Tuna Can Individual and Comparison Shots

Took new pictures of the SBDX011 and the vintage 6159-7010 and decided to create a one-stop location for all my tuna can pictures. I have them in different blogs and this post will make it easier for people to locate them.

Shown above is a picture of my SBDX011, the Tuna Emperor. Let’s see the rest.

Here’s the SBDX005, from the Year 2000 Historical Collection. This watch is limitd to 1000 pieces.

This is the 6159-7010 from 1975, the world’s first titanium diver.

Here’s the 6159-7010 next to its reissue, the SBDX005.

The SBDX005 next to the SBDX011. Both watches are of the same size and powered by the same 8L35 movement.

For those into Autozilla, I am throwing in this SBDX011 and Autozilla comparison shot as well.

Please visit the album below for large photos:

18 thoughts on “Tuna Can Individual and Comparison Shots

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us. The SBDX011, 005 and 6159 all are the heavenly grails from seiko!

    After seeing these beauties, I’ve got a case of emperor tuna fever! I heard the only cure is to get one and wear it on the wrist!


    Best regards,



  2. Hi Thomas,

    Ha ha, good play with words there! Just so happens this yen is even weaker! : {

    I saw one just slip by me in one of the forums the other day, and went ‘cheap’ too! But I missed it! Ah well, better luck next time, as they say.

    Best regards always!



  3. Hi Thomas,

    You have a strong point there.

    When I get it, you’ll be the 1st to know . . er, make that 2nd, after my credit card gets to know it 1st! LOL!

    Thanks and take care!



  4. Does it really matter whether or not the yen is below the U.S. dollar? The reason why I am asking is I haven’t seen the prices of Seiya’s watches lowered because of the fact. Thanks, Dave.


    • Hi Dave,

      The chart above actually shows the US dollar weakening against the Yen. The Japanese government’s intervention in September brought the Yen down a bit but that was only temporary. The US dollar continues to dip and that is why you don’t see prices coming down.

      Best regards,


  5. Hey Tom, really appreciate you putting these pix together. After much sitting on fence i finally dived over and bought my sbdx011,marinemaster. It’s all i had hoped for and more. I can’t love it enough..
    The Emperor Rules!


  6. Sir–love your blog. Top notch. I had no idea the number of seiko models sold outside the USA. Amazing variety. Seiko IMO does not get the credit. A question please re: the Emperor Tuna SBDX011. The dimensions/specs of this watch look daunting. I mean on paper it looks “silly huge”. Is it? I have 7 1/4 wrists. Does this watch look absurd big???


  7. i have an old seiko professional divers watch with the numbers 7549-7009 on the back. can anyone tell me anything about it? i bought it new around 1982 and love it. thank you. ps, just ordered a Emperor Tuna SBDX011. i hope it is as good! thanks to all, mark turik, bailey, nc, usa


  8. thank you yoeman for your blog and information. you helped me make the dive and buy the sbdx011. 4 more days untils its arrival. looking forward to it. counting down the minutes. thanks again, mark


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