Seiko 4R15 Diver – SRP043K2

From a picture on the catalog to the final product, the 4R15 diver is finally released. This is the first Seiko diver that uses the 4R15 movement. Like the 7Sxx movement, the 4R15 does not hack nor handwind but it has a power reserve of 50 hours according to its specification.

Let’s take a look at the watch….

First, the vital stats. This watch is approximately 43.5mm across excluding crown and thickness is about 12mm. The diameter of the crystal is 33.5mm. Lug width is 20mm and lug to lug (from the tip of lugs) distance is 50mm.

The first thing I notice when I saw the watch is the legibility of the dial. The following contributed to its legibility:

  • use of white colored lume material against the black dial
  • lack of chrome frame on hour markers and hands
  • white colored second hand instead of ss color
  • use of big Arabic 3,6,9 and 12 markers
  • white on black date that is well window hidden between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers
  • longer minute indexes

Most parts of the watch have brushed finishing. They include the top and bottom of the lug as well as the side of the watch case. Polished areas include the ‘teeth’ of the bezel, the crown, certain parts of the crown guard and the screw in caseback. There is also a polished outline on each side of the watch as shown in the pictures below.

The back of the watch is recessed to allow the screw in caseback to sit lower. This will probably make it more comfortable to wear as the watch will sit lower on the wrist. Down side is, some wrist cheese will get trapped in the gap as time goes by.

The watch comes with the newer type of Z20 rubber strap. Watch has drilled lugs.

Here’s the price tag. The distributor, Thong Sia Group has set the list of the list price at SGD641.00 (inclusive of 7% GST).

Overall, the SRP043 is a nice and solid diver from Seiko. If you get one and like it, you probably would wish that there are other color variants available like all other Seiko divers that you collect.

Here are some other pictures:

Comparison with the Sumo:

Comparison with the SKX007:

Lume shot:


Seiko SRP043K2 featured in this post is provided by:

K2 Watch Company
845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex
#03-K1. Singapore 400845
Tel: 6746 0270


166 thoughts on “Seiko 4R15 Diver – SRP043K2

  1. Hi, my first time leaving a comment at your blog but have been following it for sometime now and am impressed every time I pay a visit! Your passion for watches really shine through!

    Now back to this new watch, Good looking watch, case looks a lot like the Kinetic version. . . to lower production costs perhaps. Dial is military in nature and also looks like the ones available from Yobookies, in Hong Kong. Should check out the comments from SCWF on this watch at:

    Handsome watch nonetheless, IMHO.

    • Hi The Flying Scotsman,

      Thank you for your comments and the link.

      Yep, the case looks alot like the Kinetic model, SKA369P. I believe the intention was also to allow the watch to use the same bracelet so they don’t have to create a new one. I will try to verify if I can hold of a SKA369P.

      Best regards,

    • Yes, but only the 3,6,9,12 markers on the dial. The rest of the watch looks and feels like a Seiko diver to me. For example:

      – the 120 click bezel,
      – use of minute chapter ring
      – fat spring bars
      – the “DIVER’S 200m” inscription
      – the case (including caseback) design is derived from the recent Kinetic diver
      – crown at 4 o’clock reminds me of the 6309

      Best regards,

  2. Seems like another copy work from Sinn after seiko SRP0311 (Sinn 656). Anyway it is also another option for others.Seiko still living under the shadow of Rolex, Omega and Sinn. How I wish them to have more iconic design style like “Tuna”.

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree that Seiko should have more iconic designs like the Tuna Can. Maybe they should release an Ananta diver. That would be something unique.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi Thomas,
    I just bought a Seiko SRP043K1 (bracelet), can you help me how to remove the bracelet. Thank you.


    • Hi Hulubalang,

      The watch has drilled through lugs. Use the pointed end of the spring bar tool to push the spring bar out. See picture below.


      If you do not have a spring bar tool, I suggest you ask the watch shop to do it for you.

      Best regards,

      • Hello Yeoman!

        I have bought the same watch recently and saw your picture with the nylon nato wristband. I love that look and I am wondering if you could tell me the brand of that wristband since I found lots of them on the internet but none as nice as yours.




  4. Hello, sorry for my silly question (my english is not the best), can you explain what is “hack” and “handwind”? Best Regards!

  5. Hi Thomas,
    Happy new year and wish you well.
    I beg your help again, if you know the websites that provide instructions for removing links on my SRPO43K1 bracelet? I know, the bracelet has a pin and collar.
    Thank you for your help.

