Unauthorized Use of My Watch Pictures

I have taken many watch photos over the years and many of them have been shared on the Internet. I welcome people to share my pictures on watch forums, social media sites and other sites of non-sales nature. You don’t have to ask me for permission as long as you use them for the purpose of sharing information/picture and promoting the watch collecting hobby. Anything that is considered “fair use” is fine with me and I appreciate if you give credit when you use the pictures.

There are some commercial watch sellers who use my photos to sell their watches without asking me. This is infringement of intellectual property rights. I spend great effort to take pictures and Why should they use my work to make money? Here, I will show you some examples.
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Some Pictures of the Seiko Prospex Turtle – SRPC48J

Here are some pictures of the Seiko Prospex SRPC48J. This watch belongs to my friend who got it in Hong Kong. It is basically a Seiko Turtle with black case and gold accents. It is interesting to note that the minute hand has gold outline while the hour hand has black outline. The second hand has a mixture of gold and black colours.

Here are the pictures:
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Some Pictures of the Seiko Mini Turtles – SRPC37K and SRPC39K

Posting some pictures of the regular edition Mini Turtles today. There are three regular models but I am only posting two models, SRPC37K (black dial) and SRPC39K (blue dial). The third model, SRPC35K is identical to the SRPC37K except it is on a metal bracelet.
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Seiko Stargate II – SRP497K1


I posted about the blue Seiko Stargate II a few months back. The Orange variant, SRP497 is also another one that I like. This particular 4R model comes with a rubber strap instead of a metal bracelet. I already have two entries on the Stargate (7S36 and 4R36 models) so I’ll just post some pictures of the orange variant here to add on.
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Orient Mako EM65006D in action

Leslie Chang of Big Time and his motor sports associates represented Singapore in the ASEAN-India Car Rally (AICR) that took place between 25 Nov to 21 Dec 2012. The objective of the AICR is to demonstrate India’s proximity to ASEAN, enhance public awareness of the ASEAN-India partnership and further strengthen trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people linkages.

Each member of the Singapore team was given an Orient Mako for the event. Here are some photos of the Mako in action as the team drove from Singapore to various ASEAN countries before reaching their destination, India.
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