Seiko Clocks in Singapore – Part III

Photo by OdysseyBoy

I started this “Seiko Clocks in Singapore” post to collect pictures of Seiko clocks installed in buildings in Singapore. We are now at Part III of the post as more clocks are being discovered by readers and myself.

Here are the links to Part I and II:

Let’s see what we have in Part III:

14. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, located along Keppel Road, Singapore was built during the British colonial period. It is currently owned and managed by KTM, a railway operator in Malaysia. The station will cease operation in July 2011 when the railway operation relocates to Woodlands.

With the announcement of the relocation, many Singaporeans have came to the railway station for their last chance to experience a nostalgic train journey to Malaysia.

Local watch collector, Gary Chew took his train travel recently and sent me a photo of this Orient station clock that he saw at the railway platform. Since Orient is a Japanese brand and is owned by Seiko, I thought it would be appropriate to include it here.

Photo by Gary Chew

Here are two more pictures taken by a local photo enthusiasts.

Photo by K2entity

Photo by K2entity

15. Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is where you get your travel documents checked and stamped before you enter Malaysia. This is also the place to which KTM’s operation at the Tanjong Pagar station will be relocated in July 2011.

Here, Gary spotted a Seiko station clock and took these pictures for me.

Photo by Gary Chew

Photo by Gary Chew

16. Raffles Place Garden

Above is a picture of Raffles Place in the 60’s. The is a garden right in the middle and there sat a Seiko floral clock as indicated by the red arrow that I have added.

This clock was built in 1965 as a gift to Singapore from Seiko. You can read about this clock in the link below.

Another picture from the Singapore Archives.

Of course, it is no longer there today.

17. National Stadium

The next Seiko clock in my quest to discover Seiko clocks in Singapore was located at the now demolished National Stadium. The stadium was opened in 1973 and finally demolished in 2010/2011, after much delay.

The clock was located at the waiting area where spectators wait to enter the stadium.

Photo by Taiwoon

Photo by Taiwoon

3 thoughts on “Seiko Clocks in Singapore – Part III

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  3. Hello Mr Yeo, I love ur blog entries and they are quite different from the usual watch blog. Esp like the article on Seiko Darth tuna or hockey puck. So much so, I bought one 1 year ago. They have a character which is honest and timeless. Keep writing!


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