Seiko Presage – Irish Coffee Cocktail SRPE11J1 and SSA401J1

Posting some pictures of the Seiko Presage – Irish Coffee Cocktail edition, SRPE11J1 and SSA401J1. They are exclusive to Thong Sia Co. Ltd and are distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Brunei. The SRPE11J1 is limited to 1300 pieces and the power reserve model, SSA401J1 is limited to 1000 pieces.
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Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SPB095J1 and SPB095J1

Posting some pictures of the Seiko Presage models with Arita Porcelain dial. These two are fairly recent models that were released in 2019. The three-hand model, SPB095J1 is powered by the 6R35 movement which has 70 hours power reserve. The other model, SPB093J1 is powered by the 6R27 movement. It features a power reserve indicator hand and a pointer date sub-dial.
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Seiko Prospex SRQ029J1 and Presage SRQ031J1

Posting pictures of two Seiko chronographs that were released recently. The SRQ031J1 shown above commemorates the 55th anniversary of Seiko chronograph while the SRQ029J1 commemorates the 50th anniversary of Seiko automatic chronograph. Both are powered by the 8R48 automatic chronograph movement.
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Some Pictures of the Seiko Prospex SRPD33K1

I reviewed the black dialed Seiko Prospex SRPD31K1 in August 2019. The green dial variant, SRPD33K1 was released recently and it seems to be quite popular here in Singapore. Here are some quick pictures of the watch. Let’s take a look.

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Seiko Presage SPB045J1

Had the opportunity to handle a Seiko Presage from 2017. Obviously, this is an old model that features a white enamel dial.

The Seiko Presage comes in several movement and dial variants. This year, they announced new models that come with porcelain dial. There are so many variants that they even cooked up a cracker dial variant for April Fool.
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Seiko Street Series – SNE533P1, SNE535P1, SNE537P1

This time round, I had the opportunity to look at the latest 200m diver from the Seiko Street Series. This is a solar powered shrouded diver that is very similar to the ones that I posted previously. There are three colour variants namely blue (SNE533P1), green (SNE535P1) and grey (SNE537P1).

Let’s take a look.
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Seiko “Save The Ocean” Solar Shrouded Diver – SNE518P1

This time round, I am posting up some pictures of the Seiko “Save The Ocean” Solar Shrouded Diver, SNE518P1. This watch has the same blue textured dial found in the “Save the Ocean” series, which include three other models – Seiko Samurai (SRPC93K1), Seiko Turtle (SRPC91K1) and a solar powered chronograph diver (SSC675P1).

I have reviewed the regular editions (SNE497P1, SNE498P1, SNE499P1) in a previous post. Link will be provided at the end of this post.
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