Pictures of Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ67K

I had the opportunity to handle this stealth Seiko 5 recently and below are some photos that I would like to share. This particular model was designed with a stealth theme but it also comes in different dial colours like other Seiko 5 models.

This watch is distributed in Singapore by Seiko Distributor, Thong Sia Group. Here’s the price tag showing the list price in Singapore currency. (Note: Price is shown for reference only. I am not a watch seller)

– crown at 9 rotates the bezel in both directions.
– crown at 4 sets day, date and time.
– lume is weak (sorry, my camera could not capture it).
– both crowns are signed with the ‘5’ logo but do not screw in.

Diameter excluding crown: 42.5mm
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 11.5mm
Movement: 7S36

Seiko SNZJ67K featured in this post is provided by:
483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929


26 thoughts on “Pictures of Seiko 5 Sports – SNZJ67K

  1. Very stealthy looking……Daddy likes.

    How’s the lume? I imagine it’s typical Seiko and shines like a torch.

    Happy Holidays,
    Pablo E.


      • can’t really see why. i’m new to seiko, “cought the microbe”, and can’t wait to get my hands on a 5. it is an entry-level model, true, but after reading the webz about it i seem to not trust other seikos in the same price range if they don’t have that 5 on them.


  2. Hi Thomas,

    1st and foremost, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing the stealthy looking seiko 5. I believe the inner bezel is set using the crown at 9 o’clock, instead of the 3 o’clock. Must be the Spirit of Christmas that got to you, LOL!

    Happy holidays!

    Best regards,



  3. Very nice pictures and review. I guess that is a trend that puts seiko crown at 9 o’clock in 7S36 mechanisms. What do these complications affect the mass seiko 5?


  4. You are right, Thomas! Stealth best describes this new Seiko 5 that you featured. The silvery gray finish present throughout the watch…from the case, bezel, bracelet, dial, and even the index markers create a monotonous theme which I actually like. Hmm, available in other dial colors? Then, those may not look Stealth anymore. I like the knurling on the bezel and the crown. The dial design is also nice as the different levels create a 3-dimensional illusion that adds character to the Stealth theme. This I would definitely share in our local forum. But, of course, only with your permission.

    By the way, just a slight typo there as it was mentioned that “crown at 3 rotates the bezel in both directions”; shouldn’t it be crown at 9?

    Great pictures as always, Thomas.



    • Hi jun,

      You are right that the other variants are not stealth. Here’s a picture of one of the variants.

      Please feel to share it on your forum.

      Btw, the typo error has been corrected. Thanks.

      – Thomas


      • Thanks for sharing this picture, Thomas. Definitely, the Stealth variant is for me. The lume may be weak as there is really no space in the index markers for lume to be applied to. The middle section is filled with the gray insert. I wonder when Seiko will start using lumes of different colors. I remember one limited edition Steinhart big pilot my friend has that has a metallic silver dial and black lumed numbers. It was amazing how the black lume glowed white in the dark.



  5. Hey Thomas, nice looking watch youve got featured here. It actually reminds of the BFS as its got a couple of elements that it shares with the BFS. The knurled crown and bezel, the second hands and even the dial reminds me of the BFS. The inner dial looks like the SNKF05/07K1 except that the 12 and 6 markers are replaced with bar markers. And the inner rotating bezel looks like the chapter ring of the SNKF11K1.

    Great looking watch overall. Like most, I also am not particularly a fan of he “5” but if I were to get my first Seiko 5, this would be it.



    • Hi Dale, you are a big fan of the BFS. I didn’t think of the BFS when I saw this watch. Now that you mention it, the inner bezel certainly looks like the BFS due to its size.

      Btw, I heard you got the SNKF11 to complete your BFS collection. Congrats.

      – Thomas


  6. Hi, Thomas

    Yeah, I finally completed my BFS collection. Thank you very much!

    Its actually quite popular among the Seiko adoring members of the Philippine Watch Club. Based on my last count there were 32 BFS among us, which I find quite amazing since the BFS is not really famous nor adored compared to say Seiko dive watches.

    I think the main reason is its size, more specifically its lug size. Were able to bring out a bit of the inner Paneristi in us by being able to change 24mm straps and since th BFS comes in different colors, there are so many strap options! A lot are even more expensive than the watch itself! Haha.

    Anyway, I hope to see this stealth watch in the Philippines soon. There have been reports that the other dial design are already out so Im expecting this stealth to soon become available.



    • Hi Dale,

      It is amazing that there are 32 BFS on the PWC. I think most people have forgotten about the watch. Personally, I like the SNKF11K more due to its Arabic numerals and sparkling black dial.

      – Thomas


  7. Hi, Thomas

    I just received my SNKF11K1 today! I can see why you like this model a lot, the arabic numbers and the white over black dial makes it sooo readable. I can’t wait to change the straps!

    I do believe that the BFS is one of the most fun Seiko’s to own because it takes 24mm straps and the options for 24mm are unlimited! And since there are 4 BFS. that 4 x for every strap combination for every strap.



    • Hi Dale,

      That is exactly what I felt when I installed Suppa adapters on the Citizen Autozilla. It takes 24mm straps and has lots of strap options. Btw, the Citizen Autozilla is another watch that bring out the Paneristi in us Japanese watch fans.

      Best regards,


  8. Hi Thomas. Thanks again for a fine presentation.

    Some people were complaining of the “5” on the crown.
    At first I did too, but when I thought about it, doesn’t the
    “5” stand for the fine elements of hour, minutes, second, day, and date?
    When I looked at it that way, I started liking the “5” a lot more.

    Thanks again for the fine presentation. Paul


    • Hi Paul,

      The ‘5’ actually stands for 5 key features of the watch which are:

      1. Shock resistant
      2. Water resistant
      3. Day and Date
      4. Automatic winding
      5. Unbreakable mainspring

      Best regards,


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