Another addition – SBDX003


Did some catching up again. This time, I got myself a SBDX003. This is one of the watches that Seiko released in its Year 2000 Historical Collection. The other watches that I have under this collection are the SBDX005 600m shrouded diver and the SCVN001 King Seiko.

This purchase was made possible with the help of

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the SBDX003 and the Marinemaster, SBDX001. The differences are:

  • the gold hour markers and hands
  • the inscriptions on the dial
  • the color of the lume material (white on SBDX001 and yellow on SBDX003)

I also noted that the SBDX003 has a 120-click bezel whereas its 600m counterpart, the SBDX005 has a 60-click one.

Left: SBDX003, right: SBDX001

Here’s the caseback shot. The case number of the SBDX003 is “0020” whereas that of the SBDX001 is “0010”. The inscriptions on the casebacks are almost the same except the SBDX003 has the historical collection text and serial number. It is limited to 500 pieces.

Left: SBDX003, right: SBDX001

Here are my other “historical collection” watches:



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