Seiko 200m divers – SKZ323K, SKZ325K & SKZ327K


I finally got hold of the new Seiko 200m divers that were released in our local market recently. Shown above is the SKZ325K with red trimmed minute hand.

Let’s take a look.



The most legible variant would be the SKZ327K. The big rectangular hour markers and board hands really stand out very well in contrast to the black dial. The red trimmed minute of the SKZ325K makes the minute hand look a little thinner and hence I give it second place in terms of legibility. The while dial SKZ323K is least legible as it has chrome coloured trimings on its hands as you can see in the picture above.

As an owner of the Marinemaster (SBDX001), I find the case design very much like the MM. It has a brush finished stripe on both sides that resembles the MM. Pictures below show the stripes on both sides of the case.

That’s not all. If you look at the shape of the lugs in the picture below, you will see that they look very much like those of the MM other than being sharper.

The side of the case at the 4 o’clock position is made thicker to act as the crown guard. If you wonder what this part of the case looks like, here’s a picture for you.

The watch is fitted with a curved hardlex crystal. It has nice to curved crystals being used on these affordable models.

The black bezel on the black dialed variants look very much like the Brightz Phoenix diver (SAGH007). Like the Brightz diver it too has an inverted triangle where the lume pip is located. This triangle is attached to the bezel by a screw as shown in the picture below. (the triangle of the Brightz bezel is also attached in the same way)

The watch has the Seiko “tsunami” logo on its caseback.

The SKZ327K comes with the Z22 rubber strap whereas the SKZ325K and SKZ323K come with stainless steel bracelet with solid end links.

The new Seiko 200m divers are distributed in Singapore by distributor, Thong Sia Group. Here are the price tags showing the list price of each model (in Singapore currency).

Diameter of bezel: 42.5mm
Diameter including crown: 46mm
Thickness: 13.5mm
Lug width: 22mm

Seiko SKZ323K, SKZ325K and SKZ327K featured in this post are provided by:
Authorized Seiko dealer

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270


135 thoughts on “Seiko 200m divers – SKZ323K, SKZ325K & SKZ327K

  1. Nice pics. One question do you know if K2 Watch Co. exports to the U.S.A. ?? I’m really looking to get my hands on a skz327. Thanks

  2. Bought the red minute hand version from k2 yesterday.

    Love the tool and dress mix look.

    the red minute hand is a refreshing change from my conventional diver-looking diver watches πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! Thomas, that’s a wonderful looking watch! (All be it in three variants)

    So this is also ISO rated? I now know what to get for Christmas . . all of a sudden!

    I like the classic looking one (SKZ327K). Hope you could add on a lume shot as I’m curious if it glows like the Frankenmonster! That’s one radioactive lume on the SKZ255! Haha.

    I modded one and bought another one to keep for posterity! ;-P

    I think I’m starting to suffer ‘Seikoholism’ which I heard turns the victim into a ‘Seikopath’ with an unworldly urge to buy anything new that comes out from the Seiko factory! :-O

    Thanks for sharing this new watch from Seiko.

    Best regards always!


    • Hi Ian,

      Here’s a quick lume shot taken by my cellphone. The lume is pretty bright but still gets out shined by the SKZ255.

      lume shot

      Watch has “Diver’s 200m” printed on its dial so it is ISO rated.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Thomas,

        Final saw the Seiko ‘Stargate’ in person when I went to my local Seiko watch shop and yielded to the SKZ327K, was taken aback by the lume! Great Lume! LOL!

        I’m now the proud owner of this new Scuba by Seiko. Took the plunge . . so to speak!

        Thanks for the review and very pleased with this watch.

        Thanks and Blessed New Year!


  4. very nice!

    In a close future I’m gonna get some of those. White and the black on rubber. Not a fan of the red hand or red line on the crown. I would prefer the white hands but with a bracelet.
    It’s all right, this is a great reason to get 2 hahaha

  5. First let me say that as a certified PADI Divemaster and Technical diver, (Rebreather certified)
    I find the use of the red minute hand outstanding, as the minute hand is what a diver most often uses to time a dive.
    Also, I will check with our Seiko rap and see about getting those in the country.
    Last time we did that, we had to order 300 at the time (The Orange Monster!), but we dod get an excusive on it, and the (Black Monster), as long as we kept on reordering at the 300 volume.
    Keep an eye on our web site folks!

