Seiko Stargate II – SRP497K1


I posted about the blue Seiko Stargate II a few months back. The Orange variant, SRP497 is also another one that I like. This particular 4R model comes with a rubber strap instead of a metal bracelet. I already have two entries on the Stargate (7S36 and 4R36 models) so I’ll just post some pictures of the orange variant here to add on.
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Seiko Stargate II – SRP493K

Finally had the opportunity to take a look at the 4R36 Seiko Stargate. Seiko released the 7S36 models in 2010 and this time round they updated the watch with the current 4R36 movement, giving it the hack and handwind features. There are several colour variants but the blue dial version is the nicest in my opinion.
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Seiko Superior – SRP441K

Besides the commemorative Blue Monster, Seiko also released a field watch the combines the Monster case with a compass bezel. I had the opportunity to handle the SRP441K, a variant with black and white colour combo.

Here’s a quick look:
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster on Bracelet – SRP461K

Another version of the Limited Edition Blue Monster has been released. This one is the same as the one I posted previously except it comes with metal bracelet instead of the blue rubber strap. This time round they used the “XXX/500” serial number format instead of the standard one found on regular Seiko’s. This model is limited to 500 pieces.

I was told by H2 Hub at Parkway Parade that it was delivered to them on 26th July 2013 and has a list price of SGD657. It was sold to a customer on the same day before I could take pictures. Fortunately, Mr. Azad in Malaysia has kindly allowed me to use his pictures.
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100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster – SRP455K

Here are some photos of the “100 years of watchmaking” limited edition monster. It is a limited edition model but other than the standard six digit serial number on its caseback, there is no unique serial number in the usual “XXXX/YYYY” format that Seiko used to have for their limited edition watches.

At this point, it is not known how many pieces were made.
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Limited Edition Seiko Superior – SSA113J

I notice an increase in Seiko 5 models that come with compass bezel these days compared to the old days when they were powered by the 7S36 movement. I think Seiko probably release one in every few months. Here’s a recent model that I handled. This model comes in regular edition as well as limited edition variants. This particular model (SSA113J) is limited to 500 pieces.
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4R37 Seiko Superior – SSA049K

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle a new Seiko Superior model, SSA049K. This model is powered by the 4R37 movement characterized by a 24 hour indicator sub-dial.

Although not a diver, the design of this watch is very similar to that of the Seiko Monster. Here are some pictures.
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