Brightz Phoenix Diver – SAGQ007

I added this Brightz Phoenix diver to my collection of 8L powered watches that comprises of the SBDX001, SBDX003, SBDX005, SBDX007, SBDX011, SAGL001 as well as a Credor Phoenix model, GCBR995. With this purchase, I now have eight pieces of 8L powered Seiko watches.

Let’s take a quick look at the Bright Phoenix diver.

This watch shares the same design elements with the other models in the Brightz Phoenix family characterized by the design of the crown, lugs and crown guard. Below are a few models in the Bright Phoenix family that have similar case design.

The dial is made up of two separate layers with the hour markers on the upper layer. The date window is located between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers with the number in white and background in black.

The minute hand on this model is red trimmed to make it more visible when diving. I believe these are the same set of hands found on the Spring Drive MM600 and Landmaster.

Below are the side profile shots. You can see that the side of the case has brushed finishing and unlike most watches, the direction of the brush finishing goes from front to back instead of horizontally from lug to lug.

The watch is installed with a flat Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

At the top of the bezel is a inverted triangle that contains the lume pip. This part is attached to the bezel by means of a screw.

Here’s a picture showing the screw that secures the lume pip onto the bezel.

One feature I like about the watch is the big screw in crown as it provides a good grip. The crown is signed with the word “Automatic” as you can see below.

Unlike most Seiko divers, the caseback of this watch has polished finishing instead of the usual combination of brushed and polished finishing. The caseback shows the unique serial number in the “XXX/500” format indicating that the watch is limited to 500 pieces only.

The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet as well as a rubber strap. Shown below is the bracelet with solid end links and wet suit extension.

Below is a comparison shot of the Brightz Phoenix diver and the SKZ325K. You can see that the minute hand on the Brightz diver stands out better than the SKZ325K.

Diameter of bezel: 41mm
Diameter including crown: 46.5mm
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 13mm

17 thoughts on “Brightz Phoenix Diver – SAGQ007

  1. Thanks for the review, the steel bracelet the Pheonix comes with is awesome……icing on the Cake would be a MM Master type clasp is Seiko would include it. As always great pics.



  2. Thank you for your efforts. I have one of these watches and really like it. Do you know of any photos of this 8L35B movement? Only a couple out there showing the decoration.


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  4. I got the SAGK003.
    It has simple dial and very comfortable to wear.
    newer model has busy dial which is not my cup of tea…


    • You are right, Sev. I like the simple case and dial design of the SAGK and SAGH chronograph models shown in this post. The new models do look a little busy although I still find them acceptable.


  5. I was wondering if this strap would go well on the SAEK015. Does the Brightz series of watches have a differently branded buckle?


    • You mean the rubber strap? It is the same 22mm rubber strap that came with the SBDX011 and SBBN013. It has a standard black pvd buckle. No “B” logo on it.


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  7. Shot in the dark, but do you know where one can buy the Brightz Phoenix box this watch came with, or would you be willing to sell yours as I acquired a SAGQ007 without the original Brightz Phoenix box


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