Tuna Can Individual and Comparison Shots

Took new pictures of the SBDX011 and the vintage 6159-7010 and decided to create a one-stop location for all my tuna can pictures. I have them in different blogs and this post will make it easier for people to locate them.

Shown above is a picture of my SBDX011, the Tuna Emperor. Let’s see the rest.
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Another addition – SBDX003


Did some catching up again. This time, I got myself a SBDX003. This is one of the watches that Seiko released in its Year 2000 Historical Collection. The other watches that I have under this collection are the SBDX005 600m shrouded diver and the SCVN001 King Seiko.

This purchase was made possible with the help of Seiyajapan.com.
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SBDX005 – My first purchase at Antiwatchman.com

I am a regular visitor of Antiwatchman.com and after so many years of visiting the site, I finally bought something from them. The watch I purchased is the SBDX005 from the Year 2000 Historical Collection.

The purchase was made with the help of Seiyajapan.com as Antiwatchman does not ship out of Japan.

Above is a picture of the watch shown at Antiwatchman.
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