Seiko Prospex Field Watch – SBDY003

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle a recently released Seiko Prospex model that was designed to be a “field watch”. This watch is powered by the new 4R35 movement which comes with stop second and hand wind features. The special thing about this watch is that it is equipped with a magnifying glass that can be flipped open.

Let’s take a look.

Below is a closer look at the dial. It is fully textured and uses applied hour markers. Date window is located between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers.

Next, the side profile shots. Here, you will see that the case is similar to the Seiko Samurai though not exactly the same. The crown for setting date and time is located at the 4 o’clock position. It is knurled but not signed.

The pusher on the left side is used to release the flip open magnifying glass.

Picture below shows the magnifying glass being released.

Magnifying perpendicular to the watch:

Magnifying glass at ready to use position.

If you own a Ti and steel Seiko Samurai, you will find the bracelet very familiar. The links, clasp and diver extension are all very similar to the Samurai’s bracelet. The end link is different because it takes regular spring bars rather than the think ones.

The watch comes with see-through caseback and here’s a shot of the 4R35 movement. Unlike the 6R15, the 4R35 movement does not come with decorated rotor.

Diameter of bezel : 43mm
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 15mm

Seiko SBDY003 featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

19 thoughts on “Seiko Prospex Field Watch – SBDY003

  1. Hi,

    Wow wonderful watch! The flip lens reminds me of the window/pothole covers on ships. Very nautical feel! Haha. Seiko has come out tops again with a novelty watch like the mapmaster a few years back.

    On this watch, you could say your watch can make coffee, as the magnifying glass can start a fire out in the field to boil the water to fix the coffee! ;-P

    Best regards always!



    • Hi Ian,

      After reading your comment, I realized this watch is the correct answer to the popular question “which watch would you like to wear if you were stranded on a deserted island”. Those who answered Sea Dweller, Marinemaster or G-Shock, they got it all wrong… they’re not getting their daily dose of coffee with those watches 🙂

      Best regards,


  2. Well this is one way to get around the patents on the iBeam watch. But you have to take off the watch to use the lens. Not very practical. This is a nice looking watch but you can pick from a whole selection at and get a built in flashlight and pop up magnifying lens in the right position. I received 4 patents on the design. Check it out and if you use “cool watch” on checkout you get 15% off. Support American inventors and ideas.


      • Hi Thomas,
        Thanks for the nice comment. Have you ever seen these before? It’s always a little suprising that more people haven’t seen these watches before. I have a lot of repeat customers that buy for themselves and friends who see them using the watch but it’s still a challenge getting new eyeballs.
        Best regards,


  3. I think this Field Prospex watch is a total dissapointment. Let’s start witht he mediocre 4r35 and its worse than 7s26 factory accuracy. The watch is a mish mash of different parts and clearly aimed at Japan’s aging population.

    What a wasted opportunity for Seiko to release a more affordable mechanical diver option slotted just below the Sumo.

    I think it is overpriced and something that only the JDM will embrace (or not).

    I’ll pass.


    • I’m also surprised that the 4R35 movement has a factory spec of +45s ~ -35 per day. I think I need to put the watch on the timegrapher to check its factory accuracy.

      Btw, I saw the catalog pictures of the new 4R35 dress models that are scheduled to be released in January 2011. Hopefully they will release an affordable 4R35 diver in 2011 as well.


  4. Another great review, Thomas. I love the different textures of the dial. The detailing makes those numbers and indexes float. I wonder what the magnification level of the glass is? Would it have been better if the lens hinges out from the 12 o’clock position rather than the 3 o’clock? Thus, wearer need not remove the watch if being used on “the field.”




    • Hi jun cajayon,

      The magnifying glass is the same as those that older people use to read newspaper or books. It is not the type that we use to inspect watches. 🙂

      I agree that it would be easier to use if it was installed at the 12 o’clock rather than 3 o’clock position.

      Best regards,


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  6. Hi Yeoman,

    Good review, great pictures!

    The features that made me to check out the real thing is not the magnifying lens but the outlook of this watch and the new 4R35A movement.

    I like the outlook though a bit disappointed with the built-quality especially the black bracelet. I believe Seiko is trying to introduce a new series between 7S26 and 6R15 starting with this new field watch.

    Anyway, thank you for posting these great pictures.


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