Seiko “Save The Ocean” Solar Shrouded Diver – SNE518P1

This time round, I am posting up some pictures of the Seiko “Save The Ocean” Solar Shrouded Diver, SNE518P1. This watch has the same blue textured dial found in the “Save the Ocean” series, which include three other models – Seiko Samurai (SRPC93K1), Seiko Turtle (SRPC91K1) and a solar powered chronograph diver (SSC675P1).

I have reviewed the regular editions (SNE497P1, SNE498P1, SNE499P1) in a previous post. Link will be provided at the end of this post.
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Seiko Presage Fuyugeshiki Limited Edition Cocktail Time – SSA385J1, SRPC97J1, SRP843J1

Here are some pictures of the latest Seiko Presage Cocktail Time models. This series is called the Fuyugeshiki Limited Edition models. There are three models in this series.
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Seiko Limited Edition Tuna Cans – S23626J1 and S23627J1

Saw these two Seiko shrouded divers at K2 recently. They were announced in Baselworld 2018 and released a few months after the show. They have the same technical specs but one of them has a retro look while the other has a modern look.

Let’s take a look.
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Seiko Asia Limited Edition Diver – SRPD14K1

Here are some pictures of the Seiko SRPD14K1, a limited edition diver for the Asian market. It is basically the same watch as the popular SRP637K except it has the colour scheme of the SBDX016 (black case, rose gold shroud, brown dial, black crown and bezel). It is limited to 2200 pieces.
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Some Pictures of the Seiko SPB083J1

This time round I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the Seiko Prospex special edition diver, SPB083J1. This is the modern interpretation of the vintage 6159 professional diver. Seiko has already released a black dial (SPB077J1) and a blue dial (SPB079J1) regular edition. This particular variant is a special edition with a different dial colour.
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Unauthorized Use of My Watch Pictures

I have taken many watch photos over the years and many of them have been shared on the Internet. I welcome people to share my pictures on watch forums, social media sites and other sites of non-sales nature. You don’t have to ask me for permission as long as you use them for the purpose of sharing information/picture and promoting the watch collecting hobby. Anything that is considered “fair use” is fine with me and I appreciate if you give credit when you use the pictures.

There are some commercial watch sellers who use my photos to sell their watches without asking me. This is infringement of intellectual property rights. I spend great effort to take pictures and Why should they use my work to make money? Here, I will show you some examples.
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