    Best Regards,

  6. I am looking for a Seiko for work that can take a bit of a beating, and which is in at the $300 mark or less. I very much enjoyed this review, and have only recently found out about the SRP043K2. I am looking for something that is large and legible, as my eyes are not what they used to be. SO, wanting something rugged, large and of maximum legibility, I am therefore strongly considering the SRP043K2. The Sumo is about $200 more than I want to spend, so can you give me the benefit of your experience here? I would also consider the Seiko diver Pepsi, which is large and legible, and only about $180.

    • Hi Sierra18,

      The Pepsi diver (SKX009) is a best choice for a daily beater. If you want something very legible, go for the SRP043. The Sumo cost more because it has a better movement and better case finishing but it would be a waste to spend that kind of money on a daily beater. Just my $0.02.

      Best regards,

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  9. Hi, Thomas

    Thanks a lot for this excellent review and such nice pictures (The one of the engraved back of the case is superb). I discovered this watch accidentally when surfing on the net, and I immediatly fell in love with it.

    As I not a great fan of the stainless steel bracelet, nor of the rubber strap, I’d surely buy a brown NATO leather strap to fit such a pre-vintage (sorry for the neologism ! ) timekeeper.

    I actually think that this watch would have been stunning if SEIKO had written the word “Automatic” in the same cursive, handwriting-style font as set on the dial of the ALPINIST series.

    Do you (or anyone reading your blog) have any picture of the SPORK with a brown NATO leather strap ? I’d be thankful, as it would help me to make up my mind before purchasing this watch.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, I do not have a leather Nato strap. If you want to see a picture of the watch on a nylon nato, I’ll be happy to post one.

      Best regards,

      • Hi, Thomas

        Thanks for your proposal, I’f like to see how great this watch looks with a NATO strap, even if not a leather one.

        As I could’t find any picture on internet of the Spork/leather NATO combo, I photoshopped one myself. Well, it’s not perfect, but it gives an idea of the final version. Too bad I just don’t know how to upload it on you site with my comment..

        If you or one of your readers want to see it, I can mail it upon request.

        Best regards

  10. Hi, Thomas,

    Thank you for displaying my pictures, and thanks alot for yours. Did you also received the “Horse Under Water” Edition (the one with two crowns) I photoshopped ? What do you think of it ?

    To tell you the truth, I discovered this watch as I was seeking for a not-too-expensive compressor-like watch with an inner rotating bezel. I’m not a fan of Seiko watches, as I find Seiko them too sharp-edged and sophisticated in their design. I prefer re-issues or homages of classics like the Submariner or the JLC Memovox Polaris. The Srp043K02 made me change my mind (and you contributed to my newest addiction ! :-))

    I’m not looking for any kind of fame with my pics, but I wish there could be an active community around this watch, that’s why invite your readers to show pictures of their customized Seiko.

    By the way, are the indexes in bright white, or is it more a cream white color ? If the tritium ages like the luminiscent paint on vintage 60s divers watches, it could be really great. Is the NATO strap comfortable for a daily use ?

    That’s all for today !

    Best regards,


  11. Hi, Thomas

    Thank you for these useful links and for displaying my Seiko Frankenwatch.
    It would be a dream came true if such a double-crown watch would be issued by Seiko. But I don’t think this will happen soon….

    Anyway, I will receive my SRP 043K2 in a couple of weeks and I will post some pictures with a natural tan Nato leather strap I found on Ebay, if you want…

    Best regards,

    Harry Palmer

  12. i just bought this watch online.first i want the SKX779K2 but accidentally found this. I’m not a diver just like the diver’s watch

  13. I got this watch about month ago and I’m very pleased with it. If it only was hackable (is that a word…?) it would be perfect. But since I knew this before I bought it, I can’t really complain 🙂 IMO, accuracy is also quite good, appr. +3s/d.

    • Hi Jeff,

      The lume is as good as any modern Seiko divers out there. How long it last probably depends on how long it’s been charged. If you put it under the lamp for a short while it will last a few minutes. If you wear it for the whole day under the sun, it will probably last several hours.

      Best regards,

  14. Hi, thanks for the review.

    Got this watch recently and loving it. Initially hated the “busy” look of the minute markers in both the bezel and the face but I guess we can’t have everything…

  15. Hi Yeoman,

    This is my first time posting on your forum. Thanks for a great review of this watch! I’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm for all things watches I’ve seen here!

