100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster on Bracelet – SRP461K

Another version of the Limited Edition Blue Monster has been released. This one is the same as the one I posted previously except it comes with metal bracelet instead of the blue rubber strap. This time round they used the “XXX/500” serial number format instead of the standard one found on regular Seiko’s. This model is limited to 500 pieces.

I was told by H2 Hub at Parkway Parade that it was delivered to them on 26th July 2013 and has a list price of SGD657. It was sold to a customer on the same day before I could take pictures. Fortunately, Mr. Azad in Malaysia has kindly allowed me to use his pictures.

The SRP461K is distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by Thong Sia Co.

Mr. Azad’s post on the SRP461K:

My post on the SRP455K:

If you see sales ads on the Internet that include a link to this blog, please be aware that I’m not the seller behind these ads and I’m not in any way related to them. Some people misread them and thought I’m the seller. No, I am not.

I welcome private sellers to link to my blog but please state clearly that the link is for information only. Thank you.

21 thoughts on “100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Monster on Bracelet – SRP461K

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  2. Yeoman, your posts are poisonous!
    I’ve just gotten this pc from Yuen Loong with S/No X88/500
    This is my 2nd limited edition Japanese watch after the Orient x STI, also another poison from you :-p
    Loving every minute of having these fab watches though 😉


      • Haha, I’ve a ‘vintage’ Seiko Kinetic SQ50, which my mum sponsored me just before I went uni back in 1997.
        My wife also just gifted me an Seiko Orange Monster.
        My other Orient includes the Pepsi Mako.
        More to come, as I’ve also gotten a 12-slot watch display box from Mustafa, which is also housing some other watches 🙂


  3. Finally saw this piece in the flesh and tried it on. Somehow the bracelet is too chunky for me. It also looks quite different from the blue rubber strap version on the whole.


  4. Hi Yeoman

    First of all, I need to thank you!

    Somehow I came across the Seiko SRP455K1 and SRP453K1 watches on the website on 26 July (night time). I love the blue dial but I would only want a metal bracelet.

    On Sunday morning, I remember you may have some information regarding the limited edition Seiko watches. I called both H2 hub and Skywatches to enquiry for both the LE Seiko watches. H2 hub mentioned that they got only 1pcs Seiko SRP461K1 that came with SS bracelet. Immediately, I reserved this watch and fast hand fast leg went to purchase this watch.

    Once again, thank you for the information that you have provided on your blog.


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