    • Thanks for sharing your views on the red minute hand. I hope you can strike a deal with your Seiko rap on the new divers just like what you did with the Monsters.

  6. Hi Thomas. This new Seiko Diver’s watch is causing a big stir in our local forum. Members cannot wait to have this available locally. IMHO, it is one of the best designed “new” Seiko diver’s watch to come out in the past decade. It incorporates salient features of the MM, Sumo and even the iconic 6105-8110. Thanks for acquiring all 3 and providing us a great comparison. The model with the red trimmed minute hand is the winner for me. I “introduced” this model in our local forum last week. I hope you don’t mind as I updated my thread with a link to your review as I want our members to appreciate the details you have captured. Attached is the link for your reference:

    Thanks Thomas for a great review.


  7. Thanks Yeoman, I like your Blog very much. Keeps me updated with the latest Seikos till date. Whenever I visit K2, I ask Goh abt your watch collection. So much to talk abt each different watch. I think this Seiko Diver is near to a Home Run and if Seiko can put in a 6R15 ! It will be GREAT ! Will check out with K2 very soon !

  8. They seem to be on the pricey side. 550 SGD are about 400 USD. Wow.

    These are attractive watches, but I think that I’d also really like the combination of the black dial and the “natural steel” bezel of the white dial version. I’ve made a quick mock up if you’d like to see it:


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  10. Great pics
    Jun is absolutely right, it just looks like the best combinations of seikos best divers blended into a cheaper watch, its like Seiko have out modded the modders on this one and the curved crystal tops it off nicely. Im gonna go for the pvd gold version next month I think, sure its a little bling but it looks very attractive with the black bezel. That second hand will be changed tho, very stubby.

    • Yes, most people agree that this is the nicest low end Seiko diver that Seiko made in recent years.

      Btw, I didn’t know there is a gold PVD version.Aware me please. πŸ™‚

      • I’ve heard there is a gold tone version also. It’s listed in the Seiko parts system..
        My SKKZ325 should arrive later today.

        • The Starfish diver comes in different variants including one with gold/PVD plating. I think this should be true for the Stargate as well. There is probably a gold/PVD version out there that has yet to surface.


          Congrats on the SKZ325, Duarte.

  11. Yeoman,

    My mistake its gold plated like the starfish. It comes on the rubber strap, There is also a full black pvd model with pvd bracelet. Even the Chrome ring just inside the bezel is blackened! It prob the worst looking of the bunch in my opinion but each to there own. The model numbers are 329 for the all black pvd, and 330k1 for the gold.
    I would love it if u got some live shots of these as looking at the starfish, the gold looks very bright!

  12. Hi Yeoman,

    Badern came visiting to KL for the holidays and I took him to the Pertama shopping complex and showed him my usual watch haunts. He introduced me to the SKZ327K and highlighted its case resemblance to the SBDC001 which I already own.

    Normally I’ve gotten blase towards the recent incarnations of Seiko’s 200m divers, e.g. SRP043K and SKZ255K and stopped buying watches (well, except for a hard-to-find SHC053P 7N36 quartz White Knight which I got about three months ago) but the SKZ327K rekindled my interest in Seiko divers.

    I bought the watch on the spot, approx USD252. It was a toss up between the kind of cool, rose gold colored version and the no-nonsense, all-chrome SKZ327K therefore I ended up choosing the latter.

    Thanks for the heads up. πŸ™‚


    P.S. I already have a link to your new site on my blog and would really appreciate a back-link to mine. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Zami,

      Good to hear that the SKZ327K has rekindled your interest in Seiko divers. I think Seiko did pretty well with the design of this one compared to the past few releases. This watch should help them gain back the fans they lost in the past few years.

      Thanks for the link. I have added a link to your blog too on my link page.