    I purchased one of these while on holiday in Europe about 4 weeks ago. Now that I’m back home I’ve started wearing it every day for the last two weeks. So far I’ve found it’s accuracy to be disappointing. Over the first few days it was losing more than 10 minutes/day. By the end of the second week it has improved to be losing only 1m45sec per day (still very disappointing).

    This result seems to be at odds with what other posters on your forum and other reviews I’ve found on the web are saying. So I was wondering how I should monitor its accuracy (am I doing something wrong?) or have I just bought a lemon?

    Also, would the position the watch is in at night (face up, crown down etc) make any difference to its accuracy?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Andrew,

      Regardless of the position it is in at night, if the watch is losing more than 10 minutes per day, something is definitely wrong with it. You need to send it to a watchmaker to have it regulated.

      I guess you are unlucky to have gotten a fast watch.

      Best regards,

  16. I m impress by your review and Got myself this handsome after reading it.

    I like the design and I should say is love in the first sight. I like the feel when putting on my wrist . The almost 44mm casing sit nicely with the rubber .

    Now I try to look for a bracelet to interchange to fix different outfit.

  17. Maybe you should change the post subject Seiko 4R15 Diver – SRP043K2 Yeoman's Watch Review to something more generic for your subject you make. I loved the blog post yet.

  18. Thanks for your great review and photos. Like many others here, I, too, fell in love with this watch from the moment I set my eyes on the photos. I knew immediately that we would have a beautiful relationship and placed an order right away. I can’t wait to receive it. 🙂

  19. Hey guys, im having a hard time finding the srp043 in an authorized online dealer. Do you know where can i purchase this watch? all sites that claim to be authorized are denied by seiko customer service (i ask them everytime that im about to make a purchase).

    Thx for your comments!



  20. Hi Thomas, thx for your reply.

    The problem is that many sites offer a 1 year “international” warranty and i would like to have the 3 year full manufacturer warranty like they offer at usa online authorized dealers or authorized stores.

    This Roachman site only claims that thay send the watch with sealed warranty but doesnt says for how long does it stands for. From where does this roachman guys are?
    Is there any way i can validate them as authorized dealers with seiko corporation?

    Thx in advance for your valious information.



    • Hi Frank,

      Roachman is located in Malaysia and their watches come with one year warranty. I understand their warranty card is stamped by an authorized dealer in Malaysia.

      Seiko watches only come with one year warranty in Asia. If you want to have three years warranty, you have to get it from a authorized dealer in the US. Try posting your question here. I believe someone familiar with Seiko dealers in the US would be able to help you.,34.0.html?PHPSESSID=b195a122726e05c9f6967a21bec5a44a

      Best regards,

      • Hi Thomas,

        Oh ok, i didnt know that, does that one year warranty really matters? I mean do any of your watches purchased in Asia has got broken at the year of use? You have a lot of Seikos so i think your experience as a user is truly valid.

        Its kind of strange that the Seikos sold in USA have longer warranty coverage, due to they are manufactured in Asia, i will ask them.



        • Hi Frank,

          I have many Seiko automatic watches and many are more than one year and still ticking. None has failed within the first year.

          If you purchase from a seller who offers one year warranty, that’s good. If not, there should at least be a 3-day inspection period.

          Best regards,

  21. Oh ok, i’ll give it a try and calculate how convenient is to ship a watch from Sg to USA.

    If i buy it i’ll send some pics.



  22. Hi Yeoman,

    Hope you’ll be able to give me some advise, I’m considering between a sumo SBDC001 and the new diver SRP043, which is a better pick in terms of mechanism and durability? I think the 6R15 is a better movement, pls correct me if I’m wrong. I heard that the quality of later batches of Sumo has dropped, is it true? Any idea where I can get the sumo in Singapore? Tks pal!

    • Hi SK,

      I think the Sumo is a better choice. The 6R15 movement is definitely better than the 4R15 because of it hack and handwind features. The Sumo is also a better watch in terms of fit and finishing. The SRP043 is a good choice if you want something with a very legible dial.

      You can get Sumo at Big Time (Sims Ave) in Singapore. I don’t think the quality of the Sumo has dropped. I see them at Big Time very often and they still look and feel the same as the earlier ones that I have bought.

      Best regards,

  23. Hi Thomas,

    The SRP043 will be my Valentine’s Day present. Do you think this bracelet (with straight ends) would fit? Could I just bring it to any watch shop and have it attached without any problems? I don’t want to have to ship it back if it doesn’t.

