New Seiko Turtle – SRPC23K / SRPC25K

The Seiko Turtle is my favourite 4R based 200m Seiko diver and so far, I have purchased several colour variants that I like. This time, Seiko has released two more variants, the SRPC23K and SRPC25K. Both variants use the same case and the only things that changed is the dial and/or the bezel. The SRPC23K has a grey sunburst dial while the SRPC25K has a blue/black dial that is similar to the Rolex Deepsea (D-Blue) except the colour goes from black to blue and back to black horizontally.

Here’s a picture of the SRPC25K. I think this kind of blue/black gradient dial is probably made popular by Rolex due to the Deepsea Sea Dweller.

I bought the SRPC23K because it has a grey sunburst dial similar to the recent 62MAS reisue, SBDX019. Compared the the black dialed SRP777, the grey dial on the SRPC23K looks a little more classy and has more contrasting effect.

The SRPC23K was released at the right time because I got a Tropic strap from recently and it is a perfect match for the watch. The grey dial has a vintage feel that goes very well with the Tropic strap.

There are many reviews of the Seiko Turtle on the Net so I shall not review it here. Below are some freshly taken smartphone photos for your viewing pleasure.


4 thoughts on “New Seiko Turtle – SRPC23K / SRPC25K

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