Orient Mako EM65006D in action

Leslie Chang of Big Time and his motor sports associates represented Singapore in the ASEAN-India Car Rally (AICR) that took place between 25 Nov to 21 Dec 2012. The objective of the AICR is to demonstrate India’s proximity to ASEAN, enhance public awareness of the ASEAN-India partnership and further strengthen trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people linkages.

Each member of the Singapore team was given an Orient Mako for the event. Here are some photos of the Mako in action as the team drove from Singapore to various ASEAN countries before reaching their destination, India.
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Tuna Can Individual and Comparison Shots

Took new pictures of the SBDX011 and the vintage 6159-7010 and decided to create a one-stop location for all my tuna can pictures. I have them in different blogs and this post will make it easier for people to locate them.

Shown above is a picture of my SBDX011, the Tuna Emperor. Let’s see the rest.
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Watch Photo: New shoes for the Alpinist SARB013

The other day while drinking coffee with the watchmaker at his shop, his watch strap supplier showed up to take orders. His sample straps are placed in large strap holders that look like photo albums. While looking through the samples, I saw these rugged strap with big stitches. So, I asked the watchmaker to order some and I got a brown one for my Alpinist which is the first watch in my collection to come to my mind when I saw the straps.

The strap compliments the Alpinist very well and I decided to create a picture of it.
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Cellphone Lume Shots

The other day, someone asked me for a lume shot of the SRP031. I never get good lume shots with my Canon camera so I decided to make one with my Nokia cellphone. The shot turned out to be quite decent so I decided to try a few more shots with different watches.

Here they are. First, the SBDX011, my latest acquisition.


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