    Any expert input from you would be greatly appreciated before I pull the trigger on the Buy it Now button…

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Watchnoob,

      That bracelet will not fit the SRP043. In case you are not aware, there is a bracelet version of the SRP043 and I recommend you get it instead of the rubber strap version featured in this post. Refer to the picture below for its model number.


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  27. Hi, I will be getting one for myself but will like know how do we find out if that’s any way to find out weather the power reserve is full.

  28. Hi there. Love the site and all the helpful reviews. I need advice!

    I am torn between the Seiko’s 4R15 and Seiko’s SKX007J… Can you give me some advice on which to get? At first I thought I wanted the 4R15 because it is bigger, easier to read, and seems a bit tougher. Trouble is, I’m not sure where it’s made.

    The SKX007J is made in Japan. I live in Japan and while I hope I never have to get the watch serviced the fact that it’s Japanese-made is a strong selling point for me. Is this logical thinking? Aren’t watches produced in Japan worth more and usually better quality (than their other watches??)

    My wrists are on the small side, but I work out regularly… which should I get??

    • It depends on what you are looking for. If you like a bigger and more legible watch, the 4R15 is a good choice. It is powered by a newer movement as well.

      If you like the classic look, take the SKX007J. There are ‘K’ and ‘J’ versions but most people said there is no difference in quality.

      If you are eating enough and working out regularly, size doesn’t matter as you will get bigger eventually.

      • thanks for your speedy reply!!

        Can you tell me where the 4R15 is manufactured? For example, a lot of Seikos are produced in Malaysia and the Philippines.

          • Hi Thomas,
            I know there is a Seiko factory in Singapore, under the name Seiko Instruments Corporation. You say in Malaysia?…haven’t heard of.

            • I live in Singapore and I know Seiko Instrument Singapore Pte Ltd makes watch movement among other products.


              The 7S movement used to be produced in this factory. However, they shifted production of this movement to Malaysia a few years back.

  29. Hi, I already order one of these 4R15 SEIKO DIVER, I love the way it looks, I bought a couple of years ago a SEIKO 5 ATLAS or Land Shark, The watch has been terrific, works in a perfect way and it gets everybody attention.
    No doubt, SEIKO is an incredible watch company, they give you a hell of a product for a few bucks.
    I have one question, could you tell me why te Seiko Marine Master series are so expensive?
    Congratulations, you have a really nice site.
    regards from México City.

    • Hi Carmareli,

      The Marine Master is expensive because it is made in Japan and has a high grade unadjusted Grand Seiko movement. The movement is hand assembled as opposed to robot assembled ones on the low cost Seiko’s. Other aspects such as case, hand, dial and bracelets are also finished to high standard.

      Best regards,

  30. Hi Thomas,

    Just read practically all the comments here in your site and I find it very informative.

    I have a question. Is the 4R15 movement not manufactured in Japan? If not, where is it manufactured?



    • It is probably not manufactured in Japan since none of the JDM models use this movement. I am guessing it is manufactured in Malaysia since the 7Sxx movements are manufactured there.

  31. Hi again Thomas,

    I’ve bought the 4R15 just recently and I found out that in a day the watch will advance by about 10 to 20 seconds.

    Is this normal for a Seiko watch to operate?

    Thanks again,


  32. Hi there, just about to buy one of these watches (SRP043K1) in the UK, but worried not made in Japan and no manual winder. Whats the best alternative made in Japan and how do you re energise the watch if its unwound? Many thanks for an excellent we site. Rick

      • Hi Thomas,
        many thanks for great web site/blog and advice. I have now “test driven” the SRP043K1 and found that to set the watch to the exact time you can hold the secondhand still by pulling out the crown all the way and then gently turning against the motion of the second hand until its at the time of a reference clock. Is this safe to do or would it damage the mechanism? Thanks.


  33. Hi Yeoman, I have been researching this watch all day. I find your blog to be very informative. I have one of these coming to me and I am hoping a straight ended bracelet that I allready have will work on it. Would you know if the Watchadoo or Anvil bracelets will fit? The factory bracelet that is with the watch has supposedly been resized and I will need to find a link or two. Would you know of a source for the links? Thanks for your time!

    • Hi cplane,

      I don’t think Seiko sells the links of the original separately.Your best bet is to post a WTB ad on the SCWF.

