Seiko Stargate II – SRP493K

Finally had the opportunity to take a look at the 4R36 Seiko Stargate. Seiko released the 7S36 models in 2010 and this time round they updated the watch with the current 4R36 movement, giving it the hack and handwind features. There are several colour variants but the blue dial version is the nicest in my opinion.

There are some differences between the new version and the old one. The most obvious would be the rectangular loupe over the day/date window.

Most people consider the original Stargate a tribute to the 6105 due to its case design (crown guard area) as well as the hour markers. The new Stargate however, does not have the same hour markers. The new hour markers are nice but they are slightly smaller than those on the original Stargate.

Picture below shows the blue Stargate II next to the original 7S36 Stargate (SZK325K).

In the picture above, the blue Stargate II seems to have a blue and orange colour combo while the black Stargate has a black and red combo. Below are the dial shots of the two watches for a better comparison.

I have done a review of the Stargate in November 2010 so I will not do it for this watch. Please follow the link below to check out my review.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Seiko distributor, Thong Sia Co(S) P/L. It comes with a listed price of SGD572.50 (GST included).

Seiko SRP493K featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1
Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270

13 thoughts on “Seiko Stargate II – SRP493K

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for yet another outstanding introduction to a new watch (new version)!

    I followed very closely your original review of the Stargate I back in 2010 and you kindly answered a number of my questions (thank you again). I really liked the Stargate I, however, I must say I am especially interested in this newer version. While I really like the Stargate I, for some reason, the overlay hour ring–appealing to most people–for some reason bothered me a little. I suppose I prefer a more simple, less ornate watch face. In the role of a “tool watch” (that will be well cared for), I also appreciate the “hack” function as well. (I am a scuba instructor, and while I usually use computers and a back-up timer or G-Shock . . . impromptu dives and being around water all the time–I appreciate the rugged, practical aspect of a Seiko dive watch).

    While I agree the blue face is really nice, right now I am leaning towards the classic silver case/black face SRP495 and the black case/black face SRP499 (yellow markings and hands are striking, but would have loved/preferred the old white marking bezel and a red minute and second hand instead . . . ahh to dream). Going to be a tough decision . . . any thoughts?

    Thanks again Thomas!!

    Kind regards,


    • I would go for the blue dial variant if I were to purchase this watch. In you case, it will be the 495 over the 499. I think red outline on the minute hand looks better than yellow.


      • Thanks Thomas. Without actually seeing the different watches in person, it is really difficult to get an accurate impression simply by looking at internet pictures–so often they look quite different up close. I really appreciate your first-hand impressions–thanks!

        You have me re-thinking the blue dial after your comments and some further blue dial picture searches . . . but I agree, while I do like the 499’s black case, I am not sure the yellow accents would be my thing either.

        Thomas, is the 495 dial/face the same finish/material as the older SKZ329 black dial (which seemed kinda flat like a black plastic) or does it have some depth to it like the black laquered 300M Omega Seamaster or the 493 seems to have? Thank you.


        • Unfortunately, I have yet to see the 495. 493 is the only variant I have seen so far and the dial looks like it’s made with the same material as the SKZ325K. However, the blue dial changes tone slightly depending on where the light is coming from. For example, in the picture below, the areas on the dial from 11 to 1 o’clock and from 4 to 8 o’clock appears to have a darker tone while areas from 2 to 4 and 8 to 11 seems to have a lighter tone.


  2. I like the blue dial face of the 493, but the 495 black dial is also nice. I do much prefer the original version Stargate 7S36, in particular the SKZ-323J version with the white dial is a superb piece.
    The new 4R36 movement is a winner, am glad Seiko returned the Stargate.


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  5. Hi I just purchase the seiko Stragate II from longiland watches and notice that the dot on the rotating bezel is not straight anyone come across this problem. Otherwise great watch I am in love with this watch.


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