      Best regards,

  13. Hi Thomas,

    I have to thank you for furnishing the reference codes as I wasn’t really paying attention to the watch tags at the store. hasn’t featured this recently released model on its website yet and a search on the caseback code led me to your site.

    Badern’s personal recommendations are usually spot on. We both share the same taste in diver’s watches and he knew that if he gave his nod of approval on a new Seiko model, there’s a very fair chance that I would like it too, lol. πŸ™‚

    Overall the SKZ327K represents a great deal in a modern Seiko diver. Using the 7s36 instead of the 4R15 helps to lower its price point. The watch carries reflection of Seiko’s legacy and I saw bits and sprinkles of the 6217-8001, 6105-8000, SBDC001 and SBDA001 in it. I had absolutely no interest in next generation Seiko watches since the Sumo and the Ti Sammie divers which I already own.

    I don’t splurge on watches like I used to and have since moved on to dSLR photography, which turned out to be an even more expensive hobby!

    BTW, thanks for adding the link to my site, much appreciated. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


    • Hi Zami,

      Thanks for stopping by again and for sharing your thoughts on the SKZ327K.

      I am also an owner of the Sumo and Ti Samurai and these are some of the nicest divers that Seiko made in the last few years. I’m sure they will serve you well for many years to come.

      Wishing you all the best for 2011.


  14. I got the black version skz327k1 with rubber band ,and I am very happy. Anybody know where to source the original bracelet for it?

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    • Hi Thomas,

      Wishing you a very Happy, Prosperous, Joyous and Blessed Chinese New Year!

      Wow! I was in S’pore over the CNY and bumped into the all black skz329 ion plated version with black ion plated stainless steel band and it’s really awesome! Saw it at CityChain in Tampines Mall! Didn’t buy it though, just admired it as I’ve got the 327 version already . . . too bad! LOL!

      Saw the rose gold version on a rubber strap as well at the watch shop on Level 1 at 313@Somerset. Sorry cant remeber the name of the shop as I was too distracted by the cool rose gold case topped with the cool Stargate bezel! ;-P

      • Thanks, Ian.

        I have seen the all black version. It is very nice indeed. You can always sell the 327 and go for it. I’m sure it is also available in Malaysia.

        Btw, you seem to be very familiar with Singapore. Didn’t expect you to go to Tampines Mall. It’s a mall in the housing estate.

        Best regards,

  16. Hi Thomas,

    I’m familiar with S’pore as I worked there for a short while in the late 90’s. Used to stay in the old part of S’pore . . Jln Kayu where the famous roti prata is! Yummy!

    I was staying in Tampines just a week ago over the first 4 days of the CNY. Was feeling gregarious so went walk-walk-look-look-see-see around Tampines Mall! LOL!

    Thanks for the advise, but think I’ll be keeping my 327. Love the classic look. The ion plated version is rather susceptible to scratches . . IMHO. . . which would be rather sad if it happened.

    Have a good weekend and Best regards!


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  20. How do yo resize these bracelets?.I have managed to remove the links but the collars seem too big to fit back in.
    Great looking watch and Im dying to give it some wrist time,so any help is much appreciated!

  21. Anyone find a good metal bracelet for the skz327k yet? I like the traditional design of it better than with the red min hand (I really struggled between this and the snk325k over those red highlights). Will other Seiko bracelets fit? Thanks much! Looking forward to getting one soon!

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  23. Hi Yeoman,

    I skipped the SKZ325 Stargate that you liked so much and went for the SKZ281 because I had no idea of its size and haven’t seen it in the flesh to test if it will look right on my 7″ wrist. I saw some info pages that put the SKZ325 as being 48mm wide without the crown. Is this true? Because if yes, I may have found a new incoming watch! :-p


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  26. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you very much for both of your reivews on these watches. I am unfortunately unable to see these watches in person and I am really torn between the SK325 and the SK329 (saw your review on this one too- thanks!).

    I would love the SK329 with a red minute hand . . . and the confidence that daily wear with all the related, unavoidable bumps and dings would not leave scratches or unattractive wear on the black finished case.