      Third party straight end bracelets should fit the watch. Here’s a picture of the watch on a third party bracelet.
      Picture by Roo7

      Best regards,

  34. Thank you for the pic. That is very helpful. it looks like one of the ones I mentioned above. I did find someone that has the spare links that can be bought individually. I am now in the wait mode for my watch to get here and then I will know more about which direction to go in! I have my German mesh in 20mm for backup untill I get the stock bracelet sized or get the aftermarket bracelet. Thanks again–CL

  35. Thanks fir the previous answer.
    I want to buy the “waterborn” australian strap and its 3/4′ or 19.05mm.
    Do you think it will fit well?
    Or it will be a little bit small then it should be

  36. Hi Thomas,

    Another great review, thank you very much!

    As you have handled both, in comparing this watch (SRP043K2) to the SKZ325 and SKZ329, do you have a favorite in terms of overall feeling of quality and appearance?

    Is the 4R15 a more accurate/dependable movement than that found in the SKZ325/9 (7S36)?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Questttt3,

      Both are popular Seiko divers. In my opinion, the SRP043 is more legible and is a bigger watch. The SKZ325 on the other hand has a nicer case design. I would go for the SRP043 if I had to choose one.

      Both 4R15 and 7S26 are reliable movements. Accuracy is on par except the 4R15 has a longer power reserve.

      Best regards,

  37. Hi thomas,

    Many thanks for your info related to the SKZ 325. About this seiko SRP043, is this type has a anti magnetic feature such as SKZ325? And how about the glass? is it equipped with anti reflective glass? Thank you very much thomas.


    • I think the SRP043 probably has the same anti-magnetic feature although it is not indicated on the caseback. The glass does not have anti-reflective coating though.

  38. Hi Thomas,

    Good post.

    I own a SKX007J, am thinking of getting SRP043K2 Spork, but they do look almost the same…

    I am also comparing SBDC001 Sumo…

    Another 2 watches I have in mind is Steinhart- Ocean 1 Green (dint really got for it yet due to submariner look-alike) and the other one is Laco- Squad.

    I just need to get myself a watch, so I dun mind spending lesser.. what would you suggest?


    • Hi Gary,

      I don’t know much about Steinhart watches but between Sumo and Spork, I would go for Sumo. It is a nice and solid watch from front to back.

      Best regards,

  39. Hi Yeoman,
    Is SRP043 still in produce? Cause it’s very difficult to find it in Indonesia. Seiko Official store in Jakarta even does not have it. Some seller said it’s already discontinue. I thought it’s new model, which using new 4R15 cal movement. Do you have any info?

    Looking at Seiko history, they never make a good model like this without a successor. It very sad if it’s true that already discontinue

    Thanks for the very good review.


  40. Hi Thomas,
    This may not be relevant to this thread, pardon me… Recently I bought a SKX011J to add to my collection, I noticed that even after few hours exposure under the sun, the lume does not really last… Kindly enlighten me:
    1- How do I know which year this watches was being manufactured?
    2- Would you be able to tell from the serial number? If this helps: ON7901…
    Other than that I must say this watch is value for money!

    • Hi garyL,

      I suppose the first digit of the serial is 0. Your watch could be made in 2000 or 2010. If you really want to find out, open the caseback and look at the rotor. If you see 7S26A, then it was made in 2000. If you see 7S26B, then it was from 2010.


  41. Hi Yeoman –
    Great write up – love the style on the SRP043K2, despite the absence of hacking or handwinding. I really like the fusion of the diver and pilot elements.

    Your excellent review and photos made it easier to research before picking one up for daily wear. I’ll probably pick up a nato or anvil strap as a primary, but are you aware of any places you can find those newer Z20 rubber straps? I have only seen a few used straps for sale on the forums…

    Thanks again!

      • Yep – that’s the one. Seems like a slightly different style than the default rubber strap on the previous divers. Not sure where replacements like that would be offered.

        Do you have a favorite rubber strap for upgrading your watches? Preferably something reasonable – not at an isofrane price-level. The Yobokies anvil you swapped on looks pretty nice too. I might check out his stock once the diver gets in.


        • I use the original Seiko rubber strap most of the time because it is not easy to find rubber straps that accept Seiko’s fat spring bar. Nato is another cool option for watch.

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  44. I just ordered the last (?) SRP043K2 from the Watch Hut (uk), one of the few places where I could find the watch at all (not looking that hard thought). I’ve been eying the other watches from Seiko with the same look (aviator-numerals) and same movement (4R15) but I fell for this one and have been looking around for it.

