Seiko 4R36 Limited Edition Divers – SRP233K, SRP234K and SRP236K

Seiko released three limited edition divers that feature plastic case guard and tuna style hour and minute hands. They are the first set of divers that uses the 4R (4R36 in this case) movement. Each variant is limited to 1300 pieces.

Instead of the traditional black, blue and orange dial with stainless steel case, each of these divers has a different colour combination. Let’s take a look at them.

First up, the SRP236K, a variant with pink gold bezel, black PVD case and brown case guard. This variant was recommended to me by The Flying Scotsman. He sums it up nicely with the following comments.

The SRP236K1 has rose gold bezel and strap buckle, brown plastic case guard and strap, PVD case and crown with hacking and manual winding, automatic 4R36 movement. Dial is metallic pearl brown in colour . . . pretty zany and will not appeal to some . . but not me! It’s really striking and ultimately unique.

Hands are rose gold with lumibrite and so are the hour markers on the dial.

One unique watch. The plastic case guard looks a bit feeble and doen’t inspire much confidence in the strenght of it’s function of protecting the case from BIG knocks! ;-P

Nice execution by Seiko none the less, IMHO.

If you are used to the 300m shrouded divers you will find the screws on this one slightly odd because they are positioned close to each other.

All three models come with rubber strap. There is no bracelet version at this moment.

The SRP236K comes with brown rubber strap with pink gold buckle.

I noticed that it has two serial numbers, one using the “XXXX/1300” format and one with the standard format indicating that the watch was produced in November 2011. However, the “1276” is common to both.

On previous Seiko models that use plastic parts, you will find the words “Stainless Steel + plastics” on their casebacks. This model however does not have the plastic part mentioned.

From the caseback shot, you can see that you probably can’t remove the plastic case guard without removing the crown. Also, since it does not state “Sapphire” on the caseback, I assume it it fitted with Hardlex crystal.

This model is priced at SGD692.30 in Singapore. (For reference only. I don’t sell this watch).

Here’s the SRP234K with gold case, black bezel and case guard. It has black dial and its hands and hour markers come with gold outline. Crown is gold as well.

It comes with black Z22 rubber strap and matching gold buckle.

The SRP234K is priced at SGD673.10 in Singapore. (Again for reference only. I don’t sell this watch).

Last but not least, the SRP233K, the model red case guard, black PVD case and black plastic case guard.

More images of this model can be found here:

These limited edition divers come with solid wooden box as shown below.

Although the colour used and the presentation style of the watch would remind people of the limited edition divers (Monster, Sumo, Samurai etc) from Thailand, it must be noted that these three models are not exclusive to Thailand.

Diameter: 48mm excluding crown
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 14mm

Seiko divers featured in this post is provided by:
Authorized Seiko dealer

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

59 thoughts on “Seiko 4R36 Limited Edition Divers – SRP233K, SRP234K and SRP236K

    • Not a fan of the plastic case guard. Used to own a frankenmonster and a Mapmeter, both with plastic case guard. Sold them after a while. Decided not to repeat history with this piece.


  1. I’m a long time fan of seiko,one reason being that they can be counted on for longevity but plastic does not impress me.


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  3. Hi Thomas,

    I see you finally managed to get hold of these three Limited Edition divers’ watch and thanks for including me in your review! I’m very touched by your actions.

    These three numbers just got into my local watch store but they are one short . . . coz I got the Brown number! It looks like candy . . almost good enough to eat! I’ll call mine the ‘Toffee Tuna’! LOL!

    Thanks again for your review and wonderful shots!

    Best regards!



  4. An almost perfect new release from Seiko. Limited run, great design paying homage to the Tuna, superior new movement……but that plastic shroud? I’d pay a premium if this can be had with a shroud probably made of metal…aluminum…ceramic?


  5. Thanks for the news Thomas. I got a Frankenmonster SKZ247K1 for the first time in September & really liked it. The new red one really catches my eye.


  6. Hi Yeoman,

    Just an FYI, we’ve disassembled the RG version (SRP236K1) and discovered that the shroud is not actually made of hard plastic, it’s rather of a material quite similar to the attached rubber strap. In fact, we had to stretch it quite a bit to slip it off the case after releasing the screws. We later opted to do some re-dyeing mods on the shroud, and after spraying the shroud with metallic black acrylic epoxy paint and painting the white strip around the crown (on top of changing the strap and buckle), this was the outcome:



  7. Bought the red version and it grows on you after awhile. It’s a nice utility watch that can be bumped around.
    Just a question – I didn’t get this box, ended up with a normal paper limited edition box. They said the distributor didn’t give any boxes. Is the box different for different distributors?



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  11. Hi Yeoman

    There is also Made in Japan ver SRP233J1 red ver.
    Do you know if the 1300 pieces is for both J and K ver?
    Do all 3 models comes with J ver?



    • I believe there are ‘J’ versions for all three variants. I have seen two of them.

      The combined production quantity of both the ‘J’ and ‘K’ versions is 1300 pieces.


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  13. No matter which color of this type of watch, the 12 marks are not aligned with the dial marks… oh jesus, how come the quality made in Japan? or Seiko becomes poor quality?! I am very disappointed or this is normal and acceptable!?


  14. Yup! I bought a piece of the Red J model Sardine too. Went through quite a few pieces to find 1 that was reasonably acceptable & aligned. The dial minute markers were not in alignment to the ones on the minute chapter ring, & on a J model too…quite disconcerting…TC


  15. I have all three versions. I really like them. I replaced the strap on the red with a Panatime that is black with red trim and the brown with a Vintage brown Kutio strap….currently I am waiting for Harold at yobokies to send a SS shroud ( when he finishes production ) for the other one with black shroud and it will really look like a TUNA …The shroud is easily removable without disturbing any other areas of the watch.


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  17. in regards to the alignment problem, i just spoke to a friend whos sold his because of the alignment problem itself. he bought the red version. i am just doing more research on this red version as i have an AD who’s got the red one in stock but after reading this i am quite doubtful already as the misalignment is really sore on the eyes…further check on my local AD here on the production models reveals the same problem…wonder whats wrong with this model…maybe that’s why they decided to sell it as ltd ed…


  18. Hi Thomas and Steven.
    I read your comments with interest because I have a red Sardine J model.
    I took a look at recent models in the shop window and realize the misalignment problem exists even now, almost 1 year to the date they first arrived. This misalignment can be seen even on their regular models. I also realize its not as simple as a misalignment as Steven aptly brought up. I realize the misalignment is seen either in the top half or the bottom half of the dial. This means the markers were not placed symmetrically at the factory, so no matter how you align the dial to the minute chapter ring, there’ll be some misalignment still. Fortunately, I went through some 9 pieces at the seller last year and found 1 that was almost perfect! I guess it’s manufacture irregularity and inconsistency.
    Incidentally, I once bought a 7S26 diver that had a misaligned dial. I brought it back to Thong Sia and they were so nice to align it for me. My first 6R15 watch with a blue dial had some flint inside which I only noticed after I brought it home. Again, Thong Sia was kind enough to clean it up like new for me.


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