Limited Edition Seiko King Turtle – SRPH38K1 Philippine Sunrise

This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Seiko SRPH38K1, a limited edition King Turtle that is created for the Philippine market. The watch is characterized by its bright yellow dial and gold accent on the bezel and bezel insert. The design or rather choice of colours is said to be inspired by the Philippine sunrise and hence it was given the nickname Philippine Sunrise.

This watch is limited to 1000 pieces and comes with an additional silicone strap. Below are some pictures.

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Seiko Prospex – SRPB61K1

This time round I had the opportunity to handle a “not so new” Seiko Prospex model, the SRPB61K1. This is a 2019 model released under the Prospex Sky sub-brand. It is a pilot style watch that is powered by the 4R35 automatic movement and has a bi-directional rotating slide rule bezel for performing mathematical calculation/conversion during flight. It has a diameter of 44.7mm and uses a curved Hardlex crystal.

If you are into Swiss watches, Hamilton has recently released a similar watch known as the Khaki Aviation Converter Auto at 42mm diameter. In addition, they have also released a GMT model and a Chronograph model. Both are automatic and have a 44mm diameter.

Below are some pictures of the Seiko SRPB61K1.
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Seiko King Turtle – SRPE05K1

Posting some pictures of the Seiko King Turtle SRPE05K1. This is the King Turtle that I like in recent years because it is not that flashy. The olive green dial gives the Seiko Turtle a military feel. It would be better if there’s no texture on the dial, no cyclops on the crystal and comes with an aluminum bezel insert instead of a ceramic one.

Below are come pictures.
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Some Pictures of the Seiko Prospex Turtle – SRPC48J

Here are some pictures of the Seiko Prospex SRPC48J. This watch belongs to my friend who got it in Hong Kong. It is basically a Seiko Turtle with black case and gold accents. It is interesting to note that the minute hand has gold outline while the hour hand has black outline. The second hand has a mixture of gold and black colours.

Here are the pictures:
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New Seiko Turtle – SRPC23K / SRPC25K

The Seiko Turtle is my favourite 4R based 200m Seiko diver and so far, I have purchased several colour variants that I like. This time, Seiko has released two more variants, the SRPC23K and SRPC25K. Both variants use the same case and the only things that changed is the dial and/or the bezel. The SRPC23K has a grey sunburst dial while the SRPC25K has a blue/black dial that is similar to the Rolex Deepsea (D-Blue) except the colour goes from black to blue and back to black horizontally.
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