    I’m expecting it in any day now. My first mechanical watch (apart from a cheap IWC Pilot knock-off I once got as a gift) ever! I think I’ll try getting my hands on a fitting stainless steel bracelet as well as a Nato strap as an alternative to the rubber one.

    Thanks for a great post btw, I’ve been coming back to it throughout the buying process 🙂

      • Hi, Thomas, I got mine six months ago in the internet, I have really enjoyed the watch, I have used a couple of times in diver duties with excellent service (25 meters deep). My question for you is, why SEIKO has discontinued the 4R15 so fast? Slow sales or what? The R15 is a hell of a watch, it gets everybody’s attention, looks like an expensive watch, looks and is a tough watch. I would like to know why SEIKO took it away this fast.
        Regards from México city.

        • The 4R15 movement is the first 4R movement that Seiko released and it comes with 50 hours of power reserve. The current 4R3x movements only has 40+ hours so my guess is, Seiko decided not to provide 50 hour power reserve for their 4R movement and hence discontinued this watch.

          • So are you saying it was about offering less in these lower-tier watches? I was thinking maybe Sinn sicc’ed a lawyer on them.

            Too bad – my big gripe with 90% of the Seiko faces is the tendency to fall back on the shiny/blob design scheme for hands and indices. The Spork was the first I’ve seen that pared things down and struck a good balance of simple, highly visible markings on an uncluttered face. I hope they resurrect the face scheme once they sort the movement question out.

            If not, and the watch eventually fails, how hard is it to go swapping in a replacement movement or ring on these discontinued models?

            • I think they wanted to create a gap between the 6R15 and the 4R3x movement. Since both movements hack and handwind, the only thing they could do was to give the 4R3x less power reserve and also a lower accuracy spec. The 4R15 will probably join the 6306 as the movement with short production period.

              The Spork has one of the most legible dial among Seiko divers as it does not have the shiny chrome outline on its hands and hour markers. Some others I can think of are the Monsters and Frankenmonsters.

              I’m not sure if you can swap in another movement on the Spork but I believe Seiko should have 4R15 movement and parts available at their service centres to meet their warranty/repair requirements.

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  46. Does the Seiko “SPORK” SRP043K1 require fat spring bars? Are they standard size fat bars, e.g., 20mm x 2.5mm x 1.1mm? Thanks!

  47. Your review on this piece caused me to buy one! Superb watch! But.. Now i need a new bezel clicker and gasket.. Do you know where to find these replacements? Thanks!

  48. I have luckily secured a SRP043 for myself. It is the case/bezel design that attracted me to this watch more than anything else. Do you know if other dials fit the Spork? I’m thinking of a 007 style dial for a different look to the watch.
    Thanks !

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  50. Great Job Yeoman! Thank you for sharing your passion for watches. I have this Seiko as well and I would like to share a photo that my friend took of it for our company. He knows that I really enjoy wearing this particular watch so he volunteered to photograph it. How may I share it? -that is if it is okay to share it?

  51. Arhhh…..too late to read this post. I’m very sad that it has been discontinued…. I feel that it is hugly sought after and will be a classic model. Anyway thanks for your great article~~

  52. Hello everyone
    after a long time I could Just this week I was to buy a second-hand the seiko srp043k1 watch.
    I am now looking to replace the glass and Bezel.
    Do you have any recommendations?

    • I sent mine to the service center about 2 years ago. Pretty poor experience and took them two tries to replace the ‘clicker’ under the bezel. But they got it right eventually and after about 2.5 months wait time. Hope they have improved. My crystal has a few nicks again and should be replaced again.

  53. Can anyone help me find an original leather strap for my spork?
    I want black strap that fit to 20mm (I think 24mm is better).

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  55. Hi, I need to replace the Bezel gasket on my “spork”.
    I have watched videos on how to do it. Seems like a straight forward no brainer.
    I tried to source the part number for the gasket. I have had no luck.
    So I called Seiko support.
    I was told that they do not sell that part or this watch , and I would have to send it in to be replaced ? And that the watch would have to be pressure tested. ????
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe this gasket has any thing to do with the water proof sealing properties on the watch..
    Sound like Seiko is just trying to make a buck $$$$
    Any advise on which direction I can be pointed in ?
    I sent my watch in once that was covered under the warranty.
    It took them a 1.5months before the watch was returned.

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