Watches I Saw – Seiko 5 Models

Some new Seiko 5 models I saw recently. Shown above is the Mini Monster. These are not exactly new. They have been released in the past using the 7S36 movement. This time, Seiko upgraded them with the 4R36 movement and changed up the colours in them. They are distributed by Thong Sia and seen at both K2 and H2 Hub (Parkway Parade). The model above is the SRP481K. Below are a few more variants.




Next is a non-limited edition Seiko 5 50th Anniversary model. This model has its crown at the 12 o’clock position and will remind people of the Spring Drive Spacewalk model or the Izul. These are powered by the 4R37 movement.

Here are the variants I saw at K2. Better pictures will be posted in my next post.





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