100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Spring Drive Diver – SBDB008

Had the opportunity to handle the new Spring Drive tuna yesterday. This watch is one of many models that were released to commemorate Seiko’s 100th year of watchmaking anniversary. It is limited to 300 pieces and I hope to see Seiko release a regular edition within one to two years from now.

This specimen belongs to somebody and I only managed to take a couple of quick and dirty cellphone shots. Let’s take a look.
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Pictures of my Golgo 13 SBBN023

I bought a Golgo 13 SBBN023 when it was released last year but have yet to post pictures. I have posted cellphone pictures of a specimen that belongs to a friend though.

So, here are some quick pictures of my SBBN023. This is my third SBBN model after the 015 and 017.
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Seiko Golgo 13 Limited Edition – SBBN023

I had the opportunity to see this Golgo 13 limited edition Tuna Can last Saturday. This piece belongs to a fellow collector who purchased it directly from Japan. From what I understand, he purchased it from one of the sellers on Japanese site, Rakuten.

This watch is very much the same as the SBBN017 except for the black coating and red accents. I also noted that the shroud has glossy surface instead of brushed or matte surfaces like the SBBN015 and 017.

Here are some cellphone shots of the watch.
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Seiko 1000m Shrouded Diver – S23619J1

I had the opportunity to handle this Seiko 1000m shrouded quartz diver that was made for the international market. This watch is not the same as the current Prospex model SBBN013 because does not have the word “Marinemaster” on its dial. Is it the same as the previous Prospex model, SBBN011 in every aspect? I don’t have the SBBN011 so here are some pictures of the S23619J1 so you can see for yourself.
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Watch Purchase: SBBN017

I added a SBBN017 to my collection recently. I normally buy automatic watches but the Seiko Tuna Cans are very hard to resist. One thing about quartz watches is that they are very convenient to use. Unlike automatic watches, I don’t have to set the time on quartz watches when I want to wear them.
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Photo Review: Seiko SBBN021 “Blue Ocean”

Seiko released a 7C46 Tuna Can with a blue shroud to as one of the commemorative watches for its 130th anniversary. Thanks to Jimbojeow, I was able to see this piece in person.

Here’s a quick photo review of the watch. Photos are taken using my smartphone camera.
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Tuna Can Individual and Comparison Shots

Took new pictures of the SBDX011 and the vintage 6159-7010 and decided to create a one-stop location for all my tuna can pictures. I have them in different blogs and this post will make it easier for people to locate them.

Shown above is a picture of my SBDX011, the Tuna Emperor. Let’s see the rest.
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Photo Review: Seiko SBBN019 “White Dolphin”

Went to Big Time last weekend to look at the SBBN019 in person. This is a commemorative watch for the 45th Anniversary of Seiko diver’s watch and is limited to 300 pieces only.

I took many photos with my trusty cellphone camera and I’m glad they came out pretty well.

Here’s a photo review of the watch.

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