock side appears to be thicker than those at the 6 o’clock side. The watch has a flat crystal as shown.

The watch comes with a see-through caseback showing the movement. There is a Seiko 5 50th Anniversary logo printed on the caseback crystal.

From the caseback shot, you can see that there is only one end link on the bracelet. The other side is straight end type and attaches directly to the lug. Lug width is 22mm on both sides.

Some pictures showing the crown area of the watch.

I doubt leather strap would look good on this watch since there will be a gap at the 6 o’clock end.

The bracelet and buckle is of standard quality found on most Seiko 5 watches.

Parting shot.

Seiko 5 SSA167J featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1
Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

16 thoughts on “Seiko 5 50th Anniversary – SSA167J

  1. Thanks for posting this, Thomas. It’s been quite a long time since Seiko made something as unique as the SSA167J and I strongly believe this is for the export market (except for Japan) and there may be no “K” variants of this model. This is one of the nicest looking model that Seiko put into their Seiko 5 Sports range in a long time. The first feature that caught my eye was the “S” logo on the tail end of its minute hand – something that I’ve not seen since Seiko’s limited edition, All-Nippon Airways

    Somewhat a rarity in non-diver Seiko 5 watches is the liberal use of LumiBrite on the hour markers themselves instead of tiny lumed dots on the inner bezel insert. I first noticed this presumably cost-cutting trend back in 2007 and Seiko made many new models with uncoated hour markers.

    I haven’t been following Seiko’s developments for quite some time and was surprised at the new 4R37 caliber, with the AM/PM indicator sub-dial. If you ask me, “Unicorn” would be the better moniker than “Bullhead”, as a bull has literally two horns and the nickname itself has been enshrined in the legendary 6138-0040.

    If there’s something that I can’t quite get past, it’s the SSA167J’s notched bezel and I think it looks much better without them. 🙂



    • Hi Stratman,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this watch. You are right that this is a very unique watch that Seiko made. I was tempted to keep this piece for myself 🙂

      There should be a ‘K’ version distributed by Thong Sia just like the other SSA models. However, they are currently out of stock in Singapore from what I heard.

      Here’s a picture of the K model belonging to

      Best regards,


  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the “K” variant. I guess since this model is part of the Seiko 5 family, Seiko is still into making both the “J” and “K” guises for different markets. Singapore is the only country that I know of where both variants are openly sold side by side. 🙂

    A lot has changed within Seiko since I first began my watch collecting hobby exactly a decade ago. We mostly discussed vintage and contemporary chronographs and diver’s models in SCWF. Back then Seiko produced mostly nondescript Seiko 5 Sports models that were hardly interesting enough to bring the subject up. Well, there’s so only so much (or so little) one could expect from the same, boring old 7S36 caliber.

    I was fortunate to be able to buy three models from the 7T32 alarm-chronograph caliber that looked much better than those in the market today. Then there’s also the less known and short lived Prospex Sky Professional trio of which I managed to score the blue dialed, SBDR005. Only three stores in KL had the Sky Professional: Emotus Time, where I bought mine from, the watch department at Isetan and one City Chain outlet which oddly had one solitary piece of the titanium SBDR001. In Singapore, only one retailer in a shopping complex along Orchard Road still had the same SBDR005 model as I do and I almost bought it. 🙂

    Today, it’s unfathomable that Seiko is spewing out so many minor variations in the Seiko 5 Sports lineup that I wonder if the company is able to sell them all! Even the well known Tissot watch company simply cannot afford to match the virtually limitless variety that Seiko makes today.

    Ten years ago, we had only two Seiko Monsters to choose from: the quintessential SKX779K (BM) and its orange counterpart, the SKX781K (OM). Now in addition to the regular Monsters, Seiko has added the 4R36 versions in several variations (including the Limited Editions) – it’s just mind boggling! With the rising costs of raw materials and skilled workmanship, I’d go broke if I had to collect the entire new lineup of the Seiko Monsters! 🙂

    Thanks to your frequent blog updates, I’ve noticed a reversal of trends. Seiko’s quartz models are getting sort of mundane looking while its automatic models have gotten a lot more interesting. The only thing that’s sorely missing from Seiko is the revival of affordable, mechanical chronographs. In 2013, if you want a Seiko chronograph it’s either the low cost quartz or Solar models (not sure if the 7L22 Kinetics are still being made today) – or, an automatic chrono model from the high end Prospex, Brightz or Credor range.

    Thanks for indulging me and wishing you Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year! 🙂



    • Thanks for your reply, Zami. The ‘J’ version in Singapore are usually parallel imported and they usually come with Arabic date wheel. Thong Sia normally distribute the ‘K’ version unless there is no ‘K’ version for example the SRP385J.

      You are lucky to be catch the Sky Professional. I believe this is a JDM model and Thong Sia probably brought them in to test market along with the Prospex Flightmaster, Landmaster and Solar Scuba divers. I believe this was a one time thing probably because these watches were more for the Seiko fan rather than the general public. I bought my SBDX007 (Landmaster) in the local market as well.

      My impression of the SCWF is that it is always a place for discussion of vintage Seiko especially divers. There is relatively less discussion on current Seiko 5 and JDM models. The Seiko/Citizen forum on Watchuseek is the exact opposite. They have more discussion on current models and less on vintage models. I guess it’s due to the nature of the forum and the interest of its members. I do agree with you that the 7S era was quite boring. The current 4R era is much more interesting. The designs are much better now and they even brought back the popular 7S models such as the monster and mini monster. There have more mechanical watches now if you include the 4R dress watches from Presage line. However, they have yet to make a classic 200m diver that would represent the 4R era just like what the SKX007 did for the 7S26.



  3. Достаточно неудобно наблюдать за временем-когда стрелки находятся в промежутке 19-21,то стрелки сливаются с маленьким циферблатом.На картинках,может смотрится и красиво,а в реальности-неудобно.Купил эти часы,теперь жалею. Часы не практичные.Вместо маленького циферблата внизу,можно было просто сделать окошко с луной и солнцем,если уж дизайнерам так хотелось подчеркнуть время суток. It is not easy to look for the time.

    Translation by Bing:

    Quite inconvenient to monitor time-when the arrows are located between 19-21, the arrows are merged with the little dial on the pictures may look great and beautiful, but in reality-uncomfortable. bought these watches, now regret. Watch is not practical, instead of a small dial at the bottom, you can just make the window with the Moon and the Sun, if designers so anxious to stress the time of day. It is not easy to look for the time.


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