Orient Cal 469 40th Anniversary Commemorative Watch

The Orient Cal 469 40th Anniversary commemorative models are finally released in the Singapore market. There are two models, one in black case (EM7F001B) and the other in stainless steel case (EM7F002B). Both models are based on the design of the King Diver series from the 70’s.

The stainless steel model is limited to 2000 pieces while the black coated model is limited to 1000 pieces.

The watch is water resistant to 200m and comes with an inner rotating bezel that is controlled by the crown at the 4 o’clock position. The bezel rotates in both directions and you can screw in crown to prevent the bezel from rotating.

The crown at the 3 o’clock position is used to set the date and time. This is also a screw in crown.

The screw in pusher at the 2 o’clock position is used to set the day. You need to unscrew the pusher first in order to set the day.

You can choose to display the day in the standard English language format (“MON”, “TUE”, “WED” etc) or an alternative format found on vintage Orient watches (“MON1”, “TUE2″…”SAT6” and “SUN*”, etc).

Below is a dial shot showing the shape of the hour markers.

Both models are basically the same watch except for the colour difference. Here are a couple of side profile shots of the two watches.

Here’s the caseback showing the “Cal. 469 40th Anniversary” inscription and the unique serial number of the watch.

The bracelet has a simple design that is reminiscent of the 1970’s. It comes with a folding clasp with push button lock and catch.

Diameter: 45mm excluding crown
Lug width: 24mm
lug to lug: 51mm
thickness: 13.6mm

Orient Cal 469 40th Anniversary commemorative watches
featured in this post is provided by
Authorized Orient distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

61 thoughts on “Orient Cal 469 40th Anniversary Commemorative Watch

  1. A very clean piece, I’m curious about the movement(jewel,power reserve etc.) i kinda prefer the black model,both nice. thanks yeo


  2. I like these 2.
    Strangley i like the black version best which is unusual for me, i normally stick with the S/Steel but this one has a great look to it.


    • I like the stainless steel one because I thought it was a more appropriate remake of the King Diver. However, the stealth version gave this classic Orient diver a new look. I ended up buying both.


  3. Wow can it be 40 years? Good review.

    Guess that’s the same movement that’s in my good ole Pepsi Mako? We’ve all got this hangup of handwinding/hacking/sapphire crystal so I got myself a M-force blue dial on a Hirsch Grand Duke with red stitching – nice!


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  6. Fantastic design harking back to the tonneau shaped diver’s watches of the 70’s. Reminds me of my Seiko 6309-7040 or 6105-8110. Except that this would have the more “proper” lug size for those strap changes. I particularly like the black version. I prefer the matte finish compared to the shiny, “ion” plated version which Seiko does. The screw down buttons are cool but don’t you think they are a bit redundant? The day adjustment could have been incorporated in the crown at 3 o’ clock position. But then again, the 3 buttons/crown make the side profile more balanced.

    Thanks Thomas!


    • I read somewhere that the cal 469 is actually a modified Seiko 7005. Orient modified it to their specs including the addition of the day display. They sold so many watches with this movement and the button at 2 o’clock became something unique to their watches. Agree that the screw in button at 2 makes the side profile more balanced. On top of that, it prevents the user from pressing the button accidentally while holding the watch.


  7. Hi, I went to Big Time today and got a Cal 469 under advice from the store itself.
    I just realised that my caseback is actually metal finish while the rest of the watch is black. Unlike one of the pics you have above?
    So they have a mixed version of the black casing with a metal caseback?


    • Hi Lowy,

      Your black Cal 469 is perfectly legit. Its caseback is not black but stainless steel. The caseback in my picture appears to be black because of reflection.

      The PVDed model is limited to 1000 pieces. Check your case back for the “XXXX/1000” serial number format.



  8. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the wonderful review of the Orient 469 calibre 40th Anniversary watches. I managed to buy an old Orient “King Diver” with the same dial and hands combo and was very glad Orient saw it fit to use this sort of case to showcase this movement’s 40th birthday!

    Beautiful watches and the photos in this review are simply stunning!

    Thanks and best regards!



  9. Orient USA was out of the black one, bummer! I bought the Stainless one. It should be here in about a week. I love retro stuff! I really would have liked the black one though…


  10. Just purchased to SS model (EM7F002B) waiting for delivery. With a 50% off coupon I felt the price was too good to pass up considering:

    1. Orient quality
    2. Vintage looks
    3. Limited edition

    Can’t wait to receive and wear!


  11. Hi Thomas, I would like to thank you for the info & pics. I purchased SS #1790/2000. It might be of interest to note the different day wheels.

    Japan: Eng/Kanji
    Singapore: Eng/Eng + Arabic numeral
    USA: Eng/Spanish


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  13. Hi!

    I just received my own stealth version today! Third Orient within a month. I have been very pleased with their price-quality offering thus far. However I notice that the minute markers on the external bezel doesn’t not quite line up with the minuute markers in the dial. Is this a problem that you faced as well?


      • “However I notice that the minute markers on the external bezel doesn’t not quite line up with the minute markers in the dial. Is this a problem that you faced as well?”

        I realised that on mine too when I tried to adjust it via your commment… Anyway, it takes intense concentration to realise it. So not really bother by it.


  14. love your Blog Yeoman, and i bought the silver version of the 40th anniversary diver. i really want a sapphire crystal for this watch. do you know anyone who’ll make it? i love the 24mm lugs and the strap choices they give me. ed rader


    • The 24mm lugs definitely gave the watch more strap choices. Mine is currently on a 24mm zulu.
      Unfortunately, I do not know of any source for sapphire crystal. Have you tried Yobokies?

      Best regards,


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  16. I just received my SS version Orient Cal. 469 40th Anniversary. Unfortunately, I notice a speck of dust and a hairline marks under the crystal that looks like the watch have been intruded with water or other contaminant. Do you experience similar problems?

    After I contact the seller, he told me that he’ll have Orient Authorized Services to fix it. Well, I kinda disappointed with Orient. Yes, they make cheap watches but I never have this kind of problem with my Seiko 5 which comes with half the price I paid for this Orient.


    • I have several Orient watches and have yet to encounter any with the problems you mentioned. I’m not sure whether the water intrusion problem originated from the factory. It could be caused by the previous owner.

      Seiko watches have their problems too. The most common I’ve seen is misalignment of minute chapter rings.

      Hope you get the issues fixed soon.


      • It’s a brand new. So, it must be factory’s mistake (or AD’s?). The minute marks in the inner bezel doesn’t conform with the minute marks on the dial like ZQ Chia’s and lowy’s also have which I’ve read before making the purchase and don’t bother at all. But some production flaws that make crystal problem like I have is unacceptable.

        Thank you for responding my question, Yeoman. Always waiting on your next blog post.


  17. Thanks for the excellent review! Just got the JDM version of this watch with the kanji dial and it looks great! However, am thinking if it’s at all possible to swap out the mineral crystal glass for a saphhire glass. Any ideas who in Singapore that might help me with that? Appreciate any thoughts, thanks!


    • Hi Josh,

      I do not know of any source of Sapphire crystals for this watch. Suggest you check with the resourceful folks on SCWF. Most collectors in Singapore source for Sapphire crystals from oversea sites and bring to local watchmaker to install.

      Best regards,


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