Seiko Brightz – SDGM001


Here’s a Seiko Brightz SDGM001 that I picked up recently. This is probably the first Brightz model that comes with a 6R15 movement. In the past, automatic Brightz (non-chronograph) models came with the 8L and 4S movements. Of course, this one is offered at a lower price point.

The SDGM001 features the Seiko Comfotex technology which include special treatment to the case and crystal of the watch.
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Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG009


Purchased the Seiko SARG009 recently. I have posted on another variant, SARG011 before so I won’t go into details of the watch here. I chose the SARG009 because it has a black dial which provide better contrast for the white hands and hour markers.

I have also replaced the steel bracelet with a black leather strap. The end result is a watch with three colours – black, white and steel as shown above.

Here are some pictures of my SARG009.
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Watch Purchase: Orient Star DV02002B


Here is a standard date Orient Star that I picked up recently. The model number is DV02002B or WZ0051DV in Japan. The sapphire crystal is treated with Orient’s SAR (super anti-reflective) coating which makes the dial very clear and easy to read. I have done a review of this watch previously but having worn the watch for several days, I know it better now and would like to share a few shots that show the beauty of this watch.

Note that the watch comes with a metal but I have put it on a leather strap to suit my preference.
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Watch Purchase – Seiko SARG007

Added the Seiko SARG007 to my collection recently. This model has a similar case design as the Seiko AlpinistS except it is 40mm in diameter and has more areas with brushed finishings on its case. The Alpinist was meant to be an explorer watch whereas this model has a dial that makes it look more like a military field watch.

Here are some pictures of the SARG007. I have posted about the SARG005 in December 2013. Remember to check out the link at the bottom of this post if you want to see pictures of that variant.
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Modified Orient Bambino

I posted on Facebook saying that I am going to do a dial (and movement) swap on two of my Orient Bambinos. Today, I am happy to say that it’s done and I am happy with the end result.

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Watch Purchase: Orient Star Standard Date – WZ0021DV

Here’s an Orient Star that I picked up recently. I had the opportunity to see and consider a wide range of Orient Stars at Big Time and this is the one that I picked up eventually. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet but I’m wearing it on a leather strap.
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Watch Purchase: Orient Star Classic Automatic – WZ0271EL

I like the Orient Star Classic Automatic and have gotten the EL05004W from the local distributor, Big Time. This particular piece however is not available at Big Time because it is only available in the Japanese market.

A friend of mine got it from Japan for me recently and here are some pictures to share with you.
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