Orient Mako XL Luminous Dial – EM75005R

Orient released some new colour variants of the Mako XL (aka Hog Rider) recently and I got myself one with a full luminous dial. Unlike the EM6500 Mako, Orient did not make any changes in the design of the Mako XL.

Here’s a review of the Mako XL I posted back in 2009.

In this post, I’d just post a few photos as well as my observations of the lumed dial.

In bright lighting, the dial appears cream colour (see picture above) and as the lighting gets dimmer, the dial starts to look greenish (see picture below). This be probably due to the luminous material on the dial.

This is how it looks like in darkness. The hour marker are dark and the lumed hands show a different lume colour than the dial.

Orient EM75005R featured in this post is provided by
Authorized Orient distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

24 thoughts on “Orient Mako XL Luminous Dial – EM75005R

  1. It’s a welcoming improvement over the previous model…for me, the not so good lume on the 1st version of Mako II had stopped me for getting one. With this, it has come to my consideration again. Thanks for post Thomas, good one 🙂


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  3. Nice review, Yeoman!

    Long gone is my Blue Mako and since then, they have the Mako II, Mako “Ray” and now the Mako II with full luminous dial to add to the Mako family.

    Just a question,

    Mako I, Mako II & Mako ‘Ray’,

    which one in your view, is the best of the Mako watch?



  4. I have yet to try on a Mako ‘Ray’.
    But judging from your review on it, it does look good.
    It’s equipped with all the diving features a dive watch should have where all the previous Mako is missing.
    Good improvement by Orient !
    I personally prefer Mako II.



  5. Agree!
    But I preferred the more classy looking dial and the bigger wrist presence of Mako II.
    Looking forward for your next post, Yeoman!
    Cheers! 🙂



  6. so how’s the lume on the dial? is it bright (judging from the pics, it does look bright), and does it last?

    if the lume is good on this, i’m gonna scoop one up….


  7. The problem with a lumed dial and lumed hands takes places a while later after full exposure, where the lume starts to dim and it will be difficult to read the hands.


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  9. I have my Mako XL for coming to a year and the bracelet just snap at one of the link. Any idea if it can be repaired else where to get a original replacement and how much will it cost? Thanks.


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