Cellphone Lume Shots

The other day, someone asked me for a lume shot of the SRP031. I never get good lume shots with my Canon camera so I decided to make one with my Nokia cellphone. The shot turned out to be quite decent so I decided to try a few more shots with different watches.

Here they are. First, the SBDX011, my latest acquisition.


Next is the Seiko Samurai. The hour indexes are skinny and hence the weaker lume.


The lume on the Orient 300m diver is pretty strong. I can’t say the same for the CEM75002D. I actually took a shot of the watch but decided not to post it. LOL.


The frankenmonster has one of the strongest lume probably due to the size of the hour markers. The lume is so strong that you can see the details on the minute chapter ring.


Not the brighest but the Sumo has pretty decent lume.


And here’s the lume shot of the SRP031 that was requested.


Taking lume shots with the cellphone is pretty easy. No tripod required. Simply charge the lume under the lamp, bring the watch into a dark room and start shooting. Leave the door ajar to allow some light into room if necessary.

By the way, the lume shots featured in this post are taken by the Nokia 6500 phone (slide model) which comes with Carl Zeiss lens. It has a built in camera with 3.2 mega pixel resolution.

Photo from www.gsmarena.com

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