    As someone that is familiar with both watches, could you please share your thoughts . . . any sense of how durable the ion plating will be on the SKZ329? As an everyday watch do you have a preference?

    Also I heard that there is an SKZ325″J” (and maybe other versions) . . . i.e. that there is a version that is made in Japan. Would you know if this is true and whether there is any benefit to searching for one of these versions?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Questtt3,

      If you plan to use the watch as a daily wearer, I would suggest getting the SKZ325. The plating on the watch is pretty tough but it will still get scratched from daily use especially the bracelet.

      There is a J version which is made in Japan but there is no difference in quality.

      Best regards,

  27. Hi Thomas,

    Nice review :D. Just crossed in my mind, about this stargate type, do you know Where the movement assembly is made? and Where the watch is cased (final assembly)? or all of this type of stargate movement and watch assembly made in one country? (e.g malaysia, china, japan, singapore). For example the seiko black samurai (SNM033) the movements made in Malaysia have to be marked as such for entry into the US and a few other countries, while the other type of black samurai (SNM011) there are no marked on it. Thank you thomas


    • Hi Sawung,

      I believe the movement is assembled in Malaysia and the final assembly is done in China.
      There is also a ‘J’ version that is marked “Made in Japan” on the dial.

      Best regards,

  28. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your earlier reply. It has been a tough call trying to decide between the SKZ325 and 329, but the SKZ329 was the first one that caugth my eye . . . and my wife likes both but kind of prefers the 329, so guess the 329 is the one.

    I am very excited about purchasing one of these Stargates but struggling to find the best place to do so. (As an aside, if one did want to get a “J” version . . . how would one do so?).

    I have seen them offered at Creation Watches (however they did not reply to 3 email info requests), Watches88 (more expensive but replied imediately to an info request) . . . would you have any recommendations on where best to purchase one of these watches? Are any of these dealers Authorized dealers . . . does this matter?

    Thank you very much Thomas!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jeff,

      I have been buying watches from local retail shops and hence do not know of any good online sellers except and

      The two sites you have mentioned looks okay to me. Prices are good too. As for Creation Watches, could it be due to time difference that they did not reply to your email? Give them a day or two. I’m sure they value your business.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Jeff,

        Watches88 website is belong to the person which I know him, who run an authorised retailer for japanese watches in KL, Malaysia.
        He is very knowledgeable on Japanese watches, Seiko, Citizen and Orient.

  29. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your help!

    Thank you for the 2 online shops to check out. Good question about time differences regarding Creation Watches, however . . . I contacted them the first time 5 days ago and twice since and still no word. This does not create confidence . . . I mean if they don’t respond now when I am interested in *buying* a watch . . . how would they respond post-purchase if I had a problem and I needed help resolving it?!?

    Thomas . . . does being an authorized dealer something I should be concerned about?

    A place called SuperChrono seems the lowerst of the group I have come across. Do you have a favorite between the two shops you recommended? Are there questions that I should ask or concerns I should address before buying a watch from an online shop?

    Not sure there are any black SKZ329’s made in Japan, but if there are would you know how to get one of the Japan made “J” watches? Is there any conceivable benefit to a Japan made watch (quality, design difference, etc.) that you are aware fo?

    Once again, thank you very much Thomas!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jeff,

      Seiko watches in the market fall into two groups – with or without warranty card. Those with warranty card are from authorized dealers whereas those without are from grey market importers. They are genuine and functioning watches though. If you prefer to be covered by warranty, you should ask if the watch comes with warranty card before buying.

      From what I know,’s watches come with warranty card stamped by authorized dealer.

      There is definitely a ‘J’ model for the SKZ329 (see link below) but I do not know of a reliable source for them.

      The ‘J’ models cost slightly more than the ‘K’ model but there isn’t any quality difference between them.

      Best regards,

      • Thank you Thomas and Kevin for your replies– I really appreciate your help!


        I have some nice watches, but I have never bought a watch online, let alone overseas online sight unseen so I am feeling a little apprehensive. I always try to buy quality, take good care of it and keep it (don’t trade it off). From everything I have read, especially by you, I think the SKZ329 is going to be a real keeper and so I want to purchase this “right”.

        Getting a “made in Japan” model sounds like a positive . . . but if I understand correctly from you, it does not make a difference in terms of quality or any other benefit . . . is this true?
        (Is the location made on the case back?).

        Lastly, what I have found so far is costs vary considerably (prices include shipping): Watches88=$360, Amazon= $318 (down from $420 last few days), SuperChrono=$320, Roachman=$380, Chronograph currently out of stock expecting more in October and might be from Japan.

        I don’t imagine Amazon’s SKZ329 are dealer stamped, however they do offer a 2 year “Amazon warranty” (specifics unknown).

        With this information in mind and the fact that this is a watch I want to keep for a long time, could you please share your thoughts on what/where you would recommend purchasing.

        I don’t mean to put you on the spot– you have insights into this that I don’t have and I truly appreciate your help. Thank you very much!

        Very best regards,

        • Hi Jeff,

          The J version has “Made in Japan” wordings on the dial and caseback. If you ask around, most people will tell you there is no quality difference between the J and K versions. I have handled both J and K version of various Seiko models and have not noticed any difference.

          If you have narrowed down those few sites, and you hope to get a J version, then I would suggest that you wait for since they have J version coming in October. However, you should note that J version in Singapore and Malaysia are parallel imported while K version are distributed by the authorized distributor.

          Best regards,

          • Hi Thomas,

            Thank you very much for your continued help!

            I apologize for my confusion– when you say:
            ” . . . (the) J version in Singapore and Malaysia are *parallel imported* while K version are distributed by the authorized distributor” . . .

            . . . by “parallel imported” are you saying that both Singapore and Malaysia import the J version outside authorized dealer channels and so thus they do not carry Seiko warranties . . . whereas the K versions (made outside of Japan) are brought in through authorized channels and can then be sold by authorized dealers with regular warranties?

            Thomas, based on what I interpret you are saying, there does not seem to be any good reason to wait and pay more for the J version . . is this true? Would you wait for a J version with a 25% greater cost (as told to me by one shop) or instead go with a K version?

            Lastly, if you think the K version is the way to go, would you have a recommendation among the list of dealers and prices I mentioned in my previous post . . . is there a place mentioned you would *not* go with (ex. Amazon is cheapest but they are not an authorized dealer)?

            I am very grateful for your help Thomas . . . thank you!

            Very best regards,

            • Hi Jeff,

              I think you understood what I meant. K versions are sold by authorized dealers and come with 1 year international warranty by Seiko. J versions are imported by some parallel importers and come with local warranty provided by the parallel importers or no warranty at all.

              If you are going to get the K version, I would recommend This site is managed by Dr. Wayne Lee, the founder of the old SCWF.


              Best regards,

  30. Hi again thomas,

    thanks for your explanation about type J of this stargate, but i still curious about the detail shape of the type J such as: is there any “marked-made-in-japan” in the body? while the other stargate (type k) “marked-other-than-japan”?(such as seiko SNM033 and SNM 011 or SBDA001) . Thanks Thomas.


  31. Wich one is newer, this one or the 4R-15? What caliber does this one has? Wich one is cheaper among these two models (4R-15 and this SKZ 323?

    Thanks for your time, and regards from Mexico City.

  32. Hello. Could you please verify how many clicks it takes for the bezel to go around on the Stargate? I’ve read contrasting info on the web– some 60 clicks some 120 clicks. I bought a SKZ325 off a Hong Kong ebay seller and myh version takes 60 clicks and I am wondering if I have an authentic piece. Thank you.

  33. Well took me while , so many watches, decisions…decisions
    I deceided and I got a 327 on the way πŸ™‚

    And Amazon doesn’t deliver to Canada

  34. I just have SKZ325K1 for 3 days. There are 2 things I want to share.

    1. The inner bezel is a little bit off-centered/rotated to the right. less than 1mm. The picture on top of this page also shown that the inner bezel is slightly rotated to the left (check pic no 4).
    2. The bracelet is easily scatched. My working desk is using a vinyl, as the top layer. And it’s makes the bracelet scatched.

    But, despite those issue, this watch has a very good design.


    • 1. You can ask a watchmaker or the Seiko service centre to re-adjust the minute chapter ring.
      2. I can’t offer you any advice on this except to clean your desk everyday.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the watch.

  35. Hi,
    I just got my SKZ325K1 from an ebay dealer in Hong Kong, and have 2 problems to share with everyone. When i unpacked my watch and i was looking at it i noticed a small black screw sitting on my mouse pad,It had fallen out of the bezel lume pip, this is a tiny screw and i was lucky to see it sitting there. I screwed it back in and tightened it up, I have read reports of other owners having this problem so all owners should check their watch. Problem number 2 is that the hands have been fitted out of alignment, when the minute hand is at 12 the hour hand has past the hour marker by a noticeable amount. Dont get me wrong i love this watch but Seiko quality control is very poor at the low end of their range of watches.


    • Thanks for sharing the issues you encountered with the watch. I think Seiko really need to pay attention to their quality control, especially the alignment of the hands. This is quite a common issue.

  36. I thought I was the only one having minor issues with this new diver (mine is the SKZ237K). I noted that when the main spring fully unwinds, the second always gets stuck where the minute hand is pointing at.

    I suspect that the hands are slightly rubbing against one another. Of all the nearly 80 watches I’ve owned, this is the only one with such quirks. None of my vintage Seikos suffer from this problem. Not even my dinky old 6105-8110 or my various 6138 chronos.

    Thomas is right- Seiko’s QC has been slipping since the past 4 years or so. How I yearn for the good old days when even a low end Seiko was made to top notch standards.

    • Second hand stuck by minute hand is another common problem. I had this problem with my orange Samurai and my watchmaker fixed it for me. It was a simple fix but they should have checked the watch before releasing it from the factory.

  37. Hello Thomas,

    I have recently found in Seiko’s official store in Romania, the country I live in, the SKZ 327 K1 model. I particularly like the SKZ 327 K1 model. Since this model alongside many others of the Seiko 5 line, does not feature in Seiko’s product catalogue (website), I must ask if it is an “original Seiko product”? From what I know, but please correct me if I am wrong, it is manufactured in Singapore or Malaysia under Seiko supervision. Also is the 7S36 caliber built is Japan and merely assembled somewhere else, or is the entire watch built outside of Japan in a Seiko subsidiary?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Cristian,

      This is genuine Seiko product. Seiko makes so many entry level Seiko 5 and Seiko Superior models and it is impossible to feature every single one on their website.

      From what I know, the movement is manufactured in the Seiko factory in Malaysia and the watch is cased in China.

      Best regards,

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  39. Well after reading the endless replies about Seiko’s SKZ-325K1 Stargate Diver’s , i pulled the trigger this morning & got myself one from a Seiko retailer here in Australia .
    As said in the above replies , this watch is very impressive & uses the reliable workhorse Seiko Superior 7S36 caliber . The finish is of a high standard , also the watch is very comfy on the wrist .
    Here in Australia the SKZ-325K1 retails for $795.00 AUD , overall am impressed with this watch , it should serve me well as my daily beater .

    • Congrats Miker. Wow! The retail price of this watch is pretty high in Australia.

      If you are planning to use it as a daily watch, make sure to examine the screw on the lume pip regularly. Tighten it whenever it becomes loose. It is quite expensive to replace if it ever falls off.

  40. ^^
    Thanks for the link ‘Thomas’ , i checked the screw & it seems ok . If it falls off , ill claim it under warranty from Seiko Aust , the watch comes with a 3 year Seiko genuine warranty here in Aust .

  41. ^^
    I would think so , the three year Genuine Seiko warranty is obviously factored into the
    RRP $750.00 AUD , but sadly the Seiko Stargate’s are said to be discontinued ?
    Is the Stargate to become a Possible Future collectable / classic ?

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  44. My brother suggested I might like this web site.
    He was entirely right. This post acctually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had
    spent for this information! Thanks!

  45. I have a Seiko Skz 247J1 and need a new black plastic shroud.
    Do you sell them or know where I can